mah pride and joy


However, the best part of this day was when a father stopped me for his little four years daughter,saying “What is this character? You saw him in daddy’s comics !” and she shyly started to giggle saying “Loki!” and then exclaiming aloud “you are so so so beautiful Loki!”. When they walked away, I heard the little one repeating that Loki is very very beautiful and that she wanted to turn around to hug him…

I realllyy wanna perm my hair so i can reach that 1980s aesthetic and my mom did perms to herself alll the time in the 80s and 90s so i trust her with my hair but both her and my dad say my hair is too beautiful to ruin and like dey right my hair is mah pride and joy been growing it out for 6 years and dont dye it and hardly put any heat on it bc i love it lonnnggg and healthy ahhh but the A E S T H E T I C and big hair is my kink