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I Need a exotic creature grocery shopping list to make a maguffin potion. But Im new to dnd and don't know alot of creatures. Ideas? There 5 lvl 3

Cockatrice Eggs. [they turn you to stone, pick them up carefully!]

Ozze Jam

Basalik tears

Werewolf spit [human form is acceptable.]

A sad tale

Giant Elk Velvet, from the left horn.

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The entire new Skyfactory episode may as well be lil j becoming a demigod

ha, this is the second ask i got about this! i’ll watch it and make a little list about stuff that might work with the myth au (beware of spoilers for skyfactory ep. 17):

  • Jeremy having a magical flower that turns rock into living rock (definitely sounds like some maguffin he could steal from Gaivn or someone else)
  • idk god michael just appearing in front of Jeremy like ‘sup Jeremy, wh-what’re we conjuring today?’
  • making magic in the forest of mystery
  • cool magical flowers, such as an endoflame that eats coal and shoots out fire and blue magic (maybe these line Hades?)
  • uhhh as an aside Michael and Ryan killing a shit ton of zombies like 9 minutes in thank you team crazy mad good job killing shit also zombie au?
  • blood magic versus the botanical nature magic
    • botanical nature magic having runes such as water, earth, fire, but also lust, greed, gluttony, and other sins. hardcore.
  • a rod of the seas sounds like a pretty cool weapon and also something that Hercules!Jeremy would probably need to steal
    • Jeremy, holding said rod of the seas: ‘I am a god’
    • and flooding fucking everything
    • cue a disappointed sigh from jack, actual god of the seas. ‘Jeremy…’
  • Michael about all other deities: ‘Most of them aren’t great. They’re mostly assholes.’
  • Jack’s garden cloche that can grow whatever you want also seems like a good idea. i had him as god of the sea because there’s no god of earth vegetation really? just Demeter who is more harvested crops than anything.
    • Jack: ‘I can grow whatever the fuck you want’ 
  • Jeremy getting weirded out when Jack and Gavin start sweet talking each other (that’s his man, back off)
  • Solar Queen Gavin - or rather, Gavin is constantly curious about the human realm and the sun because he’s never around it, so he tries to emulate it with constant fires and vegetation around his palace so it looks like the outside human realm.
  • Ryan, tired that some deity or half deity or whatever is invading his home in the middle of the night for no fucking reason yet again: “Time to kill a god. Get off my fucking thing!”

CHIM, Morrowind, and TES as a Whole: The Greatest Fantasy RPG Meta-Joke of All Time

I’ve noticed that even among a lot of Elder Scrolls fans, they don’t get why so many Morrowind fans are “obsessed” with “this whole CHIM thing.”

For those who don’t know, CHIM, as it’s presented in Morrowind, basically amounts to a developer in-joke - the reason ALMSIVI is the god-head of Morrowind is because the Heart of Lorkhan gave Vivec, Almalexia and Sotha Sil the awareness that they are in fact in a game. And they then basically learned how to turn all the cheat-codes on. That’s why things like the Levitate Spell pretty much work exactly like toggling collision off - magic spells in Morrowind, especially those derived from ALMSIVI, are legal, in-game cheat codes.

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There is something strange to me...

…about the Supernatural fandom members who obsess over the actors who play minor characters in the show, but not the main cast. They weren’t fans of these actors outside of Supernatural, but became “huge fans” because of Supernatural. I don’t get it. Honestly, I’ve begun to get the impression that these people are such insecure nutters (I know them in RL, this is not a tumblr-based judgment) that it’s that they’re settling for the “nerdy” ones like they’ve got a better chance of getting validation from a small-time actor than a lead (or even a regular) on the show. That, and in one case, a determined lifestyle choice to be as contrarian as possible and then wonder why you’re not wildly popular. I’ll be honest, I don’t care for Osric Chau. I think he’s about 100x too nerdy for me. I also hated the character of Kevin, and I’ve never seen him in anything else, so that’s probably coloring it. I don’t get the obsession over Jake Abel, either, but then this woman is obsessed with the Adam “storyline” (worst deus ex machina ever perpetrated on a show that has given us several and a whole slew of maguffins). I’m not afraid to be controversial, so I’m just gonna say it: every stupid and/or poorly educated SPN fan I’ve ever met seems to prefer other characters over Sam & Dean. The dumber they are, the more minor the character they “love”. I just can’t figure out if it’s some sort of weird aversion to the “popular kids” (ie J2/Sam & Dean) that’s a hangover from their youths or if they’re legitimately so stupid they don’t understand WHY the Adam storyline (for example) sucked hairy monkey balls. I tried to explain (much more politely, I promise) and all I got for my trouble as a third party telling me to not “devalue” an opinion (honeybunch, stupid opinions don’t have any value, you can’t devalue from zero) and the original person I was addressing saying some BS about “deeply personal reasons” and “identifying with Adam” (who was in TWO EPISODES for about 10 minutes total, at most). How the hell do you proudly deeply identify with ghoul-food and a total dickbag?


What is a MacGuffin?

Want more? Check out what Wikipedia has to say on the subject.

Okay but the ladies of Star Trek Beyond tho
  • Uhura, being her bad ass competent self and figuring out what’s happening while a prisoner, plus being the one to unravel the final mystery.
  • Jayla, who gets to be both a warrior and an engineer, brave and intelligent and afraid all at once.
  • Ensign Syl, who despite surrendering the maguffin to the big bad is still painted as heroic and kind instead of cowardly.
  • Commodore Paris, an obviously older (and not white) woman in charge of the most advanced Starfleet outpost.

No, these weren’t all huge parts, but to see 4 completely different women on screen (and the two humans were also woc, and one other actress though she was covered in spfx) who were more than just one or two basic traits, who were given names regardless of the number of lines they had, who were contradictory like real people and all full of their own goals and needs was such a joy to watch.

And not a single damned love interest in the fucking bunch because there were more important things to do.

“Firebird” Spec

In the ever futile attempt to guess just what this show will do I will weigh in. Obviously this is full of spoilers. 

My first inclination is to say that Rumple and Pan are impersonating Zelena and Hades. Getting Zelena back that quickly seems really odd since she just got kidnapped. Also in the next ep Regina and Robin are going to take someone down. Who but Rumple/Pan because they have Zelena? Oh right it could be Cruella… It’s also not unlike this show to do things at breakneck speed and if they are being played by the Stilskin Family we likely won’t know about it until the end of the episode. 

The trip down to the “most dangerous place in Hell” is 100% in order for Hook to return to the land of living and possibly to free the souls from the River of Lost Souls (though I think that will be a by product not the purpose of the mission). So far the only two ways we know for a dead person to come back is if they change places with a living soul (the Dark Ones plan and Pan’s plan) or Henry writes them alive. There is likely a third option and that’s the one Hook and Emma are going for. IF that’s not really Hades/Zelena then this could be the Stilskins tricking Captain Swan into doing their dirty work and hoping to use the solution they come back with for Pan (see S1 Emma getting shafted in the elevator by Gold). 

I see this quest as testing multiple things and taking place in multiple places. From spoilers/promo we know that they will be in the broken tree area (maybe the firebirds tree?idk), the temple of True Loves scales, and the CGI dock of River of Lost Souls. The purpose of the tests is probably to prove that Hook is worth saving though I don’t know if that will be explicitly stated or if it will be a hunt for a macguffin that happens to prove them. 

The big True Love moment isn’t going to be a kiss. I think it’s going to be Emma letting Hook go in some fashion. That the first attempt through the doors won’t work but the second attempt will. The flashback will show us Emma connecting with Cleo only to have her die. Emma will realize that she can’t let people into her life because she doesn’t know how to say goodbye or let them go and it’s too painful. 

I think that whatever magical maguffin they retrieve and plan to use on Hook instead gets used on the River of Lost Souls. In that way Emma will save everyone at the expense of Killian. A sacrifice I think he would make willingly but one that Emma will agonize over. 

Emma saved Killian in a selfish act. She didn’t do it for him she did it for herself. Arguably she is down in the Underworld for the same reason. But the thing is that bit of selfishness probably disqualifies her for “true love” with Killian. Because “true love” puts the needs of your partner before your needs. It’s only when Emma does what is best for Killian and not for herself that the true love gate will open up. 

This episode is a Captain Swan adventure but like most of their adventures it’s primarily about Emma learning something. In Tallahassee she discovered and rejected the potential that Hook presented. In the CS Movie she learned that she did belong in fairytales and that her family and Storybrooke were her home. In this one she will learn to let go and accept that pain is a part of love and you can’t have one and avoid the other. 

Then when they emerge victorious from the quagmire something shocking will happen (because it’s the end of the season). And my money is still on the Stilskins but it could also be Hades finally showing his true colors.