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Choices Fanmade Poster: The Royal Romance 👑💖

So I decided to practice mah photoshop skillz using face claims and this happened. I kinda went for Korean Drama/Japanese Drama style of poster but oh well…hello Wattpad! 😂📱🔫

I wanna thank @pixelbatsy for the lovely playchoices background. Love your BG collection so much! 😊❤️

Note: This poster is according to my gameplay where Stacie (my MC) stays with the Beaumont Bros., Maxwell and Dream Daddy, Brother Berty. She’s also besties with Maxwell, Hana and Corgi Baby. Drake likes her but she’s in love with Liam who loves her too but he’s engaged to Madeleine. Ya know, the typical love triangle shit and that. 😙👌🏼✨


Teaming up-

Saga and Aiolos were the oldest amongst their generation of Gold Saints. Both candidates to be the next Pope and in charge of the new recruits, acting like teachers, role models and/or older brothers to these. 
…Then Deathmask…

anonymous asked:

What do you think is the best kind of laptop to run photoshop on for digital art?

HmMM  (ノ。≧◇≦)ノ

i could not tell u precisely . I only had 5-10 years old laptop (like, i neveh had any fresh new laptop. i always bought already used old ones bc it was cheaper for meh.) And everything was always working well. photoshop works with any laptop. If not, just download an older version.

However, i can tell you that Toshiba is mah lucky star. i had an old wahn from mah parents and it was a pure crazy tank.

Also, plz. i beg you, think about your eyes. Try to buy one with the biggest screen you can. Drawing on a 13″ is hell. 15″ is not too bad .Mine is 19″ and it’s a dream! (mainly bc i have enough place to put mah graphic tablet on they keyboard and still manage to ctrl+z easily. ) ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

zesaiahgmac  asked:

What medium do you use to draw? Traditional, tablet, mouse, etc. of course this is if you don't mind me asking!

Uhm… mind if I turn this in a sorta… tutorial thingy? How I kinda like to draw? :”D

I had much problems with sketching digital up to now, so I prefer to draw with pencil on normal paper (the rubber cap on (1) is pretty handy). And that way I can doodle whenever I want and not have to wait until I get home.

I also lineart it along the way because that also works better with traditional for me. The pen in (2) is 0,1 cm and I have one for 0,3. (The one in (4) is just for fancy brush lines :”D ). (And the white gloss paint marker helps great for messed up parts. I love this pen.)

Next is scanning.

Then correcting the lineart and removing dirt.

Setting up the light and shadow values like this greatly helps removing lots of dirt and pencil lines that I forgot to edit. Then I smoothen the lines because over this they get a bit sharper.

And last I set it up in Photoshop for coloring and shading with mah graphic tablet.

Setting the white background to transparent is also pretty handy for colored lineart!

I hope this kinda answered your question! >u<