mah art :u

emghost23  asked:

Hi, sorry to disturb but I just want to say I love your artwork \(^_^)/ I'm planning on studying art at a local college next year, but I haven't studied properly for 2 years and I'm kinda scared? It's something I really want to do though so I'm trying to overcome this anxiety. So thanks for being awesome and a huge inspiration, both to me and many other people I'm sure :D

o(*^▽^*)o U r not disturbing meh at all ! thanks a lot !i’m glad you like mah art 8//u//8

Back to school hm? well! it’s very brave of u !

i think it might takes some time to get back properly but that’s okay to be scared! Nothin’ is easy and i can understand your feels !Especially if u’ve got anxiety !Welcome to dah club buddy!

Good luck and i hope u’ll have fun and create a lot of awesome stuff ! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

yes homo says he, an awkward boy