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Silver & Fletcher 1886 Patent “the Expert” revolver

Designed by Hugh A. Silver and Walter Fletcher c.1880′s, from a Webley RIC No1 New Model revolver - serial number 84335.
.455/476 Enfield six-round cylinder, double action, Silver and Fletcher hammer safety - it retracts the firing pin, Silver and Fletcher extracting system apparently located on the right side of the frame, in line with the bottom right chamber of the cylinder.

The Silver and Fletcher extracting system could be used in one of two ways, as described by their original American patent pictured below. The first one was to fire with the loading gate fully open, which although not ergonomic allowed spent rounds to be ejected after each shot. The second one was to fire with a closed loading gate, only afterward opening it and squeezing the trigger another six times to eject all spent rounds.
Engaging the system by opening the loading gate lifted the case’s rim out of the cylinder with each pull of the hammer.

31 Days of Resident Evil
Day 9: Favorite Weapon
↳The Magnum

A Magnum is a high calibre handgun that fires very powerful rounds. These pistols have large frames to withstand the high pressures of their cartridges, and often have long barrels to maximize bullet velocity. These firearms use Magnum ammunition. Magnums appear in revolver and semi-automatic forms.
The standard “power weapon” in almost all Resident Evil games, the Magnum deals devastating damage to enemies and also possesses superb penetrating abilities. These guns will instantly decapitate a normal zombie when shot in the head.
However, Magnums often have a small supply of ammunition available. Thus, their use is limited and recommended only for boss encounters and hard-to-kill enemies. Plus, they have a slow rate of fire due to strong recoil.
The Magnum is the second most powerful weapon type in Resident Evil next to the Rocket Launcher.