Hello, folks! 

I got some work to do, so I won’t be posting new art for the weekend (I guess). 
Let’s start the day, then, with the one of the first digital stuffs I’ve done since I picked the tablet to draw back in what, November? 

Anyway, a collab with @skailla! My character Cordelia and her character Fridrick, in western clothing! I had a blast with this line and totally surprised her. She did wonderfully with the colors, as always. 

Notice the date and my signature ahahah so wobbly man I’m glad I decided to keep trying on this!


Hey, friends! 

I found some time to draw a bit, today, so I doodled this comic. 
The supports and likes I’ve been getting so far get me through the day. I had to gather up a lot of courage to show my art around, and I’m so glad until now I’ve just gotten support. 

But still, this is a new blog. I try to post stuff everyday, keep it updated, keep it running and showing, but I can’t expand the reach of what I do without you. I love all the likes I get, every single heart. Thank you. 

But please, rebblog. Not always, not everything, just, find something you like and wouldn’t mind share with others and rebblog my art. It would mean the world to me. 

Do this for other artists you like, too, if you can. Rebblogs get our work going around. 

Again, thank you. And have an incredible weekend!