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Who run the world? Girls!

 I’m on a bit of a female empowerment bender at the moment having watched ‘Suffragette’ (I know it’s not perfect particularly in racial terms but I still found it incredibly moving and powerful) and having attended a charity night fund-raising to keep girls in developing countries in high school- we saw all 12 girls being sponsored and while they are AMAZING young women I still felt so angry that they had to pay so much for education that they couldn’t actually attend school without sponsorship- education should be free to 16 regardless of race, gender or background. Anyway… here are some wonderful female writers- many of whom have influenced and changed my thinking! I loved drawing authors because it made me realise how little similarity there is between these women and yet they were all united in expressing themselves on paper :) I’m going to try and draw some more women soon- maybe political activists or athletes…

I know this is only a very small selection of female writers- who would be on your list and why?

Inspired by floopersMakiPana Werewolf AU

Possessive gayther wants attention so nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle smooch hug smooch cuddle snuggle smooch (when no one’s watching ofc); Pana, being the adorable precious rice babeh she is, happily indulges her gf X3333 ok you can’t really tell Maki’s a werewolf here except for slightly slightly pointed ears and sharp nails

Bonus: when they’re really alone…

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