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Sherlock’s Perfume Deduction

When Sherlock smells the buglar’s perfume (aka Mary) in His Last Vow, he needs four tries before getting the perfume right.

Is it a sign Sherlock will make 4 mistakes before figuring out Mary or Moriarty’s plan?

Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to do some research on the perfume deduction :)

Sherlock lists 4 perfumes/brands before finding Claire-de-la-Lune: Versace, N°5, Prada, Dior.

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A Scandal At Appledore - "But look how you care for Irene Adler..."

Author’s Note: Irene Adler is one of Sherlock Holmes’ pressure points. So, how would the scene in His Last Vow have played out if pressure had been applied to it? This is an alternative scene at Appledore featuring the Woman.


“You’ve worked very hard, Mr. Holmes. I applaud you. But despite all the effort you’re still so tediously obvious.” Magnussen’s sighing drawl was like cold breath on the back of Sherlock’s neck.

“Obvious?” Sherlock kept his voice casual, though he longed to slap the smirk off Magnussen’s thin face..

“Yes, well,” Magnussen spread his arms out on the lounge and pressed a button. A screen appeared behind Sherlock and John, “Opium and John Watson are two pressure points of yours for sure, Mr. Holmes. But I find the most useful pressure points, the most effective, are the ones that people try to hide.” Magnussen sneered as the screen flickered to life and Sherlock felt his heart drop into his stomach.

Irene Adler’s execution in Karachi played before their eyes in shaky, pixilated vision. Though, the picture quality wasn’t poor enough to hide her less than subtle escape from her death and, to Sherlock’s horror, the clear identity of her savior.

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Yes, the literal infant.

Sherlock is John’s “baby” in BBC canon, First explicitly stated at the end of TSoT and then in the Stephen Colbert clip with John, Sherlock, and Greg about John being a daddy.

No. She will not shoot Sherlock in S4. She’s done that. Didn’t work. Sort of did. Mary will poison Sherlock this time, and stab John (dishonorably discharged Colonel Moran will stab 3 soldiers = Bainbridge, Sholto, Watson).

Psycho Mary shooting Sherlock is merely foreshadowing that she will shoot a literal infant, Rosamund Mary Watson.

Plot Device Watson may or may not be stillborn, since she is named after not 1 but 2 stillborn babies – the REAL Mary Morstan buried in Chiswick Cemetery since October 1972 and RW-Rachel Wilson, Jennifer Wilson’s stillborn daughter in ASiP.

Plot Device Watson may or may not be John’s biological daughter since Mary is cheating on her husband with her ex David and more likely with Charles Augustus Magnussen. “You should put that on a T-shirt.” Remember the 2 characters who love bullshitting John with this line.

Plot Device Watson may or may not be AGRA’s daughter at all, since Rosamund Marriott Watson = poetry, Rosamund Mary Watson = poetry, baby = poetry, poetry =/= truth, baby =/= truth.

But they will show us a baby in S4 regardless of parentage.

Mary will shoot this baby.

Mary bakes her own bread. A bread in the oven means a baby in the womb. But Psychopath will not shoot the bread while it is still inside the oven, but once it is outside.

Now you may argue that this means she’s going to shoot Baker Street, i.e., Sherlock or John or Mrs. Hudson. After all, she is the 4th assassin stalking them in TRF who had “moved within spitting distance of 221B” as Mycroft so eloquently put it. She has killed every single hit man who saved Sherlock’s life when he was on the run from Scotland Yard. She is also the sniper who had her laser sight on Sherlock.

But if she’s going to shoot into Baker Street, why did The Abominable Bride not target people or well, the street? What she specifically fired into – and it was zoomed in via cinematography – was the bread itself getting shot.

Excuse me? Did you say Murderer Monster Mary Morstan is NOT the Abominable Bride? Because that sure looks like a familiar wedding gown style and color. As if it reminds you of a wedding gown in TSoT.

Here is the Episode Title Card where Mary combines her assassin outfit in HLV where she kills Sherlock and her wedding gown.

I didn’t type in the title. The BBC really flashes and enlarges within 2 seconds the all caps title THE ABOMINABLE BRIDE right on Mary as Sherlock literally sheds light on her by drawing the curtain.

But “No!” you say. “Sherlock deduced that Mary is a guardian. Whatever she may have done, she would never hurt a child! Especially her own! Mothers always want the best for their child! No mother wants her child to come to harm! Women have a natural protective maternal instinct.”

Tell that to the Hansel & Gretel kids who were abducted, poisoned, starved, and psychologically hijacked when Mary AGRA Moran sent Sherlock this.

Tell that to the little kid who was blindfolded and sense-deprived and forced to count down to his own death in TGG fake Dutch painting scene.

Tell that to the children in the block of flats that were blown up when the blind old lady started describing Moriarty’s voice. Moriarty doesn’t get his hands dirty in both ACD and BBC. Mary AGRA Moran his personal dark John Watson is doing his dirty work.

Oh look another bread. Wonder who baked this, hmm… And since Mary is in her trademark red flaming coat, was lurking by the fireplace in TAB, Moriarty threatened to burn Sherlock, every single villain in the entire show using fire or explosives, wonder who sent Sherlock and John a “burnt to a crisp” gingerbread man.

All of them have said S4 will be much darker. Everyone will be pushed to their limits. If they’ve done abduction, poisoning, starvation, sense-deprivation, and traumatizing children in multiple instances; murdering another child off-screen Carl Powers; blowing up a blind old lady and the rest of the people in her block of flats; Magnussen blackmailing and licking a woman’s face on-screen, flicking his secretary’s face off-screen and forcing her to keep her eyes open, and sexually assaulting a drugged Sherlock in his hospital room; Janine tampering with a bullet-injured Sherlock’s morphine drip in his hospital room; Mary threatening a drugged Sherlock in his hospital room; Mary on the verge of laughing when she forced Sherlock to bend to pick up the coin because he’s still bleeding from the bullet wound she inflicted on him; Mary Morstan will not think twice of using that baby for leverage. Even if it is John’s daughter. Especially if it is John’s daughter.

She exists on the show purely to hurt Sherlock. She is not there to make heart eyes at John or win his love. She is aggressively asshole-y to John. She makes sure she gets to keep John because that is what would hurt Sherlock the most. She said so herself: She’s going to lose John but she will not let that happen. Gee, I wonder what lengths she will go to.

okay but can we just talk about how freaky magnussen was though

like licking that ladies face and then coming to baker street and pissing in the fireplace and dropping the tissue on the ground before leaving and thEN WHEN HE WAS JUST STANDING THERE FLICKING JOHN AND LIKE HE’S NOT HURTING HIM OR ANYTHING BUT JUST USING HIS KNOWLEDGE TO MANIPULATE AND HUMILIATE HIM LIKE IT WAS FUCKING TERRIFYING

"His Last Vow" AKA "Moffat is the reason I have trust issues"

Magnussen licking the woman’s face

John spraining the guy’s arm like it was no big deal

Sherlock in the drug den

Molly slapping Sherlock

Sherlock got rid of John’s chair

Janine walking out of Sherlock’s bedroom 

Magnussen peeing in the fireplace

Mary shooting Sherlock

Molly was in Sherlock’s mind palace and helped save him

Sherlock fights death when he realizes John is in danger

Christmas with the Holmes


John throwing “Mary’s” info into the fire

Sherlock drugged everyone’s drinks

Magnussen’s info is all in his head

Magnussen flicking John

Sherlock shooting Magnussen

Johnlock last conversation

Moriarty is back

on hiatus….