magnolia birds

my friend was doing her social studies hw during lunch today and she asked what the capital of louisiana is and

boi i flew across that table

Mario Cart Sabatoge

It was a beautiful day in the city of Magnolia. The birds were chirping, the bees were buzzing and the and angry shouts of two friends destroying each other at Mario Cart filled the air.

“I swear to Mavis Gajeel, if you throw that banana- Dammit!”

“Gihi! I saw an opportunity an’ I took it,” Gajeel chuckled, moving into first place.

The two had been at it all day. The one who got the least amount of wins by the time the pizza guy got there, had to pay, so naturally, they decided to play dirty. So far, Levy and Gajeel were tied, 18 wins each, and decided that the tie breaker would be the infamous Rainbow Road. Levy wouldn’t stand for Gajeel winning, so naturally she had a backup plan, but wasn’t going to use it unless absolutely necessary.

“Gihi, the pizza guy should be ‘ere at any minute now. Get out yer wallet Short Stuff, 'cuz I’m winnin’ this thing,” Gavin flashed his teeth cockily at her.

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” Levy quickly rammed her shoulder into his, knocking his Koopa avatar off course. With the flick of her thumb, Levy was able to zoom past Gajeel’s disoriented character and lunched herself into 1st place yet again.

“Oi! That’s sabatoge!”

Levy giggled at his frustrated state, her Yoshi character was way ahead of his and she was feeling confident. Suddenly, however, she felt Gajeel’s large body draped over her lap, lying on top of her controller.

“Oh no!” he shouted in mock distress, “I fell over! Oh man, Lev I’m sooooo sorry,” he smirked as he straightened himself.

“Gajeel! You made me fall off the side of the track!” Levy whined, watching poor Yoshi fall into the bottomless pit of the universe.

“What? You can dish it but ya can’t take it? Gihi,” Gajeel snickered, crossing the finish line and starting his third lap.

As soon as Yoshi was resurrected, Levy used the bullet she was saving and shot through the corse. She ended up towards the end of the race track, right behind Gajeel. Looks like it’s time for plan B…

“Gihi! Sorry Short stuff, but it looks like yer payin’ fer the pizza tonight,” Gajeel grinned widely, the finish line was in sight and all he had to do was get past that last turn and he’d be home free.

“Oh I don’t think so,” Levy smirked.

“Huh-?” Before he could question her further, Levy grabbed the collar of Gajeel’s shirt and yanked him down to meet her. Her lips slammed against his in a sloppy kiss.

When she pulled away, Gajeel could only stare at the small woman, dumbstruck. His Koopa had fallen off the side of the track during the distraction and now remained dormant in the middle of the road where it was resurrected. Levy’s Yoshi crossed the finish line just as the doorbell rang, signaling the pizza guy.

“Well!” Levy chirped as she stood up. She bent over and snatched Gajeel’s wallet from his pocket. “Thanks for the pizza!” With that, she sauntered off towards the front door, leaving behind a paralyzed Gajeel.