Yes, I play WoW.

I know i have a tendency toward newsie stories, but i thought i’d let the tumblrverse know. I’ve opened up a guild on Magtheridon-US (PvP) that is designed to be a safe space and LGBTQ friendly. I’ve set down some policies and rules that result in a ban, no warnings.

Although we are trying to keep things friendly and casual there are a few rules/policies that need to be set down.

Dynasty is LGBTQ friendly. This means that bigoted actions/comments will illicit a swift response, most likely being your removal for the guild. You have been warned.

Do not assume someone’s gender. Even if they sound like a man/woman on vent, this does not indicate how they identify. Please use either their name or the gender neutral “they” unless/until they indicate a pronoun preference (he/she).

Do not out someone without their permission. This means if you are aware of someone’s gender/orientation YOU should not be telling anyone. If someone wants people to know, they will do it when they are ready to.

Rape is NEVER an appropriate topic of discussion. Using the word out of context will result in disciplinary action up to and including your removal from the guild.

Violation of any of these policies will result in the liberal use of the BANHAMMER.

If the Guildmaster or officers are offline, if you find a member violating any of these policies, please take a screen-shot of the chat-log and bring it to our attention.

Here is the guild site if anyone is interested. It’s just me at the moment, but i thought i’d let people know that it exsists.

I can most often found on my Characters Consterne, Adelan, and Thaghlinn.

Gotten 3/5 pieces of my malorne set back so far. Me and my dk friend soloed Kara and Mags to get them. :D Now I just gotta do gruuls.

We soloed Mags easy enough though it took a while because I went resto. I hadn’t really needed to in the end because the dk was basically taken no damage.

I’m not sure if we can two-man gruuls though.. The first bunch of bosses can be annoying.