magnolia birds

Autumn Magnolia 9"x12" Oil

This painting was one of the first I created in oils this spring, and I think it was the moment I fell in love with the medium. I attempted to capture the fleeting moment I often experience when bird watching; a bit of movement in a shrub, the glimpse of a little bird, then it’s gone again! This little Magnolia Warbler (non-breeding plumage) peeked out of my lilac tree for but a moment on an overcast fall day, his plumage nearly the same yellow as some of the foliage.

Mesozoic landscape in gouache paint. The Mesozoic Era spans 252-66 million years ago, famous for being the age of dinosaurs. This landscape here is a super brief summary of everything that happened in that time.
There is the ancient mammal Sinodelphis hiding amongst one of the first flowering plants Magnolia, an early bird Ichthyornis that still had teeth, and other reptiles such as the flying pterosaur Dimorphodon and the ocean dwelling Ichthyosaur.