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about post/156368166126... if you abort a genocide run by sparing papyrus (or not fulfilling requirements prior to that fight) after getting the "useless pile of snow" line, sans still says you made the snowman happy if you have a snow piece in your inventory at the end of a neutral route. Any thoughts on this? Does the "useless pile of snow" still have emotions? is it/him/whatever pronoun somehow relieved that Frisk decided to take some of it to the surface (or what have you)?

(undertale spoilers)

Follow up to: is the snowman in Snowdin Forest a monster or something different?

This seems to be more of an oversight than the pile of snow still having emotions. Here are a few reasons why.

First, the code specifically checks whether the Snowman Piece is in your inventory and that you have not killed Papyrus. If both these conditions are true, then you will get the “you made a snowman really happy” line, as long as you don’t meet the conditions for the other call openings. There is no check for the flag that counts how many pieces of the snowman you have taken.

Second, the snowman will be angry with you if the pieces were eaten in front of them in the neutral route. He holds this grudge even when the barrier is open.

When the snowman is destroyed and left as “a useless pile of snow,” it seems to be a clear statement that the snowman is no more. Furthermore, Papyrus’ call in the snowman’s room is not updated to acknowledge that the snowman has been reduced to a pile of snow.

However, if this really is not an oversight and the snowman truly is sentient despite having been reduced to a pile, there is some sense here. After all, the snowman is able to feel if the piece has been taken care of. 

Perhaps, the snowman piece that continues existing with Frisk is still able to feel happy about exploring the whole underground. As for how Sans would know the piece is still fine… Well, Sans does know more than he lets on.