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Moana & RotBTD relationship: part 1/ part 2 (soon)

Moana & Hiccup have more in common than most may think. Both are children of Chiefs, but they are not royalty (!). Both are striving to be useful for their respective villages, thought there is also that big unknown that lures them out into the ocean, be it by air or water. Both made friends with antagonists of their moveis (of sorts?). 

Moana & Rapuzel are similar in a way that most Disney Princesses are. Both are children of (a sort) royalty, and both are not satisfied by the life they lead at home (or fake one) and their gaze are directed outwards, beyond their currently restricted lives. Both had gathered courage to seize the chance to go ‘outside’. And both have a drop of magic in them. ;)


Happy (late) 10 year anniversary, Year Zero!

“If you imagine a world where greed and power continue to run their likely course, you’ll have an idea of the backdrop. The world has reached the breaking point – politically, spiritually and ecologically. Written from various perspectives of people in this world, ‘Year Zero’ examines various viewpoints set against an impending moment of truth.”

This is a PSA for those of you that don’t already know...

I AM ABSOLUTE TRASH FOR DACRE MONTGOMERY and there is plenty of room here in my little dumpster blog for more peeps. Stop by. Let’s chat about how amazing Dacre is. We can discuss about anything about him. 

Like how unreal his eyes are… 

His stunning smile…

His very fashion-forward sense of style…

His fun and inviting personality…

His kind and endearing soul…

or the adorable way he says


Isn’t his accent the best?!?

I’m so sick of Erwin.

He’s responsible for the happiness that the rest of the team he was leading achieved.

He was happy giving his life to humanity - placing his men above his personal dream.

I dislike character favoratism that simultaneously wants the character to be end all of everything and discards everything the character stood for, in addition to escaping the tone of the story.

This is what many fans of Erwin want (the “mah fav is dead” thing) - a character that is worshipped and discards any and all logic of the story - that’s also incredibly disrespectful to his character instead of being more caring.

The story says every single human life is valuable and on the same level as any other. This is also something that Erwin’s resolve to go fight with his men shows. Erwin says not a single life is meaningless or more important over the other. Yet people want Erwin to be the end all of everything.

I understand loving a character, but this is the aspect that bothers me the most when it comes to the “Erwin is dead” comments.

AoT is not a series to dwell on death because human lives are so precious and can be taken away in a sweep. It’s part of the themes that people just die and everyone has to move on, as painful as moving on can be.

I miss my fav people who are willing to share one cigarette, who I can spend the whole day with them talking nonsense stuffs, who I can share everything or even nothing but they would never push me to talk what I don’t wanna. and mah fav people can be by my side, tolerate my stupidity, and accept my true self.
I really miss them. why is everything here getting too harsh?