CATS ! (well the majority )
As most Know in the Cry fandom words were said and exaggerated.
That’s all really. 
People were told to chill and I guess most have since I’m a little late on this ~ So I drew the crew and many artists of the Cry fandom as cats or animals they associate with 
(That I know of anyway )

So I apologize in advance of mistakes, not including you and Including you.
And blinding you with Colour. 
Plus the Lovely bottomless Ball Pit.


AHHH I FINALLY got my shirt! YEssssS

 I ordered a Cryaotic shirt from Society6 and the art design is by magnta ! She is a lovely artist who, I think, deserves more popularity. For the two people who see this post and don’t know who she is, check out their art!

EDIT: Here is a link to merch you can buy from magnta! (Apparently her art tumblrs have been removed D:) So go here if you’re interested!