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At this point everyone accepts and embraces “80s fashion disaster Teru”, but is anyone else up for “early 2000s Tome”?
Because I can *so* see her in those low-rise bootcut jeans, and those weird shirts that show off your stomach just a bit.

Or one of those juicy couture tracksuits.

Or a dress on top of jeans.

Or cargo pants and tube tops.

Or pointy below-the-knee boots.

The 00s had some really weird trends… but somehow all of them suit her?

Mah best Gravebone headcanon

Percival consistently asks, murmurs, into Credence’s neck, his ears, clavicle, his lips ghosting over flesh gently. He wraps his lips around the words with caution, care, and is very observant of the other’s visceral reaction. His breath flows along Credence’s pale skin as he hovers near the boy, barely touching. He asks, as he always does and will, “Are you okay with this, Credence?” Prodding for a clear “yes” of consent that Credence usually gives. To do anything less, to impose himself upon the boy with any sort of force, or aggression, would be to act against Graves’ own morals. Only after a nod, a whine of “Yes, please, Mr. Graves…”, would the man continue, never pushing Credence to perform, caring for the young man with a sense of fragility, kindred, careful, and hyper-observant.

It was nearly like a mantra, a phrase repeated consistently regardless of their time together, of their past acts, for Credence held the basic human rights of refusal in all occasions, and Percival felt no ownership of another human’s rights. Nearly never did Credence refuse, though he had often asked Percival to slow in their initial encounters, and the question had been a measure of willingness ever since. Each time the auror asked Credence, the boy would feel his heart flower and bloom beautifully, his eyes glimmer with unshed tears of joy, of knowing that someone cared about him enough to want to know. Credence felt special, appreciated, and respected for the first time in his life, loved for who he was and not for what he could provide. To know that Percival wanted Credence simply for his self, for his personality, his presence, regardless of actions or appearance, is what made Credence’s heart soar and flutter like a bird finally let out of its cage.

“Yes, Percy…please.” While not a spell, the words were magical nonetheless.

Credence would soon adopt a similar question, shyly prodding Percy with a quiet, small “Is this okay, Mr.Gra-P-Percival?” Percy had chuckled heartily the first time he’d heard it, and given a sharp nod and a “Yes, Credence…”, and his heart swooned to known that Credence was returning the favor.



So i shamelessly used passivechara’s desings of 7 magicians combining with belowtale’s “eyes are windows to the soul" headcanon with a bit of my own thoughts(lol nope, aint gonna tag ppl in here) to drew these folks… Yeah, I still need to figure out how to draw them o)-(

1. Reada the Red is a shorty, nuff said. I kinda headcanon that they are the only human being with the ability to reset, and the other six are aware of that power and try to guide them.

2. According to NarraChara, “The cowboy hat makes you want to grow a beard.”… Don’t know about you, but I always imagine that Yellow used to be in the law enforcement or soldier or royal guard or whatever when he was younger, but became disillusioned and decided to quit to seek justice in his own term.

3. Got no idea why I keep seeing a plum lady in that armor… and I can hear some woof woof coming from there too…

4. Because I love a cool cranky old magical lady who likes to slam other ppl’s head with her staff and is very meticulous when it comes to money.

5,6. Ohohohohoho.

7. The shortest and the youngest in the gang, sweet-looking but dangerous as hell.

Hazel Levesque headcanons #1
  • Puberty hit her right in the face
  • Around fifteen she got taller than Annabeth, and, even when Percy didn’t want to admit, a little bit taller than him
  • She use Piper as an arm rest
  • Hazel, as a girl from the underworld, is a really heavy sleeper
  • Once, when she was like 19, she went to New York for visiting Nico and that night happen a really strong earthquake and she didn’t even felt it and at the next morning everybody was scared and she was like: “what did it happen?”
  • Hazel and Frank have two dogs
  • One, unfortunately for Leo, is called Sammy
  • Hazel is really close to Reyna
  • She sees Reyna as role model
  • Reyna told her about how she felt about Jason, and how he was her best friend and then left her
  • Hazel got so mad that she used her entire power for shadow traveling to camp half blood. She passed out and spent two days in the infirmary
  • When Hazel woke up, she went straight to Jason’s cabin and hit him in the face
  • They’re good friends now
  • Hazel lost her virginity at 16, with Frank, of course
  • Piper and Annabeth freak out when they found out
  • She’s actually a really good at drinking
  • That kinda impressed everybody
  • Technology still an issue for her
  • Decided study Psichology and end up being a teacher in New Rome college
  • Lindy Hop Dance, Lindy Hop Dance, L i n d y H o p D a n c e
  • Loves Kick boxing

I things that’s enough bc I’m tired, but I love baby Hazel so much.

Have another Rainbow Power redesign as per mah headcanon! :3 Ya’ll seemed to have enjoyed how I portrayed Twilight, and Pinkie was probable one of the most requested to be seen next as far as the rest of the Mane 6 goes, so here she go! I’ll eventually draw all of them, of course, but I may continue to base it on who ya’ll wanna see next up until the very last one.

Anyway, here’s good ol’ Pinkie Pie in her Rainbow Power form. Of all the Mane 6, she’s probably gonna be the one who’s the least changed aside from not giving her absolutely huge hair. It’s mainly because of the girls, the stripes in her hair already sorta-kinda looks like the rainbow-streak I’m giving them in their stead. Aw well! As per Pinkie, she was a bunch of fun to draw, and I think the design came out okay. I also drew her a little chubbier ‘cause I can. :D

Like the rest of the girls, Pinkie gains a dorsal and markings as one of the physical manifestations of her increased magical power, as well as of course the Rainbow streaks and a rainbow ring circling her pupils. The only difference being that hers are a little more vibrant than the rest ‘cause… of all the girls (yes, including Rainbow), I think her colors being the most vibrant fits her character pretty well. Her original design, aside from Twilight, made the most sense because if there’s anyone who’d be pretty out there, it’d be Pinkie. And it works very well for her. x3

I forgot to add them (I will later) but one of the other unifying traits all the girls have is, when their cutie marks are altered and glowing in this form, they gain little “stars” of magic that surrounds the mark similarly to how Twilight’s cutie mark already does. There will be five stars in total surrounding their cutie mark, to represent the bound they have with each other. C:

As for Pinkie’s  magical prowess in this state, it’d be obvious that she has a power-boost like the rest of the girls, but for some reason I think what is possibly boosted the most in this form for Pinkie is her stamina and speed. She’s already super-fast on the ground, but in this form she’d have speed that’d rival Fili-Second’s speed (appropriate, given that’s who Pinkie was in the Power Ponies episode xD) The increase of stamina and speed brings about a new way of how she can utilize her magic, such as running in circles and create a mini-tornado, huge gusts of wind from simply running by, and a refined “wind blade”, an ability Pinkie always knew even without the Rainbow Power but didn’t use or practice much due to the generally violent nature behind it.

Speaking of magic! If anyone’s curious about how I view magic and the magic of the Mane 6 in general, you can check it out here.

AAaaaaand that’s all for now. So you’ve seen Pinkie, and Twlight… who’s Rainbow Power form would you guys like to see next? Rainbow, Rarity, Applejack, or Fluttershy? Let me know! ^.^

Until then, I hope you guys enjoy this! :3



1. Timelords nest. It is a sign of affection and shows that they can care for a mate.

2. Timelords and Ladies are evolved from a form of burrowing rodent. because of this a lot of their courting and such is a lot of holding hands or even being close to one another at all times.


4.The doctor finds how humans groom each other interesting and is fascinated by it.

5.The TARDIS likes clean dry places to land. It takes a lot of pleading to get her to land in sand.

6.The doctor sings in the shower. Usually to opera in latin.

7. It does not snow on Gallifrey which is one of the reasons the doctor ran away with Susan to begin with was to show her snowflakes

8.There is a butterfly room in the Tardis with hundreds of butterflies and flowers

ok so norway taking a nap after a long day. he’d invited den over for dinner, but he’s still asleep when he gets there and denmark tries to do something nice for him by making dinner. needless to say that norway wakes up to the smell of smoke.



1. Four is fucking terrified of Missy. She reminds him of his mother and it freaks him out.

2. One likes Missy and when they are both free they often will have tea and cookies or whatever.

3.Missy refers to her other regenerations as “The Penises” and she loves being a lady.

4.Missy is a big fan of The Twilight Zone. (she seems like that sort of person)

5. She loves the idea of doing her hair (now that she has some) and takes pride in her appearance not because she is a she but she finds it relaxing and kind of fun.

6. Missy has a small obsession with Sims and the idea of controlling people which makes her extra dangerous