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I’m so sick of Erwin.

He’s responsible for the happiness that the rest of the team he was leading achieved.

He was happy giving his life to humanity - placing his men above his personal dream.

I dislike character favoratism that simultaneously wants the character to be end all of everything and discards everything the character stood for, in addition to escaping the tone of the story.

This is what many fans of Erwin want (the “mah fav is dead” thing) - a character that is worshipped and discards any and all logic of the story - that’s also incredibly disrespectful to his character instead of being more caring.

The story says every single human life is valuable and on the same level as any other. This is also something that Erwin’s resolve to go fight with his men shows. Erwin says not a single life is meaningless or more important over the other. Yet people want Erwin to be the end all of everything.

I understand loving a character, but this is the aspect that bothers me the most when it comes to the “Erwin is dead” comments.

AoT is not a series to dwell on death because human lives are so precious and can be taken away in a sweep. It’s part of the themes that people just die and everyone has to move on, as painful as moving on can be.

G&F Twin analysis!

So I’ve been gone forever (I’m sorry and it’s personal reasons but none of you care because this isn’t a personal blog so I’ll just not get into it) BUT a couple of request for how I tell mah fav twins have been chillin in my box forever, so here you goo! 

Okay, so Imma break things up a bit and start with George
So George is more of a planner in my eyes. He’s clever, and if I do remember correctly (I probably do, just saying) he got one more O.W.L than Fred. He’s also quite verbal, and is pretty darn sarcastic. Mostly in a funny way, be he can also be a bit mean, sometimes without realizing it, but sometimes I don’t think he gives a shit (Like when he calls Ron a git about 127 times i GoF). When they steal the car in CoS George is also the one reading the map while Fred drives. I feel like this is also a good description of the two. But, I feel like many of the twins fans make him into more of a touchy feely guy, and even though he does take peoples feelings more into consideration than Fred, I don’t think he’s a whiny type of guy. He reacts quickly, he tells it like he sees it, and takes nobody’s shit. I’m not saying he’s not a good guy, because both of them are really, but he’s no saint. (Damn, no pun intended) 

Mister Fred on the other side: 
…is more of a doer. He gets an idea, or he hears an idea from George, and he’s just like “HELL YeAH Let’S DO THiS NOw OR evEN yeSTERdAY!!!” you know? And he sometimes (a lot) forgets to think consequences, not because he doesn’t care, he’s just really EXITED!! He’s also not quite as sarcastic as his twin, but he’s just as funny, just in a different way. But again, he has a bit less of a moral compass. see for example the whole Ludo Bagman thing, when George really tries to tell Fred that blackmail is illegal!! and Fred is like… “Meh!” And just wants his gold. But, He’s not just a gut who lives for the risks, he’s also very protective about his family and friends, and he’s really a good guy, deep down. Sometimes way deep. 

Someone asked me if I have a fav, and YEAH ofc I do, but i’m not gonna teeeeeeell. Can you guess? 

Day 2: Reunion - A Short Victuuri Week Fic


Author: darkling1listen (das me)

Rating: G

Warnings: I got a little carried away writing this from Victor’s perspective XD Also I referenced borntomake’s analysis of Victor and Yuuri. This is of course, the airport scene (mah fav scene) from episode 9, only from Victor’s perspective as he goes to save his pup.

I hope you enjoy!

When Victor arrived back in Japan, his heart was steadily climbing up his throat. He tried swallowing, gulped down some water during the flight, but nothing really helped. He’d called Yuuri once he got off the plane, but he didn’t answer. Probably sleeping, but Victor wanted to hear his voice anyways. He thought of what might greet him as he hopped into a taxi and somehow managed to direct the driver to the veterinary hospital in Hasetsu in a broken mixutre of English and Japanese. Was Makkachin even still alive? The hand clasped in his lap clenched as his closed his eyes and told himself not to think the worst. Makkachin was such a happy, energetic dog; he still saw her as the little puppy whose tail wags often turned into her whole butt wiggling, trying to climb on his lap and chew the delicate skin between his thumb and forefinger. Even though she was much older, and she did not run around as often as she used to because she now had arthritis in her shoulders, she was still enough of the puppy she used to be to still find trouble. He just wanted to know how this was going to go-would he be able to say goodbye…? Could he handle that, and still coach Yuuri through the Grand Prix Final, the goal they’ve been working so hard towards for almost a year now? He would do it, of course. He could bury that feeling of grief and focus on Yuuri and the next steps ahead. In fact, that’s exactly what he would need if what he feared came true.

The taxi driver’s voice interrupted his thoughts, and he paid his fare and climbed out of the car, staring at the veterinary hospital. The front was comprised of panels of glass, and he could see Yuuri’s family huddled inside. His throat tightened, and his heart truly threatened to climb out right. He cleared his throat, breathed out a trembling sigh, and walked inside.

Once he got the news, he left a voicemail for Yuuri, who once again, did not pick up.

“Yuuri! I just got the news, Makkachin is going to be okay. They want her to stay another night, but she should be free to go home tomorrow,” he let out a soft chuckle, “she really bit off more than she could chew, but luckily they were able to get it out without surgery.” He paused and caressed the phone lightly with his thumb, as if it were Yuuri’s face he was caressing.

“I’m sorry I’m not there right now. I wish so badly I could see you skate… I want you to know that I’ve been thinking about you, about what I can do for you. I… I can’t wait to hold you again. Hear your voice.” Victor paused again, the gulf of what he wanted to say and the words that came out of his mouth wide. He wanted to talk to Yuuri, not just leave these words in his voicemail.

“I love you, Yuuri. I’ll talk to you later.” Victor ended the call and started back inside, ready to wait through the night to make sure his pup would be okay.

Yuuri’s parents offered to drive him to the airport to wait for Yuuri’s flight after he spent the day at their place, giving Makkachin a stern look anytime she eyed his lunch speculatively. She now had her head in his lap, licking her chops and yawning as if she had spent the night in a lavish hotel instead of a hospital where everyone waited, fearing for her life. He massaged the back of her neck and kissed the spot between her ears. Part of the reason he had taken off a year from ice skating was to be more involved in Makkachin’s life. She was getting so old now-there were smatterings of white on the silvery fur around her eyes and nose bridge, and sometimes he held her tighter at night with a deep pain in his chest knowing that these next few years would probably be her last. Still, she woke up and bounced around, chasing birds through the Katsuki household’s back gardens with a lively bark. He savored these moments. For so long she had been such an important fixture in his life, the family he came home to after struggling and working so hard on the ice by himself. But now, he also had Yuuri.

He’d called Yuuri again after he watched his Free Skate, knowing Yuuri was probably extremely disappointed in himself. He hoped he was okay. He thought about what he should say, that he was so proud of him. He shook himself from his reverie and thanked Yuuri’s parents and walked briskly inside, Makkachin at his side. He knew rushing to the waiting area would not make Yuuri’s flight come faster, but his steps quickened all the same. It would be almost an hour before Yuuri’s flight came in, and he settled back as Makkachin laid down by his feet. He stared at the floor, unable to distract himself with Instagram, instead replaying Yuuri’s performance in his head. And the performance he first saw a year ago on YouTube, when he recognized the boy who had danced and laughed with him only a year before that. ‘My Yuuri,’ he thought.

Yuuri, who only asked that Victor just be himself. It was the first time in Victor’s life anyone had asked that, The friendship that began after that day at the beach slowly blossomed into something more, He’d often find himself wanting to touch the soft angle of Yuuri’s cheekbones, and the awkward silences and gazes between them that started to go on for too long began to become more frequent. It was without much surprise he realized he wanted to kiss Yuuri. That he’d wanted to for awhile now. Those dark, dark brown eyes… they reminded him of a patch of sunlight in a lazy mountain stream, the way soft brown of leaves carpeting the silt bottom look when they are bright and burnished with light. Watching those eyes light up with laughter and a sweet smile that could only come from Yuuri were what was on his mind the moment he realized he was in love. He remembered the night he, Yuuri and Yurio had played with firework sparklers, chasing Yuuri around and laughing. He remembered the day they took off of practice to go to the beach and the unutterable feeling encompassing his whole body as they played in the outdoor shower nearby, tight and wonderful in his chest. He was so happy. He couldn’t remember being that happy.

Makkachin lept up and began scratching at the clear panel of walls separating the waiting area. He stood up, unable to pull his eyes away. Yuuri stood on the other side, looking at Makkachin with such relief. He looked up and their eyes locked, and suddenly, they were running. Their strides matched on either side, reflections of each other as their eyes never wavered. Victor felt vulnerable, too tired to keep in the longing and rawness from his eyes. And Yuuri was the same. He looked like he needed to take a breath, to take a huge relieving breath, and that would only come from Victor’s arms. Finally the sliding glass doors opened and Yuuri rushed through, the warmth of his body hitting Victor’s, filling his lungs with air. It was as if it were the first breath he’d taken since he left.

“Yuuri,” he breathed, “I’ve been thinking about what I can do from now on as your coach.” He held him tightly, nose buried his soft, messy black hair. He felt Yuuri give a little shuddering breath.

“Me too.” He pushed Victor back and looked him straight in the eyes, bursting with determintation.

“Until I retire, be my coach,” his teeth gritted, “Please.” Victor didn’t say anything at first, but he made a quick decision, however much it would hurt later. He smiled gently, and took one of the shaking hands on his shoulders and kissed it, eyes closed. He opened them and smiled at his love.

“It almost sounds like a marriage proposal.” They clasped each other again, embracing tightly, with room for nothing else. He spoke softly, though his voice was a little raw with emotion.

“I wish Yuuri would never retire.”

Victor felt his heart pounding clearly, felt Yuuri’s beat in turn. It settled back into his chest though, and knew he didn’t need to yearn for happy years to come.

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AYYYYYYYYYYYY MAH FAV PERSON HOW YOU DOIN? hope things are going well for you and I hope you had an amazing Valentine's day. I saw the things you posted for your loved ones on V-day and it was really sweet :3 I love your edits, they're awesome! Wish you a great day

;;; hey 

I’m sick at the moment :( I have a flu but I got meds so I’m good ;; I hope you’re okay too!! 

Ah yes V-Day was amazing ;; my girlfriend and my best friend both made the say so !!! Also my v sweet boyfriend. 

Thank you so much beb ;; I hope you have a great day too!