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The Wounded Pict
A short story about an unlikely romance between a Briton serving in the Roman auxiliaries and a Pictish prisoner of war

My first full-length short story. I’m hoping to place future chapters of this story on an alternate history timeline, but for now there are no big-picture deviations from the original timeline. Comments and constructive criticism welcome.

Length: 22 pages and 7,300 words (not counting the title page, footnotes, or author’s notes at the end)


In response to @in-sideunder‘s tweet, I made this exquisite abomination. My first piece of fan art, and it’s this. I added a little shine, because what is beautiful man, without a gleam in his eye?

I regret nothing

June 17th 1994 - OJ Simpson Slow Speed Chase

Anyone who is old enough to remember 1994 will undoubtedly remember exactly where they where during the OJ Simpson chase. It captured the attention of the entire country and interrupted every major network’s broadcast.

To get to that faithful evening in Los Angeles, we need to rewind the clock. On June 13th 1994 Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were found murdered outside of Simpson’s apartment in Los Angeles. 4 days later the layers and the LAPD agreed to let OJ Simpson turn himself into authorities for questioning, as OJ was Nicole’s ex-husband.

That should have been all. But it wasn’t. Over 1,000 reporters waited for OJ Simpson at the police station, but he never showed up. At 5PM Robert Kardashian, friend and lawyer, read a letter by Simpson to that sounded like a suicide note: “First everyone understand I had nothing to do with Nicole’s murder … Don’t feel sorry for me. I’ve had a great life.”

Just after 6PM OJ Simpson’s white 1992 Ford Bronco was spotted (which was being driven by his friend Al Cowlings). At 6:45 PM, a police officer saw the Bronco going north on Interstate 405. When the officer approached the Bronco with sirens blaring, Cowlings yelled that Simpson was in the back seat of the vehicle and had a gun to his own head. The officer backed off, but followed the vehicle at 35 miles per hour with up to 20 police cars participating in the chase. It was at this point, that event became a spectacle.

Very quickly, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN well as local news outlets interrupted regular programming to show the chase NBC, which was covering the NBA finals (NY Knicks vs the Houston Rockets), continued showing Game 5 game in a small box in the corner while Tom Brokaw as covered the chase.

The slow speed chase ended at 8:00 p.m. at his Brentwood home. OJ remained in the Bronco for 45 minutes before going into his house for about an hour. A spokesman stated that he spoke to his mother and drank a glass of orange juice. His lawyer,Shapiro, arrived and a few minutes later, OJ surrendered to authorities. In the Bronco the police found:

  • $8,000 in cash
  • a change of clothing
  • a loaded .357 Magnum
  • a passport
  • family pictures
  • a fake goatee and mustache

The effects of the chase were seen for years. In 1996 Ford discontinued the Bronco because too many people had negative association with it. The chase was parodied on Seinfeld, Murphy Brown, The Simpsons, SNL and dozens of other television shows.

Watch a 9 Minute CNN segment called OJ on the Run: The Bronco Chase -

PHOTO: Yuri Kozyrev—NOOR for TIME

TIME’s Best Photojournalism of 2014 From the gruesome civil war in Central African Republic to the geopolitical conflict in Ukraine, the devastation in Gaza and the humanitarian crisis in Syria, TIME’s photographers produced some of the most compelling images of the past 12 months. 


When choosing ice cream, avoid bars - most are made with the highest-calorie, fattiest varieties of ice cream and coatings. Also, that’s a lot of sugar.

(pictured: magnum brand peanut butter chocolate bars)
31 Days of Resident Evil
Day 9: Favorite Weapon
↳The Magnum

A Magnum is a high calibre handgun that fires very powerful rounds. These pistols have large frames to withstand the high pressures of their cartridges, and often have long barrels to maximize bullet velocity. These firearms use Magnum ammunition. Magnums appear in revolver and semi-automatic forms.
The standard “power weapon” in almost all Resident Evil games, the Magnum deals devastating damage to enemies and also possesses superb penetrating abilities. These guns will instantly decapitate a normal zombie when shot in the head.
However, Magnums often have a small supply of ammunition available. Thus, their use is limited and recommended only for boss encounters and hard-to-kill enemies. Plus, they have a slow rate of fire due to strong recoil.
The Magnum is the second most powerful weapon type in Resident Evil next to the Rocket Launcher.