Desmond West and Guuzy // Monster Pulse by Magnolia Porter

Desmond is a young teen with a fondness for comics, cartoons, and video games, and is secretly thrilled by the thought of being a superhero himself. He and his friend Julie were attacked at the same time by ghosts made from a compound called ARMA, which possesses a victim’s body parts and transforms them into new life.

Desmond’s monster (whom he named Guuzy after a favorite anime of his) is made from his stomach, and can spew out goo with various powers from healing salve to powerful acid. 

Guuzy must also eat for Desmond, as he gets incredibly nauseous if food or drink are near his mouth, and arguments over their diet are common.

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Have you guys not read Magnolia Porter’s rad comic Monster Pulse? You should do so!

I mentioned to Rachel that I wanted to do some music for it because I really liked the comic. She said to do something for Bina and Ayo in the same mood as lifdoff. While I don’t know if I did that so much I did try to capture that sense of adventure and wonder. One of my favorite lines parts of the comic is Bina saying that she didn’t know something so strong could come from her. Hopefully you guys enjoy the music as much as I enjoy the comic!

What started as a quick doodle turned into a full-fledged piece of fanart for Magnolia Porter’s excellent comic Monster Pulse. Most of my followers are pretty comic savvy, but if you’re unfamiliar, Monster Pulse is about a group of kids who each acquire a unique monster linked to one of their body parts - think Digimon with a darker sensibility - and features a cast of sweet, funny characters you can really identify with. These two, Nancy and Julie, are my favorites.

Oh, and the first Monster Pulse book is finishing its Kickstarter campaign right now! Go fund it, maybe?