magpie doodles

Getting better! I’ve spent the week trying to remember how to draw things that aren’t comics about fuzzy critters. Trying to force detailed drawings out was just frustrating me to death and as soon as I’m frustrated my attention span goes out the window. I finally just went back to square one and started doing thumbnail sketches of complex drawings I’d like to do and then stopping there. First, now I have guidelines to work from, so that was kind of smart. Second, it built up my confidence, so over the week I’ve been able to sit still and spend more and more time sketching until finally - yay! I sat still for a couple of hours last night and sketched this out.

Oh gods I love Cloud and Zack and their adorable friendship. <3

Happy New Year! As per tradition, I started this in 2014 and finished it in 2015. I try to do the art-what-spans-two-years all in one sitting, so they’re always kind of sketchy in their own way.

I also often try to make them meaningful but this year I couldn’t come up with much. It’s not the first year I’ve just opted to draw something pretty instead of symbolic, and I suppose it does still have some meaning. I spent a great deal of time learning about Pripyat (again) and the ISS (for the first time properly) this year. I actually had this image in my head when I saw that both Reid Wiseman and Alexander Gerst had photographed Pripyat and Chernobyl from orbit and mentioned in tweets how much the news of that accident affected them when they were younger. There’s something extra sad and lonely about the idea of that empty city being gazed down upon from the vastness of space.

And then I set the stage in winter because hell, I’m Canadian.

At any rate, there’s my annual contribution. 

And all I have to say about 2015 is, well… Let’s just… try this again. Yeah.

fridjitzu  asked:

I've seen you draw Homestucks in the past - could we see Wayward Vagabond in #12? :D

After getting back to normal following my typical busy summer/autumn (such is the way when one works in the back rooms of a university), I’m trying to go through some of the requests I had in my inbox from back when I was doing the color palette challenge. =D

I never got terribly far in Homestuck (I enjoyed it, but I just got distracted by something else that was shiny and stumbled away, as I am prone to doing… but I’d love to pick it up again and finish reading it) but a Wayward Vagabond I can do! Here ya go. =D


Another head doodle from an idle moment. Sollux is not my favorite character from Homestuck (er, and I’ve only read maybe a third of that monstrosity, so heck if I know anymore), but he does have a very nice design. It’s that face shape. It’s a fun face shape.

I don’t think I referenced much while drawing this one (it was a while ago) so… possibly errors. Ehn. It’s just a doodle.

That took forever! Although it probably shouldn’t have. Those who have been following me for a good long time know that I have a tradition every year, where I do a piece of artwork that spans two years. I start it just before New Year’s, and ideally I finish it right after midnight in the next year.

Uhhhhhh, alas, this year it’s March, which is quite a while after midnight. >> But this is indeed the drawing I started last year! Whoops. All told it was probably six to eight hours of pushing a pencil around. Not very long, and most of it was done in one sitting, but this year things have been so topsy turvy that I took a very long time to be able to sit still for it.

I decided towards the end of last year that I was going to challenge myself to doing a pencil portrait. It’s based on a photograph of my wonderful boyfriend, @timmcosplay, that I took during one of our walks while I was visiting him last December. I admit, it also took me a while because capturing a likeness is nerve-wracking as can be and I was scared to try and finish in case I screwed it up, but I’m actually pretty proud of how this one turned out! It looks better in real life, but this is a decent capture from my cheap scanner. :3

Love this guy. <3 Love this guy so much. I try to pick a subject for my New Year’s picture that’s meaningful to either the past year or the future one, and he fits for both. He picked me up and got me back on my feet last year, and the future is bright for the both of us. <3 Eee.

zoe1718 asked me via AIM to do that color scheme challenge that’s been going around the art communities, and she asked for Jamet and number 17. Bonus: one of his best buds is in there too.

My most popular characters (judging by community interest) are the ones who haven’t even shown up in Prophecy of the Circle yet. Man. =P

I’d be willing to maaaaaybe try to do more of these. Shoot me a request and if I’ve got the time, I’ll give it a shot. =P


Messing around with pencils (since… like… December?) trying to copy a photograph without tracing a bloody thing. Trust me, that’s a heckuva challenge, especially since I’m so used to just drawing straight from my head. And of course I pick Yuri Gagarin for my subject matter.

S’close? Not perfect by a long shot, but close. Better job next time.

I’m still putting this one on my wall.