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RE: Murder She Wrote. I had the same experience with the Magnum P.I., Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider, Simon & Simon and A-Team box sets. It's amazing how many actors pop up in them that were either huge stars before the 80s in movies or people who became hugely famous afterwards.

The absolute king of the surprising guest star series would have to be Gunsmoke, a Western that was only recently overtaken as the longest-running drama series on television. 

You turn it on, and you might see…hey, Leonard Nimoy as an Indian: 

And…whoa, is that a young Harrison Ford?

And…Gary Busey? 

Richard Dryfuss? 

The late, lamented Adam West: 

Deforest Kelley, with an Abe Lincoln beard: 

Ricardo Montalban: 

Charles Bronson:

Burt Reynolds: 

Jon Voight: 

Jodie Foster: 

And Kurt Russell: 

And many more. 

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I'd buy a shirt with the g-cube on it, in his magnum P.I. get up, maybe with something like "Hotter in person" written on it.

Bless you. Smooth Paul’s bravado is really a shield for his deep emotional insecurities and his slow coming out as a nonosexual (that is, a sexless creature with no real interest in shagging, gender, or conforming to human nonsense). He needs your support.


If you watched the season-six finale of Archer and guessed that Sterling’s aviators were not only a nod to Magnum P.I., but also an indicator of the story for season seven, well, you deserve a prize. Be it a weekend at Poovey Farms or a romantic evening in Dr. Krieger’s van, you should get something for being such a genius, because the intelligence agents behind FX’s celebrated animated series were certain no one would get it. Rather, we were all expected to have quite the “A-HA!” moment when Archer’s spectacular shot-for-shot remake of the Magnum P.I. opening credits premiered on Monday, and it was definitely a hell of a way to kick off February for those of us living in the Danger Zone.