• Lúcio:  What’s wrong?
  • D.Va: Nothing, it’s just adults are boring, and I hate them. And I don’t want to buy all this stupid, boring, adult stuff and become boring adults.
  • Lúcio:  Hey, listen to me. Yes, we’re gonna get a dish rack and shower curtains and a cutting board. But if you think for one second I’m not also gonna get that marshmallow shooter, so that I can shoot you in the face with marshmallows when you’re asleep, then you’re the dumbest woman I know.
  • D.Va: You’re gonna make me cry.
  • Submitted by MrOddicus

At this point everyone accepts and embraces “80s fashion disaster Teru”, but is anyone else up for “early 2000s Tome”?
Because I can *so* see her in those low-rise bootcut jeans, and those weird shirts that show off your stomach just a bit.

Or one of those juicy couture tracksuits.

Or a dress on top of jeans.

Or cargo pants and tube tops.

Or pointy below-the-knee boots.

The 00s had some really weird trends… but somehow all of them suit her?