izzy looks around for alec once the party starts dying down, but no one had seen him for a while. she begins to worry, his screams and agony from earlier an echo in her mind, but then maia approaches her.

“you’re looking for alec, right?“

“yeah, have you seen him?“ izzy asks, relieved, and worry untangling itself as maia smirks knowingly.

“he went outside with magnus a while ago, i haven’t seen him since.“

izzy grins and thanks her, watching as maia’s eyes catch on something behind izzy and she leaves her standing at the bar. wanting to still check in, izzy sends a short text to alec.

i’m assuming you’re not gonna be coming to the institute tonight.

it’s a while later, her makeup already off and her heels on the floor when she gets a response.

no, i’ll be home.

magnus and alec being soft boyfriends™:

for @magswoods 

  • alec is the softest soft to ever soft with magnus 
  • whenever magnus is even remotely sick alec will be there in a heartbeat to take care of him 
  • like remember when he cleaned magnus’ couch and picked up all the books that had fallen to the floor in ep 6? that’s alec in a nutshell 
  • he’ll take every opportunity he can to cook for magnus or bring breakfast to the bed for him while magnus will be looking at him fondly and whispers “thank you, alexander" 
  • magnus loves to stroke and play with alec’s hair all the goddamn time 
  • this usually makes alec melt like a one big marshmallow and cuddle closer to magnus’ warm embrace 
  • speaking of cuddling they love to do it especially after a long and tiring day 
  • alec on top of magnus’ chest, snoring softly together and breathing each other in 
  • or maybe spooning one another on the couch just because while watching some old movie magnus picked for them 
  • nuzzling behind the other’s ear and pressing sweet little kisses to their neck 
  • magnus’ use of petnames is endless: going from baby to sweetheart to pumpkin, magnus has got them all 
  • his favorite of course remains the simple and familiar ‘alexander' 
  • but alec has a few for magnus as well 
  • he might not have many but magnus’ heart bursts out of his chest every time alec casually calls out a “babe! come look at this” from the balcony or a more intimate “i’m so glad to have you, love" 
  • nose kisses!!!! 
  • alec loves to kiss magnus’ nose just to see the way it scrunches up cutely 
  • magnus might flick alec’s nose just to see his eyes go all crossed, trying to follow the movement of his fingertip 
  • rubbing their noses together while cuddling on magnus’ golden sheets, whispering soft love declarations to each other 
  • casually saying ‘i love you’ at any given domestic opportunity 
  • alec has a habit of doing this every time he leaves and especially after a fight he has to do it bc he’s still afraid of something bad happening and if "i love you” isn’t the last thing he’s said to magnus he can’t deal with himself 
  • magnus doing the exact same thing, kissing him hello and goodbye as often as he can while whispering a soft “i love you, alexander” when either of them has to go to work 
  • sleepy!malec is a thing that happens quite often
  • droopy eyelids and warm hands all over, soft kisses being exchanged between them as they calmly lay their head in the other’s chest/lap
  • alec making coffee in nothing but his boxer briefs, rubbing his tired eyes as magnus comes up behind him to nuzzle in his neck
  • they love to play with each other’s fingers/hands
  • alec especially loves to play with magnus’ rings, while magnus gently rubs alec’s hand with his free thumb
  • they also like to hold hands as much as possible: wherever they go, whatever they are doing, you better know that they’re holding hands while doing it
  • in conclusion: magnus and alec are the softest boyfriends and they love each other v v much

“Name one leader who was happy.“

Magnus’ words break the silence surrounding them and Alec glances up at him with a quizzical look on his face.

They are sitting on opposite sides of the coffee table in Magnus’ living room. Alec hasn’t seen him since Magnus walked away from him at the Institute three days ago.

It’s been a busy couple days, trying to catch both Valentine and Jonathan before they destroy the world, but despite that, Alec had immediately made his way to the loft, when Magnus texted him to come see him.

“You can’t,” Magnus says, almost daring Alec to try.

So he does.

He tries to think of someone he knows to be a great leader, someone who’s happy. But all he finds is heartbreak and sadness. He thinks of Luke, a well-respected pack leader, who’s lost not only his old life but also his long time partner. He thinks of his parents, of their messed up marriage, of all the lies their entire family has been built on. He thinks of Lydia, who was so close to having both, when the love of her life was killed.

He looks at Magnus and thinks of how much grief and betrayal he’s gone through in his long life, and he has to swallow the lump in his throat before answering.

“I can’t.”

“I know. They never let you be successful AND happy.” Magnus stares off into the distance for a moment before looking back at Alec. His eyes are sad, but there’s something else in them as well.

Before Alec can figure out what it is, however, Magnus is out of his seat, legs carrying him slowly around the table and towards Alec.

“I’ll tell you a secret,” Magnus says, kneeling in front of him.

Alec almost stops breathing. The fact that Magnus is so close to him after so long makes him overwhelmed and dizzy, and it’s very clear in his voice when he speaks, words shaky and whisper quiet. “Tell me.”

“I’m going to be the first.” Magnus takes Alec’s hand in his, looking into his eyes with a determination Alec has never seen on his face before. “Swear it.”

“Why me?”

“Because you’re the reason. Because you are going to be the first one along with me.”

Magnus squeezes Alec’s hand, and suddenly the emotion in Magnus’ eyes that Alec couldn’t pinpoint before becomes clear. Hope. Magnus has hope, he has faith in them, in their future together, and he’s asking for Alec to do the same.

“Swear it,” he repeats.

Alec doesn’t hesitate; he looks Magnus directly in the eyes, feeling the same determination he saw before. “I swear it.”

“I swear it,” Magnus echoes, a small smile tugging at his lips.

He reaches up to rest his hand against Alec’s neck, thumb slowly caressing his cheek, and Alec can help but smile too.

They’re okay. They’re going to be okay.

edit: i’m gonna put the disclaimer here and i hope people will see it, but the dialogue is mostly taken from ‘a song of achilles’ just a psa i guess

“Hey, does this look good?” Alec asks, voice getting louder as he shuffles into the living room, his dress shoes making small noises on the wooden floor.

For the past fifteen minutes, Magnus has been comfortably sat on the couch, waiting for Alec to finish getitng ready so they can leave for their date night. What’s strange is that his boyfriend has been unusually secretive about his outfit, immediately piquing Magnus’ interest. He turns quickly, one arm swinging over the backrest of the coach and all playful words die on his tongue.

Alec looks exquisite, even in the artificial lighting of the loft. He’s wearing a diamond-patterned dress shirt paired with dark pants and matching accesories - the fabric hugs his arms and chest, stretching with every movement of his hands as he buttons up the very top. 

Magnus swallows, his throat suddenly dry and nods in lieu of a real answer, eyebrows stuck near his hairline. He’s not that hungry for seafood anymore, he’d rather devour Alec, a five-course meal standing right before Magnus’ eyes. He smiles, thumb pressed against his lower lip and Alec picks up on the well-known tension between them, his mouth curving into a pleased grin, bold and comfortable. 

“Who do I need to thank for this outfit?” Magnus hums appreciatively as he stands, crowds against Alec to brush his palms down those broad shoulders hidden under a thin layer of expensive silk. Beneath the desire, beneath all of the fondness Magnus feels for this man, there is pride that Alec feels he can be himself, uninhibited, out in the open like this. 

“I may have gotten inspired by my fashionable, magical boyfriend.” Comes Alec’s nonchalant answer and it makes Magnus chuckle. He steps forward, guiding Alec back towards the wall nearby. 

“He won’t be able to keep his hands off of you, I’m sure.” 

When Alec’s back hits the wall, he gives a little gasp, his eyes twinkling with something mischevious; he knows exactly what he’s doing. Magnus kisses him, hard and like he’s falling, like it’s the last thing he’ll do in his life. It pulls a different kind of noise from Alec’s chest, as their mouths shift together, bodies like magnets until there’s no space left between them.

When they part moments later, both breathless, Alec doesn’t look so smug anymore when he speaks, hands pressed against Magnus’ chest. “Aren’t we going to be late?”

Magnus shakes his head. 

“Who cares?” 


for @blushyalec (happy birthday babe ❤️)

alec “heart eyes” lightwood
or, the one where alec lightwood is so in love with magnus bane

  • <p> <b>jace:</b> magnus i need you to take this buzzfeed quiz<p/><b>magnus:</b> sure what is it<p/><b>jace:</b> it tells you what mcdonald's burger you are<p/><b>alec:</b> *mumbles something incoherent from the other side of the room*<p/><b>jace:</b> i'm sorry can you repeat that<p/><b>alec:</b> i said he's a 'big tasty' no need to take a quiz to figure that out<p/></p>

They haven’t sparred ever before, always preferring to fill their free time with other date activities, but when Magnus has swung by and declared Alec needed a break lest he grows roots behind his desk, Alec couldn’t bring himself to say no, didn’t want to say no.

So, while he went ahead to fetch them some weapons from the cache and get changed into more comfortable clothes, he left Magnus to do the same. Even having expected something different than the wonderful dark navy suit, Alec could not help but stare, as he entered the training hall.

Because holy shit, there are very few things hotter than Magnus and one of them is definitely Magnus in workout gear.  

Alec stops dead in his tracks, two staffs in hand, and just takes it all in - the way the faint purple and blue hues flit over Magnus’ body while he shifts lightly on his feet, the way the all-black ensemble clings to his body, showing off his thick thighs and those biceps, muscle straining against skin as Magnus stretches his arms above his head.

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anonymous asked:

Hmmm. How about malec and "can we pretend I didn't just say that?" Thanks!

@magnusbones said: malec + “Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?“

magnus has lived for centuries, has enough memories for lifetimes upon lifetimes, yet few things can compare to a slightly tipsy, sleepy alec cuddled up next to him, his arms around magnus and his face pressed against magnus’ neck.

“this is nice,“ alec mumbles, his words slurred together, and then presses a kiss to magnus’ neck. “you smell nice.“

“thank you, alexander,“ magnus says, breathing out a laugh and feeling alec’s lips stretch into a smile.

“i love it when you call me that. especially when i get called ‘mr. lightwood’ or ‘alec’ at the institute all day.”

“well, unless you want everyone calling you ‘alexander’-“ alec shakes his head rapidly at that,”-then you’ll have to get used to it, you don’t get another name.”

“not true,” alec says, causing magnus to frown down at him. “when we get married they’ll have to call me ‘mr. lightwood-bane’.”

magnus can’t help the way his body freezes at that, and after a beat, alec seems to realize what he said. he lifts himself up so he’s facing magnus, eyes wide and mouth open.

“can we pretend i didn’t just say that?“ alec rushes out. “not because i don’t mean it but we just, we never really, i mean i don’t know if you-“

magnus leans in to kiss him, and alec eagerly kisses back, both of them getting lost in each other’s lips for a few moments.

“when we get married?“ magnus asks quietly, and the blush that colors alec’s cheeks is truly breathtaking.

“yeah, i mean, we haven’t really talked about it, but i want to marry you, someday, if that’s something you want, too.“

“of course it’s something i want, how could i not?“

alec’s smile is bright and unguarded, it’s the smile magnus would do anything for, and he knows his expression mirrors alec’s. 

“i’m still going to propose, properly, with a ring and everything,“ alec says after a few moments, taking magnus’ hand in his.

“not if i beat you to it,“ magnus teases, but it does little to hide how full of light he feels at that moment, how loved he feels. 

he’s going to marry this man one day and that is something not even lifetimes of memories can compare to. 

So, because I love Alec and Magnus so much I thought it would be a great idea to make something to show how much they are appreciated. I present to you The Malec Appreciation Week. It will be a week to celebrate not only the amazing relationship they have together but also them as individuals. The week starts July 31 and, because I want everyone to participate, I decided to split the weeks in two “categories”:  


  • July 31 - Favorite Magnus moment(s).
  • August 1 - Favorite Alec moment(s).
  • August 2 - Favorite Malec moment(s).
  • August 3 - An underappreciated scene.
  • August 4 - A scene that broke your heart.
  • August 5 - A scene that made you smile.
  • August 6 - Free choice; You can do whatever you want!


  • July 31 - A moment from the past.
  • August 1 - A moment from the present.
  • August 2 - A moment from the future.
  • August 3 - Alternative Universe.
  • August 4 - A special date/event.
  • August 5 - A first time (i.e.: first time at the beach or first time eating a different food. Just about doing anything for the first time.)
  • August 6 - Free choice; You can do whatever you want!

*Doesn’t necessarily have to be about Malec as a couple. You can write/draw about Alec’s or Magnus’ relationship/dynamics with the other characters or as individuals if you want to.

If you decide to part of this appreciation week, tag your posts with #malecappreciationweek so I can see/reblog them. Also quick shout out to @maghnvsbane and @softshumjr for helping me get this sorted out. Feel free to come to my ask if you have any questions! Have fun!