magnum volum

anonymous asked:

Do you have any good books you might recommend? xx

I do! 

It’s by Will Durant and it’s called The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time. 

Admittedly, that is quite a grand title. But Durant spent 50 years, yes half a century, writing his 11 volume magnum opus The Story of Civilization. 

Edit: I forgot to add that his wife Ariel Durant also wrote and contributed to the 11 volume set :)

Over 50 years of scholarship and research Durant distilled all of the knowledge he acquired and produced this little book which gives you his suggestions for reading and learning. 

So I’m cheating here and giving you a book that consists of more book suggestions. The book is essentially a Liberal Arts college education curriculum, but much cheaper, even if you purchase every book that he suggests (I recommend using a library though).