magpul carbine

Just wasn’t digging the Magpul M-Lok covers, so those are gone except for a couple on the bottom in the event I rest the rifle there in a barricade or something. I also noticed that UTG put out some sights that didn’t quite look like your average hokey Chinese BUIS - like maybe they put some thought and effort into them. They just showed up today and initial impressions are pretty positive. More on that in later posts.

Bam, that Aero precision mount. Blaster just lost 6 ounces! The Burris PEPR mount is a good bargain, but it’s just too heavy. It also set the optic ever so slightly off center from the bore, which I found annoying, but not a big deal. As pictured, 8lbs, 4oz with that chubby barrel behind the front sight and the SWFA 1-4x coming in at like 17ounces - 1lb, 4oz optic and mount combined weight. Other than the 1″ tube Mark AR line from Leupold, this is one of the lightest 1-4x combos that I am aware of.