I could be dramatic and say Shadowhunters has saved my life, but then again that would most probably be a lie. The truth is, I have struggled with depression, self-hatred and other things best left unsaid, but I save myself by overcoming that again and again, each and every day. However, this show has been such an enormous part of that and it breaks my heart to see it come to this.

In Shadowhunters I find strength and hope. In some ways, I even find parts of myself I never knew existed. No other series has ever made as much an impact on me, and no other one has grown so much in my eyes

Shadowhunters has attracted an enormous, international and undoubtedly dedicated fandom of people who have given all of their hearts to it, because Shadowhunters is so much more than monsters or super-hunters, it is about people and the impact they have on each other. And this fandom has done and continues to do so much, because we are not willing to watch it die an early death!

I am a shadowhunter, and this will forever be marked on my skin.

Please, don’t lose hope, we have not lost until we stopped trying. Let’s save Shadowhunters!

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“People are staring.” With Tessa and anyone

“People are staring,” Tessa said.

“Because we look incredible, stop fussing, old lady,” Magnus said.

“I am an old lady, I have grandchildren,” she said.

“You look about twenty. Tonight, you get to be twenty, you don’t think that’s fun?” he said.

He meant well. She knew that he meant well but it wasn’t fun. Tessa was dressed in a layered silk slip weighed down with beads that barely reached her knees. Her hair was cut up off her neck and even though it was just a partial change and she’d have her own hair back by morning, it felt strange to have it tickling her neck like that. The make up and the inappropriate undergarments weren’t helping.

Tessa was pushing sixty. She had a husband and children and grandchildren at home in England but she was here in Paris with Magnus and a handful of his warlock friends because he had asked for a favour. She had been happy to help if disappointed that Will had too much work to do on his latest book to tag along with them.

She hadn’t been expecting to play dress up.

“We do not want to the wrong catch attention in the bars down here, it’s best to look the part. It’s a wonderful dress, Mrs. Herondale and no one is going to think you inappropriate for wearing it,” Magnus said. “We meet the man, you verify that the thing belongs to who he said it did and we’ll send you back to knitting booties and baking cookies or whatever it is that doting grandmother’s do. First, absinth.”

“You’re the worst and I resent your assumption that I don’t know what that is,” she said.

Magnus laughed and Tessa tried to put who she really was to the side for a few hours and pretend to be young and a little wilder than she had ever wanted to be even as a girl.

short question:

why is the downworlder committee made from: the NY institute boss, the most influential alpha and clan of NY and the hw of Brooklyn. like, gimme all leaders of the clans and packs but also all hw’s or maybe the super high warlock of NY??

if anyone of you is bored i’d like to talk ✌ @some-thrilling-heroics @alliwantissaphael @raphaelxantiago @enkelimagnus @nikkoroberts @wewalkadifferentpath (anyone can join of course xd)

“You’re not nobody.” Swift as the slash of a knife; Alec froze at the fierce heat in Magnus’ voice. “Whatever you do, whatever you believe—believe that. You are not nobody.”


“You are not nobody,” Magnus said. “You are not nothing.You are alive. You have a soul. That’s all you need to be priceless.”

🔮a gift for @siavahdainthemoon and her beautiful Magnus Bane from her series Runed. I love him so and you know it!🔮