magnolia circle

my love.

my love she’s delicate.
she’s a vibration in silent nights.
she’s a sun in the midst of dimmed lights.
she’s a beautiful moan against distressed and pulled sheets.
her love is smooth like the silk and lace she wears across her body.
its soothing like her voice when she sings and drowns out the voices of my head.
she’s as calming as summer seas.
she loves just as hard as i do when i grip her knees, when i pull her to me, when i whisper sweet words through her hair, when her moans take the form of a melody in the air.
my love is different, unique, misunderstood.
my love is bolder, its greater and warms a cold shoulder.
scents of magnolia sit still forming circles around her persona.
im grabbed in by my neck and caressed by her fingertips as im trapped by her aroma.
my love, my love, my love she keeps me warm.

I was tagged by @loverofcartoons (thank you! ^^) to answer these questions and tag 20 followers I’d like to know better! (of course it’s not gonna be 20, who am I kidding)

Name: Martyna.

Nickname: Marti. In very specific circles - Magnolia :v

Birth month: September.

Height: About 5′6.

Ethnicity: White, Slavic.

Orientation: Questioning.

Fruit: Apples - sour ones, like granny smith. Also strawberries.

Season: Spring. Nice and sometimes warm, but not boiling.

Books: The Book Thief,, Metro 2033, GONE, The History of Bees, The Bone Season.

Flower: Tulips and magnolias.

Scent: Fresh, fruity scents, also vanilla.

Animals: Cats. Big cats, domestic cats, doesn’t matter. Also okapi.

Beverages: Orange juice 5ever.

Hours of sleep: 5 or 6, and about 8 or 9 during weekends and holidays.

Fictional characters: Papyrus and all the other characters from Undertale, but he’s my fave. Also Junior from Starship, Wilbur from TBoUT, almost every character from SU, Korra from LOK, Angel and Maureen from Rent, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper and many other characters from many different things that I can’t remember rn.

Number of blankets I sleep with: One.

Dream trip: USA. Because Broadway.

Blog created: Last year, probably January or February, I don’t really remember.

Follower count: 41.

Uh-oh, tagging time. So!

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