CATS ! (well the majority )
As most Know in the Cry fandom words were said and exaggerated.
That’s all really. 
People were told to chill and I guess most have since I’m a little late on this ~ So I drew the crew and many artists of the Cry fandom as cats or animals they associate with 
(That I know of anyway )

So I apologize in advance of mistakes, not including you and Including you.
And blinding you with Colour. 
Plus the Lovely bottomless Ball Pit.

Hello guys, Magnta here! Bad news!

Today I woke up to people asking me where the fuck is my blog and to see that all my blogs were terminated!
This goes with: Magnta, Nsfw-Magnta, Magntasocs, wedrawLNC, Magntalovesjojo, cryaoticnsfw, my work portafolios ff0555, nsfw-ff0555 and Slybrush, KingM’s RP blog, SPbooties, Two blogs were the comics are going to be in.
Even the blogs were I was a mod but not the creator were terminated.

I sent an email to tumblr’s staff immediately and it’s time for the waiting game. I know I’m not the first falling in tumblr irresponsible hands of terminating blogs without any kind of warning and I know people have recovered their blogs after contacting them but they can take to 3 days to a week, so lets be patient guys!
I’ll try to post any art in here meanwhile I wait for something to happen.
Feel free to follow this one if you want.

I guess you’re asking yourself: “WHAT ABOUT YOUR PORN ART?!!!” 
Well, I guess I need to find another way around to it! I’ll keep posting them on my Pixiv, Twitter, Patreon and R34 (edit: and this new blog on like always!! I’ll maybe keep posting them on tumblr too but not all of them…just the soft ones I guess ??? Maybe do some update thingies I guess??? I’m not sure what went wrong with my tumblr so…I sincerely don’t know what I should not post… Don’t worry this doesn’t mean I’ll stop drawing porn, I’ll keep working into it!

Others must be asking “WHAT ABOUT YOUR BIRTHDAY’S GIFTS I WANTED TO SUBMIT YOU?!!!” if….there’s actually someone asking about that because yes my birthday is tomorrow (August 13th)
You can tag them with “Magnta” or submit them here meanwhile, I have no other option…! And thank you if you really draw something for me…I do need to be cheered up and show some support right now…

Any other question you have just send them here, I have the ask open!
Updates will be post on my twitter too, be sure to follow it!

Want to help? Well you can reblog this to let other followers know or send a message to tumblr’s staff complaining about my principal tumblr being closed? maybe that will help…sincerely I'm not sure.

But after all
Thank you for the support!