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RE: Murder She Wrote. I had the same experience with the Magnum P.I., Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider, Simon & Simon and A-Team box sets. It's amazing how many actors pop up in them that were either huge stars before the 80s in movies or people who became hugely famous afterwards.

The absolute king of the surprising guest star series would have to be Gunsmoke, a Western that was only recently overtaken as the longest-running drama series on television. 

You turn it on, and you might see…hey, Leonard Nimoy as an Indian: 

And…whoa, is that a young Harrison Ford?

And…Gary Busey? 

Richard Dryfuss? 

The late, lamented Adam West: 

Deforest Kelley, with an Abe Lincoln beard: 

Ricardo Montalban: 

Charles Bronson:

Burt Reynolds: 

Jon Voight: 

Jodie Foster: 

And Kurt Russell: 

And many more. 

emmafromthatonenight - A CS AU

7,500 words of what happened after Killian and Emma met at a bar one night, and then when she contacted him via instagram 10 months later. I know that many amazing, wonderful, lovely readers do not care for CS baby fics. So this is a warning- this fic is not for you. 

The bar was exactly what he needed tonight. Dark. Dingy. Someplace no one would ever expect to find Killian Jones. He’d been invited to many parties, all at trendy places a few miles to the west in hipper areas of Boston, but tonight he just wanted to drink around real people with real lives and real problems. Not people whose sole purpose in talking to him was to see what he could do for them. To see if any of that “Killian Jones” magic could transform their lives. It couldn’t. He couldn’t help anyone.

He’d turned his sorrow and skill with a guitar into a successful career, but that was it. It has brought him no happiness, and he had nothing to share with anyone else.

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I'd buy a shirt with the g-cube on it, in his magnum P.I. get up, maybe with something like "Hotter in person" written on it.

Bless you. Smooth Paul’s bravado is really a shield for his deep emotional insecurities and his slow coming out as a nonosexual (that is, a sexless creature with no real interest in shagging, gender, or conforming to human nonsense). He needs your support.

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New Jesse headcanon; the man has seen every episode of Walker Texas Ranger. Can probably quote them. Has yet to master the roundhouse kick. Only qualifies as deputy and it frustrates him to all hell. Refers to Gabe by casually calling him Sherif Reyes (which Gabe thinks is hilarious). Calls Hanzo his fellow deputy even though Hanzo would also qualify for Sherif. I felt you may appreciate this somehow so here you go 😂 the lasso post got me started and I couldn't stop!

OH MY GOSH! my siblings and I used to watch Texas Ranger a lot growing up and we still sing the theme song and crack Chuck Norris jokes, it’s one of my fondest childhood memories SO BOY HOWDY I AM MCFREAKING APPRECIATING THIS! The roundhouse kick, deputy Hanzo omgggg….I love everything about it so much. I can totally see Hanzo trying to bribe Jesse for sheriff if he teaches him a proper round house.

can i tack on the idea that sprung from this? that back in Blackwatch days, when Gabe finds out Jesse loves that show they watch it together and newly titled “Sheriff Reyes” introduces Jesse to his fave old show Magnum P.I. (it’s the booty shorts ok) and Jack crashes TV night with his fave which is of course M*A*S*H, then all three of them get the biggest kick out of watching MacGyver (80′s) together. 

I should’ve documented all the outfits that Joe has dressed the kids in during my recovery. Today Connor is wearing shorts so small he looks like Magnum P.I. and Harper is wearing the top half of a floral set with striped pants. She isn’t exactly mismatched, but her top has a matching bottom that was on the same hanger yet he didn’t use it?