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Something that I noticed on why Amami, Ouma and Monosuke are together at the promotional art of NDRV3. Like bruh, we all shouted GAYGAYGAY, I SHIP THEM and more after seeing this. But later on I saw the similarities between these three doods(meh, just ignore this, it’s not even important and I might be over thinking alone–)

Monosuke is addressed as the most cool-headed among the Cubs, which is similar with mostly Amami and also Ouma, but I dunno, maybe ? And Monosuke is the most intelligent one too, and the same goes for both Amami and Ouma who are also (terrifyingly) intelligent. Right ? Lastly it is said that Monosuke often displays a positive attitide even in the middle of an arguement between the members, it also applies to both Amami and Ouma, I think ?

So these similarities between them might be the reason behind on why they are together in the promotional art despite of not having many interactions in the game. Well, Kaede and Maki(mainly FTEs) also Kaito and Saihara, who are together too at the promotional art, got more interactions together unlike Amami and Ouma.

Now this is kind of interesting(for me at least) to think about, well enough of mah rambling and let me end it here. asjsndjndjdndjdbsjenejjeksn-

Max: Maybe. Rachel was so much cooler than me…

Joyce: You think? Then why has Chloe been telling me she wishes she could be more like you over the past five years?

we do not speak ill of the dead but SUCK IT RACH, LOTS OF LOVE, XOXO, from the girl she wanted u to be like ♥♥♥

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I dunno if you've been asked this before, but are some people more/less animal than others? Like people who barely have any residual instincts or smaller versions of their animals? Or with instincts they can almost entirely ignore them, while others don't seem very human at all? That could maybe be seen as a disease or mental issue?? I just like the idea of some people having like, patches of fur or being mistaken as completely human.

SIT DOWN CUZ THIS ONE IS GON’ BE A DOOSEY (aka readmore because here I go again with the tangents)

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