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Something I wrote for my Scorpius some time ago

He had been going crazy, this friendship thing they were doing had been nice at first. She was the first person who let him open up and talk about what he really felt. He wanted to live in the muggle world, there were so many things he wanted to do in his future he would never get the chance because of his parents. Or because everyone expected something out of the Malfoy man. To be like Draco and Lucius. To hate Gryffindors. He was a sodding Hufflepuff for god’s sakes.  And still his life was filled with judgement for as long as he can remember. Until she came into her life, all sass and humour. Who could make him smile for the first time since he entered Hogwarts. Lily Luna Potter, resident Hogwarts crazy girl who gave him a chance. And became his best friend, she would cheer his day up. Until she began talking about that ridiculous boy. Sodding Lysander Scamander, with his good last name and charming green eyes.

The time she used to spend with him began being devoted to her new beau. And he didn’t want to appear whiny or anything, but he missed her. So imagine his surprise when he received a letter from her asking for them to meet at the Herbology Garden. He found the silly girl dancing around the room, her stupid beautiful grin on her face. “Had a good day Petals?” he asked approaching her, when he was close enough she took his hand bringing him into her stupid dance. Her stupid everything. “I am great! I love it when you call me that.”

There was something off with her. “Are you drunk?” he asked raising an eyebrow, slowing their dance into a waltz. “Maybe. Ly broke up with me. He said I was in love with you. Silly right. Us in love.” the more she spoke the more his heart broke. She wasn’t in love with him. She would never like him. “Would that be so horrible? Being in love with me?”


“Why?” he asked, his face leaving her side to cup her face so she would look at him. Why couldn’t she be in love with him? Because he was a Malfoy? For how long would his last name haunt his life?

“Because you would never be in love with me.” she whispered. But it was enough for him. He had been waiting two years to do this. He kissed her.