CapitolTV has released a second set of Victory Tour posters from their archives, and we at Capitol Couture are in agreement; they couldn’t be any more beautiful. It’s fair to say that few of us living in Panem today have ever laid eyes on these rare and precious artifacts, with them having been sealed in the Capitol vaults for over 60 years.

Mags Flanagan, immortalized here as a young woman, looks as fierce and tenacious as ever. Her triumphant win in the 11th Hunger Games made her a household name and Panem’s sweetheart for years to come. It’s incredible to think this stoic girl is the same woman that smiled so warmly and fought so valiantly alongside Katniss Everdeen in the 75th Hunger Games.

Fashioning olive fatigues, Mags’ vintage look feels surprisingly on-trend with the current wave of militia attire. This, paired with minimal makeup, makes Mags look devastatingly elegant and timeless. Could Mags have been an overlooked style icon? Capitol Couture thinks so.

As fabulous and eye-catching as this heroic imagery is, and while Mags returned to the Games during the most recent Quarter Quell, these iconic Victory Tour posters remained under lock and key until now… perhaps saving them for greater impact when the message was needed most by The Capitol Gamemakers? Only time will tell.

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You need a shower.” He said slowly, once he’d picked up on the fact that Magnus wasn’t even sleeping anymore. That he was probably just fighting the inevitable hangover headache and keeping the sun out with his closed eyes. He’d debated untangling himself from underneath Magnus so he could close the blinds but was too selfish to leave his side. “Or a bath. They’re quieter.” Alec had never had the unique pleasure of being hungover but he was aware of certain symptoms: headache, nausea, irritability, drowsiness, poor coordination. 


After their night together, Alec was a fool to think life would grant him any more reprieves. The following morning he’d been whisked away for authorizations, interviews, and settling arguments between Downworlders, his Shadowhunters, and the both of them against each other. It’d been a few days since he’d returned to his bedroom let alone seen Magnus. Knowing better than to rely on wakefulness runes with Jace and his boyfriend having gotten on his back about them, he crashed when he could wherever he could. Izzy’s room while they talked. The computer room. At his desk in his office. 

Finally having some time for himself, he wandered around until he found Magnus. Keeping his distance so Magnus wouldn’t see the bags under his eyes initially, Alec crossed his arms and leaned against the door jam with a soft smile. 

“Tell me what you want to eat and I’ll try to make it.” It was around dinner time and he figured the other hadn’t bothered to maintain a healthy dietary schedule especially since it’d been so hard to get him to eat an apple when they were last together.