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Story of Today…

Me: Hey you guys wanna listen to floral fury? I mean it’s like an extended version tho!

Dad: Oh boy, how long?

Me: I don’t know dad. XD

*Plugs in Aux cord and plays Floral Fury*

Me: *Does Cagney Carnations dance* :D

Dad: *joins in* :D

Me: Come on sis jam out with us! :D

12 year old sister: *shakes head* :)

*Later as we reach home*

12 year old sister: Okay how long have we listened to this?

Dad: about maybe 12 minutes? :T

Me: *checks how long the music has been going on* Actually it’s been playing for 10 minutes and 7 seconds…okay now the seconds are increasing.

12 year old sister: OH MY GOD! :0


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With you I can conquer anything (Not a request)

Originally posted by lovelystony

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Tony Stark 

Note: Homophobic people, Fluff, insecure Tony, alcohol use, mentions of sexual themes MAH GABIES!! 

Words: 1530

“Are you sure you want to do this Steve? Because once it happens there is no going back.” Tony explained, pacing around the room. Steve sat on the couch, waiting for the latest press conference about the Avengers when he looked up to Tony with an easy smile. “Tony, come here.” He said gently as Tony coaxed over and plopped down next to him when Steve pulled Tony against him, making their foreheads touch. “Yes, I am more than sure. I want everyone to know that you and I are together.” He whispered before intertwining their hands together. Tony melted into the gesture before grinning like a dork at Steve who held the same grin on his lips. “Okay.” Tony murmured before pressing his lips to Steve’s when Steve immediately kissed back.

Tony wish they would have never stepped out there and told the world of their relationship that they’ve had for almost four months now. The moment Steve let the words leave his mouth the entire room’s atmosphere changed instantly. Everyone’s questions now seemed to be hurtful whenever they were directed towards Tony, or Steve who both held brave faces and answered as best as they could. Afterwards when they were driving back towards the tower the others were reading out the hateful comments on the interview. “Who knew being made from America meant being gay. Should really pay attention more. Now who will my kids look up to.” Clint read out loud as Tony gripped his knee in anger before he glanced to Steve who held a calm expression.

“We are proud of you for telling the world of your bond!” Thor bellowed trying to lighten the thick awkwardness between the others. “Thank you Thor. I’m happy we did too.” Steve said, smiling back to him. Tony’s eyes widened for a sliver of a moment before clearing his throat as he glanced out the window. “Well let’s just get back to the tower, eh?” Tony asked. He really needed a drink right now, and that bottle of scotch isn’t gonna drink itself. Finally they arrived and everyone went their separate ways while Tony sat in the workshop before turning on the news. Bad idea. All over the news was their relationship, really they didn’t have anything else to talk about today? Like at all?? Tony sighed before watching people complain about his and Steve’s relationship.

Suddenly the remote was embedded into the screen as Tony gritted his teeth before turning away. “Is something the matter sir?” Jarvis’ smooth voice asked. “Steve and I told the world we were together and holy shit you think we set an orphanage on fire or something worse! They make it seem like we’re bad people just for loving each other!” Tony exclaimed before throwing back a shot of scotch. “Sir, there are other reasons for your anger.” Jarvis said as Tony went quiet for a moment. “I’m-I’m worried.” Tony said, biting the side of his thumb as he looked down to the table. “About Steve?” Jarvis asked. “About what might happen because of this hate.” Tony countered. “What do you mean Sir?” He questioned when Tony ran his fingers through his hair.

“That maybe Steve will finally see that I’m not good enough for him. That I’m not what he wants. Maybe this hate will hurt him and cause him to do something like stop eating, or become distant with me. I don’t know.” Tony said as tears of anger and frustration form in his eyes. He scrubbed them away before he let out a shaky breath while shutting his eyes slowly. “Then why don’t you talk to him Sir? You will solve nothing by drowning your sorrows in the bottom of that bottle.” Jarvis responded as Tony grumbled before setting it down so he didn’t pour himself another glass. He hated when Jarvis is right, but he should talk to Steve about this due to how calm he was earlier. It worried him even more at the thought of Steve trying to hide his emotions behind a smile.

He knows what it’s like to act as if you are okay when you’re to fall apart, to act like you’re happy when everything is so broken there’s no hope of fixing it. About an hour later Tony left the workshop and headed upstairs to see Steve in the kitchen making dinner while everyone else sat in the living room. “Steve.” Tony spoke softly as he entered the kitchen. “Hm?” Steve asked, turning from the cooking chicken to look at his Lover. Steve frowned at the disheveled look Tony’s attire held when he turned down the stove before looking at him. “What happened? Is everything okay?” He asked worried. “Um I think we should talk.” Tony said as Steve’s heart stopped at the thought of Tony wanting to break up with him. “About what?” Steve asked.

“About what happened today.” Tony leaned against the counter before sighing. “Steve, I know those people said some hurtful things to you, but know that I love you so much.” Tony whispered as Steve shook his head. “Wait, you’re not breaking up with me?” Steve asked, quirking an eyebrow. “What? No! I just… After what happened today I was worried that you’d want to leave me.” Tony said as Steve’s eyes widened. “Whoa whoa, what?” Steve asked. “You thought I was going to leave you because of what the media was saying?” He questioned as Tony looked down, wincing softly. “Well I mean… I’m me.” Tony shrugged as Steve shut off the stove before walking over to Tony. “And? I love you.” He whispered cupping his face, making him look up.

“I love you too, but it’s just how harshly everyone was. Because before we said any of that you were looked as a god to them, but the moment you said you were with me everything went to shit.” Tony growled. “Tony, first of all I grew up in a time where if you beat your wife and cheated on her you were better than someone who loved the same gender. I came from a time where this was oppressed, but now I’m here with you.” He said intertwining their hands together. “Second, last time I check it was just you and me in this relationship. No one else.” He whispered as Tony melts against him when Steve pulls Tony against his strong chest. Tony buried his face into the cotton material of Steve’s shirt while he dug his fingers into Steve’s back.

“I’m sorry. I just–” He was cut off when Steve grabbed his chin again and pressed their lips together. It was slow, passionate and poured all of Steve’s love into it, leaving Tony breathless when he pulled away. “Don’t ever doubt my love Tony. If this really bothered me I would have come to you, and I’m glad you came to me. I didn’t get with you because of your looks although those helped me get over that personality.” He makes a face as Tony starts to laugh. “I always knew you were a gold digger.” Tony smirks before pulling Steve back into another kiss. “Oh yes, because I’d never fall for that Iron Man. He’s nothing but trouble.” Steve whispered, leaning down closer. “And who could fall for the uptight Captain America? That guy’s a tool.” Tony resorted.

“But Tony Stark on the other hand. That man reads all kinds of trouble, the kinds that a guy like me wants.” He whispered as Tony chuckles. “Yeah, Steve Rogers may look innocent out in the scene, but behind closed doors is another story that I’d love to read.” He said before they both start to laugh. That’s when Tony wrapped his arms around Steve’s neck while Steve wrapped his arms around Tony’s waist and placed him onto the counter. “But I’m serious Tony. I love you, all of you.” Steve said, placing his hand above Tony’s reactor causing his breath to catch in his throat. “And if loving you is wrong. I don’t want to be right.” He whispered when Tony tears up, letting out a laugh. “You’re such a sap.” Tony playfully nudges him with his foot to Steve’s hip.

“Only for you.” Steve grins when he leans up and presses his lips to Tony’s one more time as Tony’s hands sliver into Steve’s golden locks. He tugs gently on it causing Steve to moan softly into the kiss as he pulls Tony closer against him. Suddenly someone cleared their throat as the duo jerked from each other to see the other Avengers standing together, smirking. “Could you not defile the kitchen. We made food in here.” Clint points a finger at them as Tony his mouth to fire back. “I’ll defile Tony wherever I please. This is his tower, besides… Already did.” Steve grins with a wink as Tony looks at him in shock. “Welp his corrupted.” Clint held up his hands and left causing Steve to laugh. “Never doubt my love for you.” Steve whispered before helping him down from the counter as he returns to the stove when Tony smiles, joining him. Oh yeah, Steve is definitely a keeper.  

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pointless ooc post of me just rambling but the

wwe recorded some new acoustic version of

paige’s theme && it’s cute and all if it’s just

intended for her biopic, but if the rumors are

true and they really use it as her return song

and change her theme ho mah gawd =| they

can’t rob us of the shriek and badass rock

original version -.- i like acoustics but NO.

Living Single (Theme Song)

Check, check, check it out

Check, check, check it out

Do what you want girlfriend cause it’s your world

We are living, single

Yes, we’re living the single life

We are living, single

Ooo in a 90’s kind of world
I’m glad I got my girls

Keep ya head up (what?)
Keep ya head up (that’s right!)
Wheneva this life get tough
You gotta fight
Wit’ mah home gurl standin’ to mah left and mah right
True blue, we tight like glue

We are Living Single
Ooo in a 90’s kind of world
I’m glad I got mah girls