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Your post about "Norse heathens" absolutely disgusts me. I can't believe you would say things like that. Those "points" you made were completely unfounded lies and bullshit.

Allow me to help your easily disgusted spirit then, my weak-willed anon.

  • Thor was born Odin and Jord, the personification of the Earth.
  • Magni was born of Thor and Jarnsaxa, a Jotunn.
  • Vali was born of Odin and Rindr, a Jotunn.
  • Vidarr was born of Odin and Gridr, a Jotunn.
  • The Nine Daughters of Aegir were born of Ran (Vanr) and Aegir (Jotunn)
  • Heimdallr, an Aesir, was born of Nine Mothers, all Jotunn.
  • Kvasir was born of a mixture of Aesir and Vanir saliva.
  • Hnoss and Gersemi were born of Freyja, a Vanr, and Odr, who is possibly Odin.
  • While not certain, Freyr is possibly born of Njordr, a Vanr, and Skadi, a Jotunn. It is also possible that he was born along with his twin sister from Njordr’s unnamed sister. Pick your poison.

As well, outside of children, there are two notable cases I could (easily) find of interracial marriage from the gods.

  • Freyr, an Asynjur, married Gerdr, a Jotunn. And this wasn’t a marriage made through a deal, it’s actually attested that Freyr fell lovesick the moment he saw Gerdr’s “shimmering beauty.”
  • Sigyn, also an Asynjur, married Loki, a Jotunn. Sigyn is the one who holds a basin over Loki.

As for trans/homophobia, you don’t need to look far to see Odin learning magic typically reserved for women or Thor crossdressing, or the before-mentioned incident of Loki giving birth to Sleipnir.

All of the above can be confirmed by simply reading the sagas and eddas. Onto democracy in pre-Christian Viking society.

It’s well-known that Vikings held regular assemblies, called Things. Things were held to decide political matters, elect chieftans or kings, and, mainly, to stop feuds and social disorder from growing too large. While Things were largely influenced by the more powerful members of the community, one-man one-vote was the rule. Even when Scandinavia was eventually united under a king, Things were still held and the people were the power. The best example of this was a speech given by the famous Lawspeaker Torgny. I could cut out the important parts, but the speech is so good that it’d be a disgrace to not quote the whole thing.

Then Thorgny stood up; and when he arose all the bondes stood up who had before been sitting, and rushed together from all parts to listen to what Lagman Thorgny would say. At first there was a great din of people and weapons; but when the noise was settled into silent listening, Thorgny made his speech.

The disposition of Swedish kings is different now from what it has been formerly. My grandfather Thorgny could well remember the Upsala king Eirik Eymundson, and used to say of him that when he was in his best years he went out every summer on expeditions to different countries, and conquered for himself Finland, Kirjalaland, Courland, Esthonia, and the eastern countries all around; and at the present day the earth-bulwarks, ramparts, and other great works which he made are to be seen. And, more over, he was not so proud that he would not listen to people who had anything to say to him. My father, again, was a long time with King Bjorn, and was well acquainted with his ways and manners. In Bjorn’s lifetime his kingdom stood in great power, and no kind of want was felt, and he was gay and sociable with his friends. I also remember King Eirik the Victorious, and was with him on many a war-expedition. He enlarged the Swedish dominion, and defended it manfully; and it was also easy and agreeable to communicate our opinions to him. But the king we have now got allows no man to presume to talk with him, unless it be what he desires to hear. On this alone he applies all his power, while he allows his scat-lands in other countries to go from him through laziness and weakness. He wants to have the Norway kingdom laid under him, which no Swedish king before him ever desired, and therewith brings war and distress on many a man. Now it is our will, we bondes, that thou King Olaf make peace with the Norway king, Olaf the Thick, and marry thy daughter Ingegerd to him. Wilt thou, however, reconquer the kingdoms in the east countries which thy relations and forefathers had there, we will all for that purpose follow thee to the war. But if thou wilt not do as we desire, we will now attack thee, and put thee to death; for we will no longer suffer law and peace to be disturbed. So our forefathers went to work when they drowned five kings in a morass at the Mula-thing, and they were filled with the same insupportable pride thou hast shown towards us. Now tell us, in all haste, what resolution thou wilt take.

Then the whole public approved, with clash of arms and shouts, the lagman’s speech.

And there is some foundation to my claims. I hope you’re now a little less queasy and little more educated.

The latest Legion comic is all about Anduin! Check out Anduin: Son of the Wolf, written by Robert Brooks and illustrated by Nesskain. But if you’re avoiding spoilers for Legion, this is one you’ll want to skip (at least for now).

If you haven’t been keeping up, check out the rest of the comics leading in to Legion:

“In honour of King Magni’s imminent return to the realm of the non-petrified living, I had to take this opportunity for a few last shots with the Magnisicle,” writes submitter Braufrau of Evolution on Moon Guard (US-A). “Disrespectful? Probably. Still funny? Oh, I think so.”

And, hey, if you want to send us your screenshots to share, email us at!

The Umbrella Zalia had conjured up wasn’t standing the wind or the rain and she needed to find a shelter quick. Spotting one of the old cottage-style sheds, she bolted for the door. She had lost Magni earlier during their picnic when the storm started and they began running. “Damn weather,” she said throwing the umbrella to the side, freezing when she was a dark silhouette in the shed with her. She took a defensive stand her hands lighting with magic, only to finally see it was Magni, the flickering of her magic dancing off his face. “You’re wet,” she noticed stupidly, really ashamed of taking a stance against her love.

Urijah Faber vs. Jimmie Rivera added to UFC 203

A battle between a grizzled veteran and a hyped prospect will go down at bantamweight at UFC 203.

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