mahiro koizumi

Signs as Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Characters

Aries - Mahiro Koizumi
Taurus - Nagito Komaeda
Gemini - Mikan Tsumiki
Cancer - Gundham Tanaka
Leo - Ibuki Mioda
Virgo - Peko Pekoyama
Libra - Kazuichi Souda
Scorpio - Hiyoko Saoinji
Sagittarius - Chiaki Nanami
Capricorn - Sonia Nevermind
Aquarius - Hajime Hinata
Pisces - Byakuya Togami

I found another DR/SDR2 antithesis pair–or, at the very least, two characters who wouldn’t get along: Chihiro and Koizumi.

Think about it: Koizumi is always telling guys they need to act more like men, and generally flaunting gender norms and roles. Can you imagine what it would be like if she found out Chihiro was male?

“Why are you dressing like a girl? You should dress like a man!”

“Stop acting so weak! Don’t you know a man is supposed to protect a girl?" 

And it would only hurt Chihiro more. Without meaning to, Koizumi would be bullying Chihiro, and who knows what Chihiro would do in response?