magnum models

“My biggest challenge when I first started training was my technique”

Dan Wesson 357

A rather popular and collectable revolver in .357 Magnum, they have specific model numbers, but are simply referred to as the Dan Wesson 357. This is due to the revolvers not actually being marked anywhere on the frame as to what model it is. Barrels on some models are interchangeable and can be anywhere from 4" to 14" long. (GRH)


Good day at the range today, the weather was perfect and there was a variety of firearms. Had a chance to play with a Desert Eagle .50 AE and a Barrett 99 .50 BMG. Pictures are the .50 AE & 9mm comparison and the .50 BMG & .308 comparison. The heavy calibers make my 9mm and .308 look pretty wimpy lol.