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🌸 birthday page 🌸

I reached 450 followers today but let’s be honest that’s just an excuse to be able to do this. because who doesn’t love birthdays? well surely not me. I wanna spread love and give birthday wishes please let me <333


must be following me
reblog this post
send me a  🌸, your name and your birthday
blacklist ‘mah birthday page’ if you don’t want to see this
that’s it!

what you’ll get

LOTS OF LOVE (I don’t make any originial content but you sure as hell can expect a birthday message)
a place in my updates tab in the month of your birthday
a place on my birthday page

Living Single (Theme Song)

Check, check, check it out

Check, check, check it out

Do what you want girlfriend cause it’s your world

We are living, single

Yes, we’re living the single life

We are living, single

Ooo in a 90’s kind of world
I’m glad I got my girls

Keep ya head up (what?)
Keep ya head up (that’s right!)
Wheneva this life get tough
You gotta fight
Wit’ mah home gurl standin’ to mah left and mah right
True blue, we tight like glue

We are Living Single
Ooo in a 90’s kind of world
I’m glad I got mah girls