magnus bane drabbles

what happened after magnus poured his heart out to alec?

this takes place after the hug in 2x15:

just some fluff to soothe our angst filled hearts…
(legit gasped very quietly in the middle of a lecture when i thought of this and quickly typed out an outline to write later lmao)

“There is nothing ugly about you,” said Alec, his fingers burning into the side of Magnus’ neck. Magnus felt a wave of relief wash over him and let out a breath as Alec brought him in for a tight hug. Magnus immediately clasped his hands around Alec’s torso, almost as though he was scared that if he let go Alec would leave.

He felt Alec’s chin against his shoulder and couldn’t help but bury his own face into the crook of his neck. Magnus breathed in, breathed every bit of Alec in and refused to breathe out. It just felt so warm and nice near the nape of Alec’s neck and Magnus knew that he was in way too deep.

Pulling away, Magnus felt a shiver down his spine at the loss of Alec’s body against his. He looked at the boy, at his hazel eyes and their openness, but looked away. He let out a huff of a laugh which earned a confused frown from Alec. “Oh, God,” Magnus exclaimed, still avoiding looking at anything to do with Alec.

“What is it?” asked Alec and Magnus’ heart ached at the boy’s anxious tone.

Magnus looked back up and he could feel his eyes well with tears. They were so close that Magnus could almost hear Alec’s heartbeat quicken. Magnus blinked, trying to stop the tears from falling but failed miserably as one slipped through. “I love you so much it hurts,” said Magnus in a shaky whisper. Alec’s confused expression slipped into a look of utter despair as he moved his finger to wipe the tear from Magnus’ face.

He didn’t know what to think, let alone say. It hurt? Was that a good thing? Loving wasn’t supposed to hurt, it was supposed to be the easiest thing in the world. At least, that was what Alec had read about in so many novels. That was what he had understood. But love was complicated, he knew that. He knew that his parents didn’t have it easy and he remembered the way it seemed impossible before he came out.

But it was supposed to be easy with the right one. It was supposed to feel good, it wasn’t supposed to hurt. Alec choked back a tear of his own before speaking. “Why does it hurt?” he said, barely louder than a whisper.

Magnus looked at him with a soft smile, and suddenly Alec felt a clenching feeling in his chest and he understood. He remembered feeling this way for hours before finally finding Magnus after Valentine’s attack. “Because it’s you,” Magnus said and Alec felt like he would pass out. He didn’t understand what Magnus had meant by it hurting until now.

He looked at Magnus with so much sadness that for a second, Magnus forgot his glamour, letting it slip. His cat eyes shone brightly and Alec’s expression didn’t change. Magnus had not expected for it to change, but part of him hoped that it did so that it wouldn’t hurt so much later. Once Magnus realised just what he was showing Alec, he looked away and blinked rapidly to bring his glamour back up. He settled for staring at his own hands in his lap if it meant he didn’t have to see Alec’s pained expression.

Alec reached a hand out and placed it in Magnus. “Hey,” he whispered, stroking his thumb against Magnus’ rings. “It’s okay. I love your eyes.” The sound of Alec’s raspy whisper sent shivers throughout Magnus’ entire body. Magnus smiled, not being able to believe that he actually had someone like Alec in his life. Quickly, Magnus wiped his face, drying them of tears and ran a hand under his eyes as well.

“Now,” said Magnus, trying his best to sit upright. “I’m guessing you’re gonna need a Warlock to transport Valentine to Idris.”

Alec’s lips parted. He couldn’t let Magnus do this, not now, not like this. “Yeah… I was thinking of asking Catarina,” he replied, hoping Magnus would agree. Magnus took note of the way Alec said ‘ask’ and not ‘use’. So many Shadowhunters he had met assumed that Downworlders would be at their service whenever they needed. “You know, considering…” Alec trailed off and Magnus raised an eyebrow with a smirk.

“Considering…?” questioned Magnus. Alec avoided looking at Magnus, knowing that if he did, he would lose. He had already lost. “Alexander, I’ll be fine. I promise,” said Magnus and Alec looked up with a look of uncertainty.

“Are you sure?” he asked, softly. Magnus nodded reassuringly, his hand squeezing Alec’s.

Alec squeezed back. “I’ll be right beside you,” he whispered. Magnus smiled and nodded.

“Let me grab my jacket,” he said before getting up and moving towards the bedroom. Alec moved to let Magnus pass and took a seat on the sofa. He took note of the numerous empty liquor bottles and his chest ached again. Yes, he definitely understood what Magnus was talking about. He waited for a few minutes but when Magnus didn’t come back out, he decided to follow him into his room.

Alec stopped at the doorway, leaning against the threshold. He watched as Magnus stood in front of the mirror, hands pulling at the collar of his shirt and jacket. Magnus was fidgeting, adjusting his necklaces in a way that looked like he was stalling.

Alec noticed the way the jacket clung to Magnus’ form, emphasising his muscles and arms in a way that made Alec weak. He had to swallow hard and look away to stay collected. “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” spoke Alec and Magnus flinched lightly in surprise.

Magnus scoffed, looking down at his fingernails. “Believe me, I do.” Magnus wanted nothing more than to hand Valentine over to the Clave. After everything he had done…

Magnus snapped the memory out of his mind and sighed. He turned around to lean against the dresser and face Alec. He was hunched over a little and had a look of uncertainty on his face. He was still fidgeting with the sleeves of his jacket and pulling at his collar. He looked uncomfortable and Alec couldn’t tell if it was in his jacket or his own skin.

“Hey,” said Alec, standing straight and taking a step closer. “You look great,” he whispered. Magnus dropped his hands with a deep sigh and a soft smile, Alec’s wide grin calming him down instantly.

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in the meantime, how that dinner should continue if not for that impending fight.

Alec dragged his feet to the living room, looking for Magnus. It was late and the warlock hadn’t joined him in bed yet. When Alec had arrived to the loft after his last patrol, his boyfriend had been very busy working on something, and although Alec understood that work was important, he also knew that even the High Warlock of Brooklyn needed some rest.

“What are you doing?” Alec asked when he found Magnus sitting on the couch with his laptop practically glued to his lap.

“Nothing.” Magnus said, quickly closing the device. “Actually, I was about to go to bed.” He added, feigning a yawn.

Alec looked at him intently. It was obvious that his boyfriend was lying, Alec could see it in his eyes, besides, it wasn’t helping his case either that there were at least four empty mugs of coffee on the table. Alec didn’t know who Magnus was trying to fool, but it was obvious that he had no intention of going to bed any time soon.

“Go to bed,” Magnus said, leaving the laptop on the couch and picking up the mugs, “I’ll just take this to the kitchen and catch you there.”

Alec stood there waiting, but he was really curious to know what Magnus had been doing, so without thinking it twice, he grabbed the warlock’s laptop and opened it. “What’s this?” He asked Magnus when his boyfriend returned to the living room.

“Nothing, a silly mundane poll.

“Those are our names,” Alec said confused. The screen clearly said Magnus and Alec.

“Hmmm, yeah…I may have tricked a bunch of mundanes into thinking we were a very famous couple and that’s how we ended up there.”

“We’re losing.” Alec pointed out, because although the gap between the two couples was very small, it was evident that the other boys had a considerable advantage.

“I know…”

“Can’t you use your…” Alec said, wiggling his fingers to mimic the movement Magnus made each time he used his magic.

“No, even my magic can’t get pass the stupid captchas.”

“How much time do they have to vote?”

“The poll ends tomorrow at 8 o'clock New York time, 5 o'clock PT…so a bit more than 24 hours.”

“Hand me my bag,” Alec said with determination.

“For what?”

“There’s a laptop there that I use to work when I’m here,” Alec said, grabbing his stele he’d left on the table and quickly activating his stamina and speed runes.

“What do you need the laptop for?”

“To vote.”


“We’re not going to lose this,” Alec explained, pointing to the screen. “I don’t care how silly this is, we’re gonna help these people win.”


Alec nodded. “You’ve been voting because you clearly want to win and I think we’ve already established how competitive I am, so we’re going to vote our asses off to win this Top TV Couple thing. I’m not going to let this other couple take this from us, not if I can help it, so go ahead, magic up more coffee—this is going to be a very long night.”


Magnus is leaving.

Magnus is leaving, and Alec is here, drowning in things that are bigger than him, in catastrophes that come like waves during high tide. It’s ceaseless, and now Valentine is free again, gone from their clutches as if they’d personally unlocked his cuffs and opened the cell door for him to stroll out. Duncan is dead, Izzy feels terrible, Alec is exhausted, and Magnus is leaving for the Seelie Court in the morning.

Alec tries to shove the thought to the corners of his mind, tries to think of capturing Valentine instead. It’s easier like this – running himself ragged and pushing too hard, because there’s always too much for him to do, too many people who look at him with sideways glances and sneers on their faces, too many opportunities for him to fail.

He pushes until the pale blue of day starts emerging at the horizon, when everybody else finally trudges to their quarters with bruises under their eyes and sour breath on their tongues. Alec massages at his temples, sighing as he stumbles toward his room, thinking how nice it will be to collapse onto the plush mattress, wrap himself in red silk and bury his face in the heat of Magnus’s chest…

He stops at the door, brow furrowing when his mind breaks through the fog of weariness. This is the Institute, and Magnus won’t be here.

Reflexively, Alec pulls out his stele and hitches his shirt up, running the adamas over his stamina rune, inhaling sharply at the shock of energy that runs through his limbs. Making for the front door, he runs, eyes unseeing, feet following a path that’s been branded into his skull, taking him to the subway, past back alleys until he sees familiar red brick in front of him.

“Magnus?” he calls out, chest heaving when the door swings open for him. It’s pretty, the way morning light streams in and sets everything aglow, but he’s antsy, blinking too fast as his eyes dart around the open space.

There’s a clatter from the kitchen, and Magnus’s head pops out from behind a wall, a swooping smile appearing on his face when his eyes land on Alec.

“What are you doing here, darling?” he asks, but before he can say another word Alec is on him, arms wrapping around Magnus’s broad shoulders, his face digging into the crook of his neck.

“I wanted to say bye,” Alec mumbles into warm skin, inhaling deeply as he feels himself go slack in Magnus’s arms, his body finally remembering its fatigue as the stamina rune starts to fade. “Before you left.”

Magnus hums softly, the vibration of it resonating against Alec’s cheek, and runs his fingers through Alec’s hair, massaging at his scalp. Alec whimpers at the delicious ache it sends skittering down his spine.

“You should go to sleep, Alexander,” Magnus says quietly. “You’re exhausted.”


Magnus shuffles him backward, winding around tables and chairs, and Alec follows blindly, clutching at Magnus’s shirt and wrinkling the crisp material. His eyes are halfway closed, and Magnus feels so good right now…

He feels the edge of the bed against the backs of his knees. Magnus pushes him downward, and Alec sits obediently as he watches Magnus pulls his boots off, then his socks, before he lifts his arms so Magnus can push his cotton shirt over his head.

“Up,” Magnus says, and Alec stands, letting Magnus unbutton his jeans and pull them down and off until he’s standing in his boxers.

“Go to sleep, sweetheart,” Magnus says, voice low and smoky as he urges Alec onto the left side of the bed, leaning over him with a fond smile.

Alec loops his arms around Magnus’s neck, and Magnus laughs as he falls into Alec’s chest, his nose smushed against his collarbone and the rest of him plastered against Alec from head to toe. This is nice, Alec thinks as he runs his fingers over the edges of Magnus’s pants, dipping under until he finds bare skin. I could do this forever.

“I have to go,” Magnus whispers, lips brushing hotly against his ear. “The Seelie Queen won’t like it if I’m late.”

“No,” Alec says stupidly.

Magnus chuckles as he begins to push himself upward. “Sleep tight, and snore as loud as you want, okay?”

“I don’t snore,” Alec tries to say, the words incoherent and slurred.

Alec feels a kiss pressed onto his forehead, then his nose, and then his mouth, smooth and sweet and comfortable.

“Thank you for stopping by, Alexander. I missed you last night. But I really do have to go now.”

“Fine,” Alec breathes. “Missed you too. G’bye.”

And then Magnus is gone. Turning with a groan, Alec grabs Magnus’s pillow, burying his face into it and breathing in the familiar scent. He lets himself sink into the fatigue, his body going soft and limp and satisfied, and no one’s the wiser when little snuffles begin sounding throughout the bedroom.


So I was sharing some Malec headcanons with @f-f-f-fight and I mentioned an idea I had with regards Magnus’ magic. He loved it. I wrote it. And he did these beautiful art for it. They’re stunning aren’t they? Thank you Seph!!!! I still have every intention of framing them. Just so you know ;).


“Alec! Duck!”

He heard the shout and dropped low, body acting without conscious thought, his mind narrowed on the urgent call in Jace’s voice. The air above his head sang with the glide of the Seraph blade flying through the air and then he heard a thud.

The circle member’s body had barely dropped before Alec was yanking out the blade from the gaping hole the blade had made in the middle of the man’s forehead.

He nodded at Jace who nodded back at him and went back to hacking away at circle members and demons alike, his blonde hair glinting in the moonlight in a way that made Alec spin on his feet, heart suddenly beating hard, eyes searching for the glint of silver necklaces which he hadn’t seen since… The breath whooshed out of him and he sighed in relief.

He’s okay. He’s fine.

Magnus’ fingers shot out in a graceful arc and with a blast of his power he decapitated the demon he’d been fighting, watching unimpressed as the demon dissolved into ash.

He lifted his head, as if he could sense Alec’s eyes on him, dark strands falling over his eyes, glowing golden with the slits that entranced and drew you in with the force and power they held.  His eyes held Alec’s for a brief moment and then he gave Alec a cocky grin and dove back into the fight, mind now focused on the circle member that had tried creeping up on him. A driving punch to the solar plexus, an upwards thrust with the heel of his palm that connected with the man’s nose and a direct punch to the face, and the circle member landed with a thud.

Without breaking a sweat, he glided onto the next circle member just as Alec caught running footsteps and raised his blade at the exact same moment a circle member came swinging at him.

His arms shook with the force of the hit and the circle member grinned.


Alec shot his foot out, slamming hard against the circle member’s kneecap, hearing the satisfying crunch of shattering bone that had the man drop with a pained howl. A quick swipe and he took off the man’s head and using the same momentum cleaved the demon that was coming at him from the side.

And then it was a blur of noise and blood and sweat, losing himself to the battle, catching brief glimpses of his lover, his family, his friends, all focused on their fights.

A circle member clipped him and he turned around, grabbed the man’s face, yanked him close and gutted him.

He caught Magnus’ smile just as he dropped the man’s body and smiled back, shaking his head at the wink Magnus tossed at him.

He was just about to turn around when he caught it, the split second when Magnus was distracted looking at him and a circle member swung at him, the edge of the Seraph blade hitting him from behind.


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The worst part about Alec running around looking for Magnus is that he must have gone over in his head a thousand times the last thing he said to Magnus. He had been screaming at him about Izzy and the Yin Fen. “You knew enough!” And then he insisted that they were leaving.
He must have searched every room, every hallway, stepping over the bodies of people he knew, tears in his eyes, calling for Magnus. He must have stopped at one point to sit in a corner and just put his head in his hands, breathing heavy when he realizes Magnus is nowhere inside the institute.
He had to collect himself and push through that dread until he could force himself outside.
Maybe…just maybe he got out…

@sadlyamundane asked: Whenever Person A is sleepy they answer every question with “yeah.” Person B uses this oppurtunity to get Person A to agree to them getting a dog the cats (aka Chairman Meow and Church).

Magnus stood at the foot of the bed, looking down at the lump currently under his sheets. The tray of food in his hands wobbled as Magnus made his way over to the bedside table to carefully place the silver tray down, the glass of orange juice tilting dangerously before sitting back upright with the wave of his hand.

Satisfied, Magnus turned back to the lump that was his boyfriend snuggled in the sheets and gently shook Alec’s shoulder. The sheets rustled a bit and a small groan made its way to Magnus’ ear, but other than that, Alec didn’t look like he was waking up anytime soon.

Exasperated, Magnus pulled down the sheets and—in the same motion— straddled Alec. And still, he didn’t wake.

“Oh, come one,” Magnus muttered as he swept a swept a hand through the dark unruly mess that was Alec’s hair. And that seemed to do the trick as Alec began to move under the touch, offering his head so the petting wouldn’t stop. And that gave Magnus an idea.

Because, you see, whenever Alec is sleepy, he tends to answer anything without even knowing what the question is…and Magnus may or may not sometimes take advantage of this fact.

“Alexander, darling, are you awake?” Magnus murmured.

Alec blearily blinked up at Magnus, hands already creeping up to gently grasp Magnus’ hips as he replied with, “What?”

Magnus smiled and leaned down to press a soft kiss to Alec’s lips, who was still only awake enough to gurgle something unintelligible as he easily melted into the kiss, whining when Magnus pulled away too soon. It was too cute of a sound not to giggle at, which of course brought a pout to Alec’s lips as he squinted up at Magnus in mock hurt, clearly also amused as the corner of his lips twitched. And he was just so gorgeous that Magnus had to lean over to give him one more kiss, this one lingering for just a few seconds longer.

But he was getting distracted.

Pulling away with great reluctance, Magnus watched Alec for a moment, only speaking when he saw eyelids begin to droop.

“Alexander, can I ask you something?”

“Hmmm?” was Alec’s only response.

Magnus bit his lip. Maybe this was going to be easier than he thought.

“You know how you like it when I pet you?”

It took a moment, but Alec eventually replied with a, “Yeah.”

“And you know how I like it when you pet me?”

Again, he replied with a, “Yeah”—this one slurred just a bit.

“Well, then I thought it would be lovely if we had something else to pet. You know, like a dog. Or…perhaps a cat? Or two? There are these two wonderful kittens as the local pet shelter. One is a teeny little ball of joy and the other is a grumpy, gray fluffball of a cat, but I think he would suit you just fine. So…what do you say, darling, can we get them?”

Alec didn’t reply, and for a moment Magnus feared he was already asleep again, but then Alec stirred and murmured something.

“What was that, dear? I couldn’t quite catch it.”

“Yeah, sure. That sounds great, Mags.”

Magnus let out a squeal as he pumped a fist in the air, the abrupt movement shaking Alec awake. He took one look at Magnus’ face before practically demanding, “What did I just agree to?”

Laughing, Magnus jumped off of Alec and the bed and made his way to the door. Right as he was about to close it he looked back and said, “You’ll see, dear. I’ll be back soon!”

As Magnus made his way to pick up the adorable felines he heard a ruckus from the bedroom and one last yell from Alec, causing him to burst into giddy laughter.

“Magnus, wait! What did I just agree to!

maybe maryse will reach out and apologise to magnus as well?

this takes place after 2x14. maryse mentioned how she was reaching out everyone she had hurt and i want to think she’ll eventually reach out to magnus as well?

let me know what you think!

“Can I see you in my office for a minute?” asked Alec, trying to emulate the same softness he had just heard in Magnus talking to Raphael.

Magnus nodded but with a clenched jaw. “As Head of the Institute?” he asked curtly. Alec shook his head with a smile.

“As my boyfriend.” Magnus grinned but quickly hid it behind a fake cough. Alec smiled a brilliant smile and Magnus’ grin slipped back.

“Of course, Alexander.” He emphasised the boy’s name, stretching it out as far as his breath would let him. As much as they loved teasing each other with their esteemed titles, it was a relief to be able o go back to just Magnus and Alexander.

Alec rolled his eyes in amusement and reached his finger out to hold Magnus’ hand, pulling him down the hall to his office. Just as they reached the door, Magnus stopped and turned Alec by the shoulder to face him. “Thank you for giving Raphael another chance,” he said, barely louder than a whisper. “He does appreciate it…” Magnus paused. “And he told me that he ended it with Isabelle.”

Alec nodded. “I know, Izzy told me, too.” Alec swallowed in a way that suggested to Magnus he was about to ask too much of him. Alec felt his palms become sweaty, especially when they began to slip out of Magnus’. “And I was kind of hoping… You could try to give my mother another chance?” Magnus looked around them warily, avoiding Alec’s gaze. It just felt much too intense at the moment. Alec spoke up, the words spilling out almost desperately. “You have every right to walk away, I wouldn’t hold it against you. But she’s trying, like actually trying,” he said with a sort of humour.

Magnus looked at the wooden door beside them and gestured to it with a flick of his head. Alec noticed the corner of Magnus’ eyes glitter in the dim light of the hallway. “Is she inside?” he whispered. Alec nodded and Magnus gave him a gingerly smile. “After you, Alexander.” A relieved smile broke out onto Alec’s face and Magnus took a step back, allowing Alec to open the door.

As he did, he revealed Maryse leaning on Alec’s desk in a way Magnus had never seen her or Robert before. “Mother,” addressed Alec, closing the door behind Magnus.

“Alec,” replied Maryse before standing up straight. “Magnus,” she said, turning her entire presence to face him, something very few Shadowhunters ever did. Maryse reached out a hand to for Magnus and he shook it but stayed quiet. He wasn’t sure what to say but didn’t have to revel in the problem for long before Maryse spoke up. “I wanted to apologise for everything – anything – I’ve ever done to hurt you. I had no right and I was wrong. I hope you can forgive me someday.”

Magnus looked back in slight astonishment. Not only did it sound like she had not taken a breath between the words, but it also sounded like she hadn’t taken a breath for at least a half hour before and had just released it now. All Magnus could find himself to do was swallow and nod. He recognised her sincerity. He had never received an apology from someone like Maryse – someone so entrenched in their prejudices – before and he had to take a second to let it sink in.

He smiled. Her apologies were just as awkward as Alec’s, but genuine nonetheless. “Of course,” he choked out. “Thank you.” Then she did something Magnus – nor Alec for that matter – had expected in their wildest dreams.

Maryse took a few hesitant steps forward and circled her arms around Magnus, embracing him in a hug that was tender at first but then bone crushing. A hug he would only expect from someone like his own mother and he felt a lump in his throat. He stood still, paralysed with the realisation that… Well, he wasn’t entirely sure what. But it made Magnus feel more human than he had ever felt before.

Magnus had always felt eternal, or maybe it was that others had always thought of him that way. But he had never felt like this, ephemeral and relied upon – like there were things at stake. “Thank you… for everything,” whispered Maryse, and Magnus was sure this was something she didn’t want Alec to hear. She pulled apart but kept her hands on his shoulders. He was still struck with shock and his mouth lay open, limp. “I see the confidence you’ve given Alec. The confidence to fight for what he deserves. Thank you. Thank you for making him happy when I couldn’t. I hope he can give you the same.” There were tears in her eyes which she hastily wiped away and Magnus finally blinked.

Magnus thought of bringing up her situation with Robert in a desperate plea to express his support for her in return. Alec had not told him directly, but rather he had overheard Jace and him in conversation. It surprised him the way the woman held herself despite what she was going through. And then decided to keep quiet. Maryse smiled as Magnus did and turned to walk out of Alec’s office. Magnus turned his gaze to Alec’s, who smiled hopefully at him. Magnus returned it, speechless.

Alec walked over rather swiftly and hugged him in a way that immediately comforted Magnus. He was aware of what his boyfriend must be going through. Alec pulled away suddenly, a thought striking him.

“Oh! I haven’t shown you my balcony yet!” he exclaimed, eyes lighting up the room, and Magnus chuckled at him. Alec turned around in excitement, pulling Magnus behind him to the balcony doors. The stepped outside into the frosty air, the cold nipping at their noses as they overlooked the flickering lights of New York City. “And…” added Alec. Magnus eyed him curiously as the boy moved to close and firmly lock the balcony doors behind them. “Complete privacy,” he said, smirking at Magnus.

Magnus quickly – but not quickly enough – walked over to Alec and crashed his lips into Alec’s, bringing the boy’s head down to him. He continued to push Alec against the door of the balcony, edges of Alec’s jacket scrunched in Magnus’ fist as his other hand stroked his boyfriend’s neck rune. The simple gesture sent shivers up and down Alec’s spine. He was sure it wasn’t the breeze.

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in the meantime, alec is always fascinated by magnus being a father figure.

Nobody says that anymore (Malec)

(Magnus is over 300 years old and Alec is okay with that. Sometimes more often than others)

Alec is still getting used to how old Magnus is, sometimes Magnus says things that make no sense to Alec. One time Magnus was looking at something on the internet and mumbled: “Gag me with a spoon.” Alec laughed aloud at that and Magnus looked over at him a little startled, unaware that Alec had heard him.

“I’m sorry, what?” Alec asked between giggles.

“Gag me with a spoon, Alexander.” He stood up. “It’s a phrase used to describe how unpleasant a situation may be” He explained while walking over to Alec and talking with his hands. “It was a popular phrase in the 1980s”

Alec cupped Magnus’ cheeks and smiles softly. “Well nobody says that anymore” Alec pecks his lips lightly and chuckles. “We need to get you updated on current slang. I’ll call Izzy.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone dialing Izzy’s number. She picked up on the third ring. “Alec is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine Iz, but I need you at Magnus’s”

“Why? Is he okay?”

Alec rolled his eyes and sighed exasperatedly. “Magnus is fine Izzy, don’t worry. Although he is still using slang from the 80s so you decide.”

“Wow.” Izzy laughs. “I’ll be right over.”

Jace remembers a time when the Institute felt like home, when all he worried about was besting Alec during training and flirting with the blonde in runes studies. But now, as he stumbles back after the mess at the Seelie Court, everything is sideways, everything is harder than he ever thought it would be, and between Valentine and Clary and his fucking feelings…

He’s nearing the steps when the heavy oak doors swing open, warm yellow light spilling out onto the pavement like liquid gold. He sees Magnus saunter out, silhouette sharp in one of those military jackets he favors, and Jace is bracing himself for an unwanted greeting when Alec unexpectedly tumbles out of the door too.

“Magnus,” he hears Alec call, and Magnus turns until all Jace can see is the back of his broad shoulders and Alec’s face, twisted into something that’s half concern and half happiness.

He doesn’t eavesdrop - he’d feel like a piece of shit if he activated his hearing rune now - but he can’t stop himself from watching as they talk, as Alec’s expression eases until it’s open and honest and relaxed in a way Jace rarely has the privilege of seeing nowadays. Magnus reaches up, resting lacquered fingertips against Alec’s jaw, and Jace’s eyes widen at the way Alec turns his face into Magnus’s palm, nuzzling his mouth against Magnus’s hand.

This isn’t mine to see, he thinks, shame blooming in his chest, but seeing Alec like this, like this… he can’t turn away.

They step closer into each other’s space until they’re one inky shadow defined against a halo of light, and Jace feels something fuzzy and blissful skitter through him, emanating from his parabatai rune. Their happiness… gods know it was a hard-won battle, but if this is what they get in the end, if this is how they feel after it all…

They finally break apart, letting go of each other with a few more whispered words as Magnus turns around. He manages one step away before Alec suddenly grabs Magnus’s arm, spinning him around until they’re pressed together again and Alec is kissing Magnus like they kissed at the wedding, desperate and needy and uncaring of the rest of the world.

Like how Jace had just kissed Clary.

I want that. The thought rings inside his head as he hears his parabatai laugh when he finally lets Magnus go. I want that with her.

Magnus swirls his arms in an intricate dance, a bright portal spinning in front of him.

“I’ll see you at home soon,” Alec calls out, smile lopsided and wide.

And then Magnus disappears, and Alec heads back inside, and Jace is standing outside the Institute, alone again, everything exactly the same as it was five minutes ago except for Alec’s lingering happiness still tickling his skin.

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Hello! This is your online course adviser. It's been brought to my attention that you've suffered a recent lapse in self-control, due to pictures being circulated of certain TV characters. This has prompted cause for concern with regards to your being able to concentrate for long periods, without interruption, skills necessary for completing coursework. So we propose to test your commitment by asking you to complete a drabble of 500 words or less, using the prompt "I Can't Concentrate......."

@ladymatt This is BEYOND brilliant. My wine addled brain thought that my adviser found my blog somehow. Then I laughed my ass off. How about 700 words? Because I have no chill, and this was super easy.

“I can’t concentrate,” Alec said, dropping his phone on his desk and rubbing his hands through his hair. He picked up the next file from the towering pile.

Izzy grinned. “Tell Magnus to stop texting you. He’s got it so bad, I swear. You’ve only been at work a few hours.”

“Maybe it’s not Magnus.”

“It is. I can tell by that stupid smile that breaks out on your face every time your phone makes a sound.”

His phone buzzed from his desk, and Alec picked it up again, swiping the screen to see a picture of Magnus with a cup of coffee and bed head.

Coffee doesn’t taste the same when you aren’t here :(

Alec smiled and ignored Izzy’s laugh.

That’s because I make better coffee than you.

The reply was instant.

No. It’s because the view is better when you are home <3

Alec’s smile grew wider.

His sister cleared her throat, and he looked up at her while pressing the button to silence his phone.

“He’s sexting you, isn’t he?” she asked mischievously.

“I’m sorry, what?!” Alec said pulling his eyebrows together in confusion.

“Sexting. Don’t act like he’s not.”

“First of all, I have no idea what that is. Second of all, no.”

“Oh, come on! Don’t try to tell me you are dating Magnus Bane and you don’t know about sexting. I don’t believe you.”

Alec just stared back at her, his face a blank mask.

She scoffed, “Oh my god. Naked pictures. Dirty talk. You know…sex via texting.”

Okay, that definitely sounded like something he needed in his life, but he wasn’t going to admit that to his sister. Also, that was the dumbest name ever, so he was definitely not using that word, even if he did the thing.

“How do you ever get any work done, Izzy? Seriously. He just woke up. He was saying good morning….with his clothes on. Now get out of my office please.”

“Surrrre, I believe you,” she said with a wink and then sauntered out of his office, shutting the door behind her.

The moment she was gone he opened up his message thread and texted Magnus back.

My view is better when I’m there too.

He didn’t even bother putting his phone down this time. Truth was, he’d woken up late and left in a hurry, and he and Magnus didn’t get to start their morning off in their usual way, so he was definitely distracted. Then his sister had to go and put thoughts in his head of naked pictures of Magnus. That didn’t help his focus any.

Another message popped up.

Why did I just get a text from Isabelle telling me to stop “sexting” you so that you can get your work done?

Alec’s eyes got huge. Damnit Izzy.

Ignore her. Sorry.

He cringed and waited for a reply.

:( So you are opposed to the idea? Because my morning wasn’t as nice as it usually is. My handsome head took his HEAD to work.

Alec thanked the angel that Magnus couldn’t see his blush. He summoned up some bravery and typed.

I didn’t say I was opposed to it.

He watched the little text bubbles anxiously.

Are you alone in your office right now?

Alec’s heart started pounding faster as he replied.

Yes. As a matter of fact I am.

Magnus replied.

Good. Lock your door, now.

He jumped up and went to the door. He wasn’t sure why he would need to lock his door for texting, but he rarely hesitated when Magnus asked him to do something. Just as he was turning back around, a portal opened in his office and his boyfriend stepped out of it. Completely naked.

Alec stuttered over his words and nearly choked on his own tongue.

“Hi darling,” Magnus said, stalking toward him.

“Hi,” Alec said, breathlessly. “I thought you were going to text me.”

“Oh well, why would I settle for that when I can magically appear in your office?”

“Naked,” Alec said, looking him up and down before reaching out to pull him in.

“Perks of dating a warlock,” Magnus said, leaning in to kiss him.

“I love these perks. Way better than that other thing,” he replied, before kissing his love thoroughly.

Malec + 78. “Please just be my best friend and not the person I confessed my love to?“

Jace considered Alec his soulmate. His other half. His brother. He knew what Alec was thinking without asking, and he knew his every reaction. So when a glittery stranger walked in and shook his tailfeather, he was certain Alec wouldn’t care.

Jace was very wrong.

The glittery stranger had a name, Magnus Bane, and Alec seemed to care enough to spend the night away from his shared apartment with Jace. When he got home the following morning, Jace discovered two things about Alec.

He did the walk of shame with dignity.

Alec’s smile was beautiful.

No, Jace didn’t have romantic feelings for Alec; but he was, quite honestly, shaken to his core by Alec’s smile that morning. It was very obvious that Alec had gotten laid, and it was weird. Not a bad sort of weird, just…weird. Alec had always been the business before pleasure sort of guy, not stopping to enjoy the moment but diving into work head first and without question. This could be one of those one night stands Alec sometimes went for, a momentary fling that burned hot until the flames went out and Alec was back to business.

Jace was very wrong.

The glittery stranger was no longer a stranger. A few weeks later, it was official. Alec was dating Magnus Bane. What kind of name was Magnus Bane anyway? It sounded like a cartoon, which wasn’t very far off because Magnus Bane was a walking art exhibit. Everything about him was flawless and perfect, from his hair to the way he made coffee in the morning, which according to Alec, was quite the process.

Now, Jace knew what Alec was thinking when he met Clary. Alec had treated her very badly in the beginning, ignoring her and giving her the stink eye every time she got too close to Jace. She was a threat to Alec because Jace was spending less time with him and more time with her. It took a drunk night out to find out what was bothering him, and Jace regretted every second of it.

Jace had thought that Alec saw him as a friend, but he had been very wrong.

Between a bottle of tequila and reruns of The Terminator, Alec had confessed his crush on Jace, and it changed everything he thought about Alec. Every shoulder bump, every kind word of encouragement he had ever given Jace, it all felt different. Alec seemed to not remember anything from that night, which Jace played along with to protect him.

Alec eventually warmed up to Clary. The two even had conversations about politics and other things Jace didn’t understand; and honestly, if he didn’t know Alec was gay, he would have been worried about their closeness.

All Clary had said to him is that they had talked it out and established a mutual understanding that matured into a sibling-like bond.

Back to the problem at hand, Jace was now feeling threatened. Alec was spending more time with Magnus and less time with him. They were disgustingly adorable, with their inside jokes and googly eyes. Jealousy wasn’t a nice feeling. Yes, Jace was jealous. And he knew why.

Alec now had someone else to make him happy, and Jace understood how it could make Alec think he was in love with him–because Jace had his own meltdown about it. So, in the beginning, Jace treated Magnus horribly. He made fun of Magnus about everything, and he played pranks on him and even tried to talk Alec into not including him during their weekly bowling night with Izzy and her husband, Simon. Of course, Alec had argued that Izzy wanted to meet Magnus in order to give her stamp of approval. Much to Jace’s dismay, Magnus had charmed the Jimmy Choo heels off her feet and they became best friends within the hour.

Needless to say, Magnus put his brand on their family, and that brand was smiles and giggles. Magnus was funny, handsome, charming, hard working, and annoyingly perfect.

When Alec and Magnus had their first fight, Jace had seen an opportunity to break them up. However, seeing how miserable Alec was, Jace just didn’t have the heart. He had even driven Alec to Magnus’ apartment and knocked on the door until Magnus let them in.

Alec did the walk of shame the next day with even more dignity than ever.

Jace thought he knew Alec. But when Alec had asked Jace about how he knew that he wanted to marry Clary, he figured out that he didn’t know Alec at all. As Jace explained how Clary was the person he couldn’t live without, how she was the first person he thought about when he woke up and the last person he thought of when he went to sleep, instead of bumping his shoulder and calling him out for being cheesy and weird, Alec had smiled.

“I want to ask Magnus to marry me.”

That had been the turning point in their platonic soulmate relationship. In the following weeks, he went ring shopping with Alec, and they had come up with an elaborate plan on how he was going to ask. Alec went all out. He had booked a table at the same restaurant they had their first date in, he got their cousin Julian to play the violin for them, and he even wore a suit.

“Were you this nervous when you asked Clary?” Alec asked, while Jace fixed his tie.

“You’ll be fine, Alec,” Jace replied, dusting his shoulder off and nodding approvingly.

“Thanks,” Alec fixed his collar, looking at the time. “Shit.”

Jace snapped his fingers in front of Alec’s face, drawing his attention away from the clock on the wall. “Hey, look at me. It’s going to be fine.”

“What if he says no? What if Julian doesn’t get to the restaurant in time?”

Jace sighed heavily. “Alec stop fretting.”

“Can you please just be my best friend and not the person I confessed my love to?” Alec blurted out, and Jace froze.

Alec knew Jace better than anyone, and he wasn’t wrong in that moment. Jace had been keeping a small distance between them since the night of Alec’s confession, not wanting to make things weird for either of them. But Jace had been wrong, because Alec did remember.

Clearing his throat, Jace put his hand on Alec’s shoulder. “Alright. Julian is working at that restaurant tonight, he has his violin-”

“Magnus loves it when Julian plays the violin.”

“Hey! Focus!” Jace slapped Alec’s shoulder lightly, and Alec nodded. “Everything is ready, Magnus is waiting, and you are getting engaged tonight. Magnus would be crazy to say no.”

“Really? I’m not- I mean, there are so many reasons that he could say no. I snore, I hog the covers, I can’t dance-”

Jace slapped his cheek lightly, and Alec took a deep breath. “Thanks.”

Jace nodded. “Don’t mention it. Now,” he said, cupping Alec’s cheek. “You’re a great guy, Alec. You’re kind, funny, annoyingly handsome and yes, you dance like a one legged chicken, but-” Alec gave him an evil glare at that. “But, you have one of the purest and kindest hearts I have ever gotten to know. Magnus loves you. He’s going to say yes.”

Alec was silent for a moment, before smiling brightly at him. “Thanks, Jace.”

Jace smiled back. “You’re welcome. Now go get your man.”

Alec took a deep breath and grabbed the car keys from the table. “Wish me luck.”

“You don’t need luck, bro. You got this.”

Alec laughed and left.

Later that night, Jace’s phone lit up with a single text message.

“He said yes!”

After cheering with Clary, he finally realized it. He always knew Alec.

Alec wasn’t happy until he met Magnus. Not to say that Magnus was the only thing that could make Alec happy. Magnus drew out a side of Alec that Jace knew. He loosened up, he had fun, he stopped putting his family before himself, he enjoyed life.

That was all anyone ever wanted for Alec, for him to be himself and enjoy life.  He could finally have that with Magnus.

Just like Clary had done for him. Alec accepted that. If he could make the effort to get to know her, Jace could do the same with Magnus. The only thing they had in common was Alec, as far as Jace knew, but that, Jace figured out, was enough reason.

Next bowling night, Jace picked Magnus for his team, and it turned out to be his lucky night. They not only beat Alec and Simon, but Magnus also gave him the best suggestion for a present for Clary’s birthday.

The glittery stranger was no longer a stranger. He was family.

Adopting Kids (Malec)

“I’m a little nervous” Alec mumbled, squeezing Magnus’ arm lightly.

“There’s nothing to be nervous about Alexander,” Magnus reassured as they walked into the adoption agency together.

“There’s a lot to be nervous about Magnus. I mean what if the kid doesn’t like me?”

“That’s a foolish thing to say, Alec. Kids love you! And you’re great with them, think about Madzie” Alec knew Magnus was right, for the short time Madzie had been in their care she clung to them both and she had protected Alec with everything she had, not to mention she would always do everything she could to make Alec laugh. Maybe she really did love him…

A lady’s voice interrupted Alec’s thoughts as she started to show them around the agency. She showed them both into a room where she pulled out some files, she told them about each kid, their likes, and dislikes and their backstories. Alec and Magnus both agreed to go home and talk about it but when they walked out of the room two little arms wrapped around Alec’s legs.

“Oh. Hello.” He smiles down at the small boy looking up at him shyly still holding on to him. Alec kneels down to get to the same level as the toddler. “My name is Alec, what’s yours?” The boy keeps holding on to him just staring at him silently.

The social worker smiles “That’s Crowe. I think he likes you, he’s usually not comfortable with physical contact.”

Alec goes to stand up again but Crowe’s tiny hands attempt to pull him back down. Alec chuckles and looks up at Magnus from his crouched position a big grin on his face and eyes sparkling.

“I think we found the newest addition to our little family.” Magnus says smiling fondly.

He isn’t breathing when the music stops and he hears their laughter, bright and trilling, against the backdrop of silence.

A woman’s laughter. Magnus’s laughter.

And Alec, standing on the wrong side of the door, feeling miles away and not allowed any closer.

The apology sits heavy on his tongue, warring with the fear in his veins as his hand trembles when he reaches for the doorknob. He knows Magnus wouldn’t, he just wouldn’t, but Alec is still terrified of what he’ll see on the other side, scared the sight will rip his heart in two. I’m sorry, he wants to say. I’m sorry I put them first, I’m sorry it seemed like I didn’t love you enough, I’m sorry I’m even thinking what I’m thinking right now. But he doesn’t open the door, he doesn’t say those words, because Magnus is in there with someone else, and somehow, it’s almost okay because he’s seems happy, happier than he’s been in too long.

Without warning, the door swings open, and Dorothea Rollins appears before him, pretty in a pink dress, eyes wide and wet.

“Alec Lightwood,” she says, mouth open wide.

His nails dig hard into the flesh of his palms as he stares at her, beautiful and immortal and everything he isn’t.

She smiles, lips pressed tightly together, and looks up at Alec. “Don’t think it,” she says. “Nothing happened. Nothing happened because he told me there’s a boy he’s in love with.”

Alec swallows, heart pounding.

“Be better to him,” Dot says, voice strangled. “He deserves… Magnus deserves better.”

And she’s gone before he can say anything.

I know, he should have told her. I know he does.

He walks into the loft quietly, eyes landing on Magnus’s back as he leans against the railing of the balcony, gracing Brooklyn with his presence. Alec drinks in the sight of him, the broadness of his shoulders, the careless elegance in how he stands, the shine of light off his jewelry.

I would do anything for you, Alec realizes with startling clarity as he nears. I would do anything for you and I didn’t even know.

It grows inside him as he draws closer, until he can feel it bubbling out of his skin, overwhelming him in its unexpected intensity. He’s close enough to touch Magnus’s waist, or the sharpness of his knuckles, the soft skin of his cheek.

“Magnus,” he breathes.

And then Magnus turns around, meeting Alec’s eyes with nervous hesitation, and Alec reaches forward, slow but sure, with open arms and his heart burning bright in the palms of his hands.

For @abloodneed, one of the most amazing, beautiful men alive. Thank you for always being you.

There were certain things that Magnus feared. The loss of a loved one—his mind flashed to quick strides, dark hair and hazel eyes—, the loss of a friend—his breath caught at the image of dark eyes, dark hair streaked with grey, twin horns, and skin grown cold—, and the loss of his children—the downworlders he’d taken underneath his wings. His fingers dug into the oak coffee table, scouring the wood as his mind supplied him with images of everyone of them that he’d lost. Drawing in breath was hard, like he was suffocating, a direct contradiction to the cool breeze wafting into the outdoor patio of the mundane bar he’d decided to visit. Sometimes, he just needed that time to himself, amongst the mundanes that entertained him with how they scurried about in their daily lives, unaware of the world that existed in the shadows.

He did just that at the moment, watching them go about their lives when suddenly, everything… froze. From the waiter who had been heading to his table, to the lovers celebrating their recent engagement. Even the late night dog walker and her dog were frozen in place, her with a hand halfway up her hair, and the dog with his tongue half pulled into his mouth. As he took in the the sight, everyone frozen as far as he could he could see, and as he heard those footsteps, calm and unhurried, that oozing mass of power that would cower a lesser man, have them scurrying away or bending their heads in submission, Magnus came face to face with his biggest fear.

“Drinking alone,” a voice he’d heard only once in his life and had hoped he would never hear again wafted out to him, moments before the owner of the voice slid into the seat across from him. White suit—expensive as expected, stretched over a tall lanky form. “Now that doesn’t suit you Magnus,” he drawled as he casually shrugged off the jacket, undid the diamond studded cufflinks so he could roll up his sleeves and show off his forearms. Long lean fingers reached up to run through hair that was kept in place by the crown of barbed wire on his head. He waved his hands and men—shapeshifting demons, Magnus was sure—who’d accompanied him all gave them a wide berth.

“And how would you know what suits or doesn’t suit me,” Magnus tossed back as he reached for his glass of bourbon. “You don’t know me.”

The man grinned, teeth sharp in the moonlight. “Now, now Magnus. Why would you say that? Is that how you speak to your father?”

Magnus raised a brow and took a sip of his bourbon, eyes hard as he stared back at Asmodeus.

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If you're taking prompts, could you do one where Alec gets the "I don't care what happens to me" line, like Magnus in 2x10? Thanks, I love your writing!

A short one, just so I can warm up <3 I hope you like it, nonny!

“I don’t care what happens to me”

Alec had been trained his entire life as a soldier. Duty was the most important thing in his life. He was meant to serve, to aid in a higher goal them himself. Shadowhunters weren’t supposed to put their wishes before their sacred obligations.

He’d knew that, and yet, he let himself fall in love with Magnus. He knew that, and he still chose Magnus. He knew that, and he loved Magnus.

The only thing that was acceptable in their relationship was their love. Everything else was a defiance of all Alec was brought up to know as right. Never mind they were both men, that was the least of his worries. Magnus was a downworlder, and a notorious one at that. He was the High Warlock of Brooklyn, but his influence went beyond a mere title. Magnus Bane was a name known all around the Shadow World, by downworlders and shadowhunters alike.

Magnus was also the son of a Prince of Hell. Asmodeus, the Lord of Edom. That was about as far as one could go from the angels without being a demon themselves. Magnus had Hell in his veins, fueling his powers and shaping his magic.

None of that defined him, though. None of that was why Alec loved him. Magnus Bane was all of those things, one of the most powerful warlock to walk on Earth; the son of a Lord of Hell; a political figured that has shaped the Shadow World. But Magnus Bane was so much more as well.

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When Alexander Lightwood was a child, his home was Idris. He remembered running down the streets, wind against his face, his skin soaking up the warmth from the sun, panting as he said hello to the other shadowhunters walking past. Maryse would call out for him when he ran too far away and moments later he’d hear Robert rushing over to him, lifting him up into the air. He remembered being high enough to see his parents laughing, smiles bright on their faces and eyes gazing up at him, full of love. When Robert puts him down, he’d run into one of the nearby stores to hide from them. He’d peer around the corner of bookshelves or the counters and sneaked a glance of his parents, hand in hand, as they crouched down, looking for him. When they turned to the opposite direction, he would let out a giggle before darting out of the store, running down the street again, feeling free.

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yes, alec, your boyfriend can take you down any day

sparring idea by @lovetheskyisblue69 , bow and arrow idea by @1128sarahserrano!! thank you!

let me know what you think!

Jace had told Alec that he wanted to get a training session in before dinner and Alec was in desperate need to blow off some steam as well. Magnus had come to the Institute after an easy day and the two walked out of Alec’s office and towards the training room. “Are you gonna stay or should I meet you back at the loft?” asked Alec as they turned a corner.

Magnus knew that Alec had been insanely stressed out recently. Apparently Clave orders were getting stricter and stricter by the day, and some of the Shadowhunters were beginning to take liberties in their duties just because Alec had been appointed Head. Magnus smiled and placed a comforting hand on Alec’s back. “I’ll stay,” he reassured, knowing Alec would want someone to walk home with. Alec grinned in response but Magnus raised an eyebrow. “But… only if you wear that tank top I love?”

Alec’s heart skipped a beat or ten thousand at the sight of Magnus’ smirk before he was able to reply. “You are unbelievable,” he replied and Magnus only bit his lip and smiled back in response.

Alec had gotten changed rather quickly and the two had waited for a good 10 minutes before Alec realised that Jace had clearly forgotten his commitment and wasn’t turning up. Alec’s sour mood had returned once again and he let out a rather loud frustrated sigh which Magnus noticed. It was getting late so the training room was empty and Magnus could tell that even though Alec was a lot more comfortable, he was looking forward to sparring with Jace.

“I’d be happy to help,” said Magnus, getting up from leaning on the wall.

Alec frowned and looked back at his boyfriend. “You can fight?” he asked, only a hint of humour in his voice. Magnus raised an eyebrow and Alec knew full well that Magnus could fight but he didn’t want this to be unfair. “Without magic?” he clarified and Magnus scoffed.

He walked closer to Alec and the boy felt his heart rate quicken. “Do you dare to underestimate the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Alexander?” he asked in a low voice. Alec couldn’t seem to close his mouth. He couldn’t even bring himself to blink. His mind went completely blank, and he could feel his heart begin to ache and his eyes go blurry just at the sight of the man in front of him.

He swallowed and diverted his eyes from Magnus’ unexpectedly intense gaze. “Of course not,” he breathed out and walked backwards to get into position. “Let’s go.”

Magnus smirked and made his way over to a chair, took his jacket off, and rolled up the sleeves of his dress shirt. Alec swallowed hard, trying to look anywhere but at Magnus’ arms. Hundreds of thoughts ran through his head but an overwhelming sense of ‘how is this real’ washed over him as he looked at Magnus. Eventually, Alec rolled his eyes and shifted back into his normal state of mind, clearing his throat to compose himself.

Quickly, Alec realised that Magnus was not one to be messed with. He was aware that his boyfriend was the High Warlock but he had no idea just how good he was at hand-to-hand combat. Magnus fought well and unlike anyone Alec had encountered before. He was used to the strict rules of his training and hadn’t had the experience of fighting some who wasn’t a Shadowhunter. Alec thought that maybe Magnus had picked a lot of this up by getting into actual fights but didn’t allow himself to get distracted by the possibilities.

Though Magnus was swift, Alec had had a lifetime of fight training and took Magnus down within a couple of minutes. But Magnus didn’t back down. Instead, Alec’s stomach turned uneasily at the way Magnus only smiled. He was close enough to see the few specks of gold under Magnus’ eyes but not close enough to feel his breath and oh, did Alec want to feel it in that moment. He could feel Magnus’ heartbeat against his forearm and it reminded him of the steadiness of a clock. So much so, that Alec found himself lost in his thought for much longer than he could afford.

In one swift movement, Magnus twisted under Alec’s arm and managed to flip themselves over. Magnus slammed Alec down, a knee between the boy’s legs and an arm under his chin. Alec still couldn’t seem to wipe that silly grin off his face and the fact that Magnus was only two inches from him didn’t help. It was so silent that Alec could feel the blood rushing in his ears and just for a second, he forgot where he was.

Magnus leaned forward, almost teasing Alec, their lips almost brushing against each other’s and Alec felt his entire body warm up and tingle. He felt a burning sensation begin to grow at the base of his stomach. Magnus licked his lips and Alec lost it. He hastily leaned forwards to kiss him, to press himself up against him, to do anything but be so tantalisingly close because it was never close enough.  But suddenly, almost as if on cue, Magnus jerked his head back and stood up, a smug smile on his face. Alec let out a frustrated sigh and let his head fall back onto the cold marble floor. Neither of them could stop smiling.

“Okay…” started Alec, after he had collected himself. “How good are you with a bow and arrow?”

Magnus shrugged nonchalantly. “I mean, I may o may not have introduced archery to the Romans…”

Alec laughed. “I’m gonna go with ‘may not’.”

Magnus scoffed playfully, feigning hurt. “You don’t know,” he argued and Alec shook his head.

Alec turned towards the weapons rack to retrieve his bow and quiver and set up a target at the opposite end of the room. He told Magnus to watch and shot an arrow perfectly into the centre of the bullseye. Magnus watched him rather intently and Alec felt hot again so he stopped at handed the bow to Magnus. “You try,” he said. He only felt a little smug.

Magnus walked up to where Alec had stood and before Alec could blink, had shot an arrow that stuck neatly into the target right beside where Alec’s arrow was. Alec chuckled and cocked an accusing eyebrow at his boyfriend. “No magic, I swear,” he said with a wink and Alec really didn’t know what to think.

Instead, he crossed his arms and took step closer. “Not bad, but your form was pretty sloppy.” It was Magnus’ turn to roll his eyes and mumble under his breath. Alec stepped up behind Magnus and again, it was Magnus’ turn to lose his breath.

“Okay,” Alec said softly. “Keep this arm as straight and steady as possible,” he said, touching Magnus’ bicep, and Magnus could help but contain a smile at his comment. “Turn a little this way,” he whispered. He placed his hands on Magnus’ shoulders to guide him and let his fingers linger there for longer than both of them knew was necessary. Magnus only smiled but Alec noticed. “Focus,” he insisted.

“I am focusing,” Magnus replied in a voice that made Alec want to drop everything.

“Legs further apart, good. Bring your elbow up higher, yep. Now shoot,” he instructed, taking a small step back. Magnus let go of the arrow and watched as it hit the outermost ring of the target. Magnus clenched his jaw and Alec smirked. “Not as easy as it looks, huh?” he whispered against Magnus’ cheek and Alec could feel Magnus shift as a shiver travelled down his spine.

“It’s almost like you want me to miss,” he said, shakily. Alec chuckled and Magnus stepped down from his stance, dropping the bow and arrow before turning around and hastily grabbing the front of Alec’s shirt.

Instead of the usual taken aback reaction that Magnus received, Alec leaned in further, melting into the slender line of Magnus’ body. Alec was loosing his breath quicker and quicker by the second so he gave in, grabbing Magnus by the belt loops and pulling him impossibly closer.

i hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think! if you have any prompts or scenarios for me, please head over to my ask box.

in the meantime, the scene between alec and aline that i wish we had gotten.

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#LetMagnusBaneSitInAlec'sLap2k17 No srsly tho, if u wanna write aomething about that. Maybe like 5 times magnus sat in alecs lap and it wasnt sexual + the one time it was? Whatever you'd like😂😊😊😊

Hi! Sorry, but I’m really not the type for writing such things T_T. I hope you’ll at least enjoy a fluffy one instead! ^^

The Five Times Magnus Sat in Alec’s Lap, by Gothic–Fairy


It wasn’t long after they started officially dating when Magnus found out about how much Alec sucked at getting pop culture references - especially the ones associated with TV. Well, the life in the Institute didn’t really offer much spare time to slack off and watch something. And because Magnus knew that, he came up with yet another amazing idea - a weekly movie night, of course! Alec wasn’t against it, either. It made Magnus happy that they could spent so much time together and a happy Magnus meant a happy Alec. 

So, once again, Alec ended up sprawled on a sofa in Magnus’ apartment, waiting for the warlock to sit next to him and rest his head onto Alec’s shoulder as he was used to nowadays. That day though, things were different. Maybe, it was just Magnus being extra cuddly or it was something else, but when Magnus finally walked towards Alec, he sat even closer than usual, one of his hands wrapped Alec’s waist as he swung his legs across Alec’s lap. He reminded Alec of a fluffy kitten, being curled up in that way and all, and he thought that Magnus might have even started purring if he dared to scratch his head. 

The idea itself made Alec chuckle, earning a raised eyebrow from Magnus.

“Are you laughing at me, Alexader?” He asked with a mischievous grin.

“Nope. No laughs from here.” Alec tried to suppress another giggle bubbling in his lungs. Magnus obviously enjoyed Alec catching up on his intentions right away, pressing his body against Alec’s as the Shadowhunter brought both of his hands around him, leaving a kiss in his hair.

Yeah, he could get used to this.


“Sorry, Magnus, guess we’re out of seats!” Izzy said across from Alec, trying to outshout the loud music around them, a wide smirk playing on her lips. They were in the middle of a nightclub, to Alec’s great dismay, celebrating Simon’s band’s successful concert or because of some other excuse Izzy thought up to lure them out. They found a bit secluded place to sit, away from the dance floor, and Magnus offered himself to get some drinks. When he came back, everyone was already seated, except for him. 

Oh, Izzy, I can see what you did there, Alec thought as he watched her innocently shrug her shoulders and whisper something to Magnus. Alec would bet anything that she was planning something all along. But what? 

He could only stare as the two of them exchanged amused smiles. They were totally up to something.

“Well, Alexander.” Magnus spoke up after approaching Alec. “It seems you’re my only option.” He finished and took one last step before sliding his arm around Alec’s shoulders and gracefully plopping down to sit in Alec’s lap, still sipping his drink. It shocked Alec for a second, this sudden change of events, and he could only thank his instincts for catching and steadying Magnus. 

Alec could see the pleased look in his eyes, his fingers tangled in Alec’s dark hair. The night wasn’t going to be so boring after all. 


Alec felt very happy. Everyone was enjoying themselves, sitting around a campfire, singing songs and messing around. Clary and Jace got back together in the end and Simon seemed astonished that he was allowed to hold Izzy’s hand in public. It was a perfect night. 

“I’ve found the blanket!” Magnus announced next to him, pulling him out of his thoughts. It was getting quite cold so Magnus suggested to share a blanket - ‘The blanket is way too big for a single person, Alexander.’ And what was a better way to wrap them both in it than for Magnus to sit between Alec’s spread knees, pressing his back against Alec’s chest. 

Alec sighed but brought him even closer anyway, resting his chin on Magnus’ shoulder, his arms around Magnus’ middle. It was a very pleasant feeling to have someone this close, he had to admit. 


Alec’s heart was beating so fast he could hear it in his ears. Blood was rushing through his body as he breathed without actually being able to get oxygen to his system. This wasn’t happening. 

“Alec, it’s going to be alright.” Izzy reassured for a millionth time. 

“But he’s not waking up!” Alec shouted back, his voice breaking.

“He used up too much magic. But they said he was gonna be fine. He just needs to rest.” 

There had been a sudden attack on the Institute. Valentine’s man came out of nowhere, fighting their way in. They were defeated in the end, but took lives with them as well. There were many casualties so it was only natural for Magnus to try and help as many of them as he could, when the iratze wasn’t working fast enough. It took its price, though. He was using Alec’s strength but it was still too much and he ended up collapsing into Alec’s arms. 

There were other people, warlocks who came with Magnus, that assured Alec he’ll be alright, but Alec’s mind remained in panic mode. He was sitting near one of the walls of the infirmary, leaning against it, one of his arms around Magnus’ unconscious body, holding him close. All the beds were taken by the badly injured and there wasn’t enough energy in Alec to try and carry him somewhere else. 

“He’s not waking up..” He whispered again, cupping Magnus’ cheek with a shaky hand, bringing their foreheads together. There were tears forming in his eyes and he closed them, letting a single drop fall down. He’d never imagined it was possible for someone to be this scared, frightened to death. 

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. He repeated in his mind. As if it would bring his loved one back to him.

“It’s nice that you waited for me, Alexander.” A voice spoke up and his tears were swept away. 

He opened his eyes to see exhausted but awake Magnus smiling sleepily at him. He didn’t hesitate even a second and pressed their lips together. This time he felt the tears of happiness. 


It was only a couple of days after the attack and Alec was staying at Magnus’ place again. Magnus was still quite tired and Alec was willing to be around and help if needed. 

Alec woke up early as always - it wasn’t something unusual. He was about to move and get up, when he realized the weight on his chest. Firstly he was ready to move the cat Magnus have probably let wander around away but instead his hands found a warm body lying on top of his own. Only now he let his eyes open to see a still asleep warlock there, his arms wrapped tightly around Alec, holding for dear life. And for a moment Alec wondered - how the hell did he not wake up? 

He tried to move Magnus a little bit, but he was surprisingly strong even when sleeping, pulling himself closer to Alec. He murmured something under his breath as if complaining. 

“Mags?” Alec called his name with a soft smile. It wasn’t very likely that he’d give up the hold anytime soon. In fact, he just turned his head a little bit, burying his face in the crook of Alec’s neck. 

Alec ran his hands over Magnus’ back, trying to gently wake him up, chuckling a little. And after a few more minutes Magnus finally stirred, then stiffened.

“Alec?” he asked, confused. “Why am I lying on you?” 

“Well, I was going to ask you the same question, you sleep-octopus.”

Tadaa ^^. Hope you liked it! It’s not exactly what you asked for but at least it’s fluffy? Please, let me know what you think :).

Magnus Takes Care of His Shadowhunter

Alec came in from patrol limping slightly. Magnus stood from the couch in a single fluid move and hurried over, his fingertips already sparking as he conjured a spell.

Alec held up a hand. “Hold it there, Magic Man, it’s just a scratch.”

Magnus dropped his hand. “But you’re limping.”

“My ankle got kicked pretty hard, but nothing a little ice won’t sooth.” Alec dropped his gear by the door and rolled his shoulders “And probably a hot bath.”

“Say no more.” Magnus took the ice pack out of the freezer and then made his way to the bathroom.

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malec oneshot 1

Hmm, Alec in Magnus’s clothes because I really want this.

Inspired by a damn sentence in a oneshot I saw on ao3 (No I don’t remember the name of said oneshot.). Screw you ao3. xoxo

Alec hated being flashy. He hated the attention it brought and he hated the way people would approach him, like he was actually approachable.

The thought of actually attempting to socialize with another person was downright disturbing to him.

Okay, so maybe he’s being a bit dramatic. He obviously was social enough to get his incredibly adorable boyfriend, Magnus Bane, to approach him. But in all honestly, being flashy just wasn’t Alec’s thing.

And today of course seemed to hate Alec. Of course it did, the universe was quite a bitch to Alec as of lately.

Yesterday when he was out with Magnus, he had accidentally fallen into a puddle on the sidewalk. Magnus had hid behind his hand to stifle a laugh but nonetheless helped his clumsy boyfriend clean up. It was simple water (okay maybe it was a bit muddy) and dried fairly quick.

That wasn’t the worst. No, of course it wasn’t.

He then continued his terrible luck streak at the restaurant they were at. He spilled his soda everywhere. He remembers embarrassingly mumbling sorry over and over again to not only the waitress, but also to his giggling boyfriend. He sat through lunch with sopping sticky pants.

After the terrible lunch accident, they stopped to buy Alec a new pair of pants. He had been fine with it and thought the bad luck was over.

Too much to hope for.

They had decided to go for some ice cream. Just as they got their cones and were walking away, Alec’s ice cream tipped and plopped right on his shirt. He was embarrassed for the third time that day and his mean boyfriend was laughing at his misery in the background.

Alec walked back to Magnus’s place with a permanent pout.

He thought he had some clothes he had left over from random visits but he was wrong. He had shrugged it off and just went around shirtless the rest of the night. (Magnus had no complaints obviously.)

And thats how he got into the predicament he was in now.

He had woken up, showered, and dressed again only to remember his ice cream destroyed shirt.

Magnus thought it was a blessing and instantly went searching his flashy wardrobe. He yanked plenty of shirts out, observing them all with a thoughtful face. Alec sat on the bed with another permanent pout across his face.

He loved his boyfriend, he really really love his boyfriend. He loved him so much that he came out to his parents by kissing him in front of them at his wedding. But no matter how much he adored his boyfriend, he couldn’t see himself wearing his sparkely and flashy shirts.

“You can’t just portal me back to my room in the institute?” Alec gave his boy the best puppy eyes he could.

Magnus titled his head back and gave the pouty Shadowhunter a small smile and gave him a simple no. “Where’s the fun in that, Alexander?”

Alec grumbled and flopped back on the bed with a groan.

Magnus made a sound of pure happiness and success as he pulled out a dark blue tank-top with sparkly letters written across the top. He skipped to the bed and laid the shirt on Alec’s stomach.

Alec held the shirt up and slowly read the words. “‘I love my BF’? Was this worn for someone else?” He questioned in a teasing tone but gave Magnus a serious face.

His boyfriend’s eyes widened and he shook his head with a nervous look on his face.

Alec laughed and lifted the shirt, shaking his head fondly, before tugging it on. “I’m kidding. Calm down.”

Magnus pouted but bounced onto Alec and leaned down, kissing him deeply. “You look really good in my clothes. Well, my shirt at least,” he mumbled.

Alec shook his head and leaned back up to kiss Magnus again. “Izzy is never gonna let me live this down.”

And Magnus laughed again.

- - -

Alec walked into the institute slowly. People were rushing around and looking up things on the screens. He glanced around quickly and made a dash for the hallways to get to his room when he saw neither Izzy nor Jace.

“By the angel, is that Alec Lightwood in a navy blue shirt with sparkles?”

He froze, closed his eyes, and clenched his fist, muttering curse words under his breath before spinning around. Clary was standing behind him with a smirk on her face and arms crossed.

“Who managed to convnice you to wear this?” She questioned.

“I had a lot of…misfortunes last night. My shirt was ruined and I didn’t have any spares. I borrowed one of Magnus’s.”

“He couldn’t just use his,” she waved her hands around dramatically, “to get you one of your own?”

Alec grumbled again. “He refused too.”

She laughed and moved around him, heading for the hallways. “Oh, and by the way, Izzy and Jace both already took pictures of you to harass you with.” She sprinted off.

“Thanks a lot, Clary! Really!” He screamed before rubbing his head and mumbling angrily.

He took off towards the hallways and finally made it to his room. He fingered the shirt and couldn’t help but smile at the writing across it. He may hate flashy but he definitely loved his boyfriend like the shirt insisted.