magnus scheving

Lazytown Characters As Stuff I’ve Done

Sportacus: sounded out the onomatopoeia “crunch” because the celery I bit didn’t make the noise on its own

Robbie Rotten: made a fort out of gym mats to get some peace and quiet during PE

Stephanie: spent an entire canoe trip singing a horrendous mixture of opera and hip hop because my friend said those were the worst music genres

Stingy: tracked down my father because I thought he stole two (2) quarters from my money jar (he did not)

Pixel: invited people over only to play Yandere Simulator in silence

Ziggy: ate an entire bag of mini reese’s peanut butter cups to get the energy to go out

Trixie: hid silly bands in the wheel compartments of my heelies to do some black market trading

Mayor Meanswell: spent a good sum of money to see my friend in a play only to find out that they didn’t even make it in and i had duped myself into believing otherwise


Glanni Glaepur: broke one of my fake nails trying to peel off a wrapper and went on to scream “THIS IS DISCRIMINATION”

  • <p> <b>Person:</b> "Why do you hate LaLaLand so much?"<p/><b>Steinunn:</b> "oh no."<p/><b>LT fandom:</b> "oh no."<p/><b>Tumblr:</b> "oh no."<p/><b>Stefan's parents:</b> "oh no."<p/><b>My cat:</b> "oh no."<p/><b>Rufus:</b> "oh no."<p/><b>The World:</b> "oh no."<p/><b>God:</b> "oh no."<p/><b>Magnus:</b> "oh no."<p/><b>Stefan Karl:</b> *pulls out 300 notecards and a 200 slide presentation*<p/><b>Stefan Karl:</b> "weLL I'M GLAD YOU ASKED-"<p/></p>