mah graphics


As you know, the great battle with Xehanort is almost upon us. The seven guardians of light must be assembled to protect the seven pure lights.

Thus, it is time to summon hither Ventus, Terra, and Aqua, the three Keyblade wielders who suffered a great tragedy over a decade ago.


so this here is an idea i got from fastcst, so without further ado, here we go!

by liking this post, you are telling me that is is COMPLETELY OKAY for me to make you random graphics, be them promos, online/offline things, theme backgrounds, icons, etc. i love practicing photoshop things, so now i’ll be able to take the time to learn new things!! i’ll put some examples of some types of graphics i’ve made at the end of this, but remember to LIKE THIS POST IF YOU WANT RANDOM GRAPHICS. also, WE DO NOT HAVE TO BE MUTUALS. I WILL MAKE LITERALLY ANYONE ANYTHING. with that said, do NOT feel obligated to use anything i make you. i make these things for fun, so if you like it then please do save it!! if not, it won’t hurt my feelings. c: if you do end up wanting the graphic, though, then please simply ‘like’ the graphic/post.  

theme examples: x x x ( these are just my more recent ones. )

icons ( 100x100 & 115x115 ):