mahatma gahndi


Apple Company - “Think Different” Ad campaign - 1997. A widely successful campaign created by Steve Jobs.  The theme of the campaign, one that celebrates figures in history who changed the world by thinking different - outside the box.

Charlie Chaplin 

Albert Einstein - a good friend of Charlie Chaplin’s, he and his wife were guests at the premiere of “City Lights” in 1931

Mahatma Gandhi - someone Charlie Chaplin very much wanted to meet, and they did in September of 1931 in East London, England…ironically enough it has been reported,  Gandhi who led a very different life, had never seen a Chaplin film and did not know who he hard as that is to believe.

Jim Henson (of Muppets fame) - in 2000 Jim Henson’s estate purchased  the old Charlie Chaplin Studios, on La Brea Avenue in Hollywood, they unveiled a 12 foot Kermit the Frog, dressed like Charlie’s “little tramp”.