Wonderfalls, by Bryan Fuller(2004) - The Complete Series

Starring: Caroline Dhavernas as Jaye Tyler; Lee Pace as Aaron Tyler, Tracie Thoms as Mahandra McGinty; Katie Finneran as Sharon Tyler; Tyron Leitso as Eric Gotts, William Sadler as Darrin Tyler; Diana Scarwid as Karen Tyler 
Summary: Jaye Tyler, a philosophy graduate, holds a dead-end job at a Niagara Falls gift shop when several animal souvenir figurines begin speaking to her, directing her with mysterious instructions to help various people in need or suffer various dire consequences.
Genre: Comedy-drama
Rating: PG

Why you should watch Wonderfalls: Cancelled after just one season (may it rest in peace), Wonderfalls is one of the most genuinely irreverent yet irreverently genuine comedies to ever have graced television. Jaye Tyler may be one of the most delightful heroines who has ever had the misfortune of having cryptic and vaguely biblical instructions delivered to her by various souvenirs, complicating a life she once deliberately structured to be as simple as her philosophy degree allowed. It spins into various genres throughout its short-lived season but its plotlines are never anything but meaningful and good luck finding a character you like best from the lineup.

Episodes (~520MB each)

101 - Wax Lion

102 - Karma Chameleon

103 - Wound-up Penguin

104 - Pink Flamingos

105 - Crime Dog

106 - Muffin Buffalo

107 - Barrel Bear

108 - Lovesick Ass

109 - Safety Canary

110 - Lying Pig

111 - Cocktail Bunny

112 - Totem Mole

113 - Caged Bird

fullerverse meme: [2/2] romantic relationships
 ↳ aaron & mahandra (wonderfalls)
“It can’t happen again. I mean, last night was great, okay, better than great. But we can’t. I mean, if you were anyone else, maybe. But you’re not anyone else. You’re you, and you’re like a brother to me. So… I make love like a black man? Not that kind of brother, you idiot!