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This seems that is going to  be the new theme of Cody Rhodes.

  • Magnum P.I:Has a main character that cannonically suffers from PTSD and later in the show, depression
  • Magnum P.I:One of the first shows to show vietnam vets in a positive light.
  • Magnum P.I:has great on screen platonic non-romantic friendships between a man and a woman
  • Magnum P.I:One of the first TV shows to mention Altzheimer Disease
  • Magnum P.I:tackles many dark themes like domestic violence, grief, war, prisonders of war, torture, suicide and the fear of relationships.
  • Tumblr:Ugh just another 80s male empowerment tv show.

First day without a daily dose of McDanno and Hawaii Five-O….well I survived, barely. 

Thanks in small part to Magnum. who made my day by actually mentioning 5-O and I was like. Wow, what!!!! while grinning. Of course I know he meant the original series but I don’t care. To me it was our Five-O