mah doctah


COLOUR MEME scruffyshezza requested Eleven in autumn colours.

Even as are the generations of leaves, such are those also of men. As for the leaves, the wind scattereth some upon the earth, but the forest, as it bourgeons, putteth forth others when the season of spring is come; even so of men one generation springeth up and another passeth away.
—Homer, Iliad VI, 146-149.

Are you afraid of the big Bad Wolf, Doctor?

I’m so done with this art, like seriously. I don’t even know what I initially wanted to draw anymore and it came out like… this. These colours and shadows and I don’t get them anymore. On the other hand, I love this ship so so bad, that I don’t really care how it looks. I adore them with all my heart, it’s the OTP of OTPs (since Destiel still isn’t canon yet).

It’s for You, savallah, ofcourse. How could it not be? You’re my sun and stars, I love You so much and miss You all the time. You’re mah Doctah to mah Roes <3