mah stuff~

So, I was bored and decided to doodle practice on perfecting meh skills…

…and this happened. Heh, I haven’t drawn much since late October, mainly because of stress over coolleg stuffs and stuffesis in general, so I’m trying to break myself back in to drawing this week!

(thank goodness my math teacher kept mentioning Thanksgiving break was coming up otherwise I would’ve kept on arriving at school like the zombie I am lol)

I know my art is hardly much but hopefully someone else might look at this and get a little bit of something good outta it. :)


I shouldn’t be doing this :3c but meh, also have two versions too ‘cuz idk if I should adapt the colors for Laz, Pidge is Peri already, so no prob at all, except that now I’m picturing Peri saying “my name is Lapis, I’m SO emo” with a trash pile-made Lapis


Ratchet’s Dead End Workshop, Pre-War. 

shippingbell  asked:

HERRO. Uh random question? Have you heard of Fullmetal alchemist and drawn art for it before because I saw this one art and was like, "I've seen this style and coloring before". And I feel like it was you or I'm remembering the wrong artist. Even if it wasn't you, you still have fantastic artwork on your blog! <3

Ah!ofc !I am a HUGE fan of FMA.

 i’ve drawn this wahn months ago! Maybe it’s the wahn you saw? I dunno. Thanks for have thought about meh tho’ ! ლ(ʘuʘ)ლ