Heroes of Magnimar Contest Rules

In Dynamite Entertainment's Pathfinder: City of Secrets comic, the iconic Pathfinder heroes venture to the bustling city of Magnimar to join the Pathfinder Society adventurer’s guild and battle the forces of darkness. But familiar heroes like Valeros, Seoni, Harsk, and Ezren are only a few of the brave adventurers flocking to the City of Monuments—and now we’re giving YOUR heroes a chance to add their name to the heroic ranks!

In the Pathfinder: City of Secrets Heroes of Magnimar contest, you have a chance to submit a 300-word description of your hero to a team of judges at Paizo. We’ll choose five winning submissions, and our talented game designers will translate your description to game statistics. Dynamite’s artists will bring your character to life. Each issue of Pathfinder: City of Secrets (starting with issue #2, scheduled for a June release) will contain a single winning Hero of Magnimar, making your hero an official part of the Pathfinder universe! 

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My former roommate/Pathfinder GM got his entry in the Heroes of Magnimar contest published!  His character – Bartol “Barstool” Ehrdrick, a dwarven alchemist (N Dwarf Alchemist 6) who believes the Quest for Sky ended to soon; the dwarves must take to the air, to reach the stars! – will appear in Pathfinder: City of Secrets v.1:no.6, available now!



Shattered Star Adventure Path (Session Journal 002)

Session 002
25th of Desnas, 4715AR

The trail to Natalya lead us finally to a fetid warehouse in the shadows of the irespan.  Portions of the floor had collapsed into the sewers below making any headway treacherous, not to mention as rancid as the undercarriage of a troglodyte. 

We did discover that Natalya had become the leader of a new gang of ne’er do wells and had taken up this warehouse as a headquarters.  Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say they were power players in the Magnimar underground.  In fact, it might be safer to say that there were crippled street urchins who had more influence than Natalya and her group of misfits. 

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Rova 8, 4710

We returned to Magnimar to resupply and sell some of the things of value we’d acquired that would be too burdensome to bring with us on the return trip. In the process, I managed to bump into an old man in the marketplace. His name is Zuram, and he wanted to come with us- and knew, somehow, about my star-heart. Knowing what he knew, and that we’d just “lost” Venaerion to retirement in Sandpoint, I was hardly going to refuse the services of a cleric freely offering them. On the other hand, he is incredibly old- over 400, he says. While he likely has planar blood, which would account for the extended lifespan, that’s still an incredibly ancient individual, and I worry for his safety. He is Pharasman, though, so if any were to know the time and likelihood of their own death, it would be those of that faith. 

He’s quite the capable caster- he is able to cast much more potent spells than I. He can even return life to the fallen, should need be, though they would be weakened in the process. Here’s hoping we don’t require such. 

I thought, then, to warn him about my odd heart situation- as Venaerion had panicked about it, when he’d discovered it. At an inn, I advised Zuram to familiarize himself with my current condition so it did not surprise him in the event that I fall unconscious in the future. Oddly, he was not surprised at all- he expected it, even. He in fact seemed surprised that I hadn’t- “It didn’t occur to you to ask, ‘Something has lanced my heart, how long have I to live?’” Yet, indeed, the question had never occurred to me; it was magic, after all. 

“So I wager I was brought here for one of two reasons; to make you more comfortable in your final days, or to witness the birth of a god. Either way, boy, I am your psychopomp.” I suppose a normal person would have been intimidated by his words, but if anything, I felt a thrill of excitement- one more confirmation of what I know will come. I suppose that’s why I hadn’t thought to wonder how long I had left- I was not concerned with the fear of death, but more anticipating the possibility of birth. 

Interlude Short Story: The Sheriff Comes to Town


Sheriff Belor Hemlock had been in Magnimar for a few days trying to convince the local constabulary to contribute some much needed manpower to defend Sandpoint. If the goblin attack was a sign of things to come, he figured they’d need all the help they could get.
Magnimar, The City of Monuments. So named for the many ancient monuments dotted around the city, truly they had stood the test of time. And now Belor was being put through a test of time himself. Belor had put in a request to requisition some guards through the justice court and had been awaiting a reply for the better part of 3 days. During this wait he set out to see if he could some other souls for hire to strengthen the town walls. The local bars and taverns proved to be nothing more than a mix of extremely drunk or incredibly over-confident men and women. All seemingly jumping at the bit to aid the poor man in need for some fair compensation. However, none of these folks seemed particularly capable of defending themselves against each other let alone an entire town from a goblin raid. None of them seemed particularly honourable either.
One particularly dreary and depressing evening inside a somewhat disreputable tavern named “The Pickled Bitch”, Belor was talking to a tall man with long blond hair and a scar running from the right side of his oversized chin all the way to just underneath his left eye. He also had  a sizable amount of empty tankards in front of him. The man, who had introduced himself as Guy Chapman, had heard Belor was looking to hire town guards and the man thought himself amply qualified. He proceeded to try and prove this by getting in a fistfight with the sheriff. Normally this would not have been a problem for Belor, but Guy Chapman had been drinking alone. And all had unanimously agreed that Guy could best prove himself if the sheriff wasn’t moving too much… or at all. With two men holding Belor back his struggles proved to be to insufficient and Guy was going to punch him into next week.
With his eyes held open Belor saw Guy’s fist coming towards his face, only to see it swing drastically sideways and miss his face completely. Looking up he saw another even taller man punch Guy in the face making Guy smack his head on the bar and passing out cold. This caused the temporary distraction that Belor was waiting for and he broke free from his bond, grabbed his shield and his sword and then slamming both of the men back against the wall. He turned to face the man who helped him in order to thank him, but he immediately heard the man say “Let’s leave, this crowd seems far too disreputable to be calmed by such violence.” Without another word the man turned around and walked out. Belor could do little else but agree with the man, and he promptly put a gold on the bar, apologized for the damages and walked out.
When they were both outside, the man, with what seemed like a sizeable two handed sword strapped to his back, introduced himself as Bright Shinius. He told Belor that he does not enjoy resorting to violence, but seeing a good man such as Belor being treated in such a way was very much against his moral code. Belor asked if Bright had heard of him before and the man responded that recruitment tales go far in a city such as Magnimar. After Belor explained the nature of his request and his concerns for his towns safety, he asked Bright he might want to join him in protecting Sandpoint. Bright put his hand on Belor’s shoulder and told him “I’ve been waiting for a chance to do something that will make a difference. Your motives seem honourable and just, as do you. I will join you Belor Hemlock, I will help you keep your town safe.”

Feeling that the days spend in Magnimar weren’t a complete waste with the stalwart Bright answering the call to protect Sandpoint, Belor was mildly optimistic. Another couple days in Magnimar, having send multiple requests to the justice court and some staunch negotiations with the mercenary guilds led to very disappointing ends. When Belor had finally had enough he was heading out the door to fetch Bright Shinius and depart for Sandpoint, a messenger stopped him right outside his door. Justice Ironbriar, one of the thirteen justices who sit on the justice court and interpret and uphold the laws of Magnimar, has requested that the Sheriff come see him immediately.
Relieved that he wasn’t being completely ignored the Sheriff went to the Pediment building in the Capital district. The impassive grey stone building, with its upper halls guarded by stone statues of gargoyles and grim faced justices, loomed overhead as he entered. A short and skinny human male strode up to Belor with an air of arrogance and requested that the man follow him immediately. Walking through the enormous entrance with its audacious columns and overbearing arches inscribed with saying regarding justice and law, Belor noticed a large open space with 13 exits besides the one he came from. He could read the name of Justice Ironbriar as soon as he was lead through one of the doors and he knew he had actually been led to see at least one of them.
Behind a simple looking but unnecessarily large wooded desk sat a very stern looking black-haired elven male, in what must have been his official justice robes. They seemed overly colourful for such a dower man with such a respected position, but Belor thought it wise to keep that particular opinion to himself. Without standing up, the judge simply pointed at the chair at the other side of the desk and told Belor to “Please have a seat”.  Belor greeted the justice with all due curtesy and sat down. When the justice asked what brought the sheriff all the way to Magnimar to seek aid, the sheriff was very forthright. He told the Justice about the goblin attack and the worry that more might come. He had also just had word from Sandpoint that goblins had trashed the glassworks and that Lonjiku Kaijitsu was murdered by his son Tsuto. “Strange happenings about Sandpoint indeed”, remarked Justice Ironbriar. The justice listened to Belor’s story and  told him that he would send three of the city’s best guards with him to protect Sandpoint. He was sorry that he couldn’t spare anymore but they were fine men and women indeed. Belor thanked the Justice but remarked that he would have liked to have taken some more men and that they didn’t have to be the very best the city had to offer. But the justice told him very sternly that his decisions were always final, and not up for discussion. The justice also told Belor to keep him appraised of any activities that might be out of the ordinary in the region. Not really sure why the justice of Magnimar was taking an invested interest in Sandpoint, especially since he didn’t even send the message to Ironbriar’s office in the first place, Belor decided some questions were better left unasked.

-Justice Ironbriar

Belor was told that the three recruits would meet him near the city-gates and that they would be ready for departure the next day. He informed Bright Shinius and set out to finding a caravan to carry the five travellers to Sandpoint.
Near the Magnimar docks he knew he’d be able to find a shipment of glass working supplies or a perhaps a few merchants heading to Sandpoint, which he could charter for a ride. A rather feisty Halfling male who calls himself Jedediah was just informing the sheriff he was looking forward to a return trip to Sandpoint, as his last venture there was quite profitable. And while this roaring but interesting conversation was moving slowly forward to securing passage, Belor was tapped on his leg by a blunt object. “Excuse me sir, I ‘eard you were looking for able bodied men”. Belor looked down to see it was a small moustachioed Halfling speaking with a Galt accent, who had was tapping his leg with the hilt of a small short sword. As Belor turned around the Halfling continued to say “My name is François LeGrand, and I believe I could be a great asset to you”.
Belor looked at the Halfling and asked him how he had heard about the call for aid. “Ah you see, I am a ‘alfling”, François said, “and I am very good at being unnoticed and even better at many other ‘sings.” Belor went on to ask “I am looking for men and women capable of guarding our town from many dangers, not just the danger of being seen”. At that comment Jedediah chuckled under his breath, but François didn’t show a single twitch of emotion. “You tall ones are always underestimating us ‘alflings”, François retorted, “But how about we bos’ agree to ziss, I will return bos’ your coin purses, I will take my blade away from bos’ of your vital parts and we agree that I can be of some value to you, bon?” It was at that point that belor noticed that the Halfling had positioned his two short swords against the back of his knee and Jedediah’s lower back. He was reaching for his longsword when the Halfling deftly sheathed both sword and put two coin purses on the floor. “If no'sing else I can be a great scout for you”, François smiled as he spoke to Belor. Belor took his hand off his Longsword, looked at the Halfling and spoke, “You know we cannot pay you much, and it will most likely be very dangerous”. François looked up and without a second thought answered “And I hear you are leaving today, which fits my schedule perfectly! I will meet you at the city gates, ça te dit?” The Halfling reached out his hand, and Belor promptly shook it. 

So there they were, a trio of guards, a shifty Halfling and an extraordinarily tall man with some stout convictions. He shook hands with the three guards in an attempt to get to know them a little better. Tamira was a young looking woman, and she was certainly build to be a guard. It was hard to tell beneath the uniform but she was probably very muscular judging by her handshake and her posture. She was very serious about her job it seemed, and was not up for much chit-chat. The 2nd guard was an average sized man with a great big bushy beard, named Victor. He also seemed to take his position very seriously and didn’t seem pleased to even be here. Victor and Tamira commented that they were taken off an important murder investigations to tag along with the Sheriff. But Justice Ironbriar had appearently thought that Sandpoint’s safety was more important than a recent increase of murder around the city. The third guard was much more jovial and as Belor shook his hand the guard put his other hand on Belor’s shoulder. He thanked Belor for the opportunity to prove himself and to protect such a fine town as Sandpoint. He introduced himself as Theodore Thintle, born and raised Magnimarian. He felt he was lucky that Belor and Justice Ironbriar himself thought he would make a good fit for this mission. Seeing nothing wrong with his enthusiasm, Belor thanked Theodore for it but reminded him it wasn’t all glory.
After such a long time in Magnimar Belor was itching to get back home to see  Sandpoint again. He was also looking forward to talking to the heroes of Sandpoint to find out what has been going on. But most of all he was looking forward to seeing his love again.

Seven Swords of Sin: Prologue (Spoilers)

The time would come to seek out the Shard of Plenty, but first: shopping. They’d certainly earned the time off following their exploits in the Lady’s Light.

Dropping by a dwarven weaponsmith who’d worked with their forebears, mostly purchasing ogre hooks in bulk, they inquired about getting their weapons enchanted. He offered to work as a go-between with the Church of Abadar.

They provided the astronomical prices requested by the coin counters and learned it would take several weeks for the required rituals. Instead of staying in Magnimar, where the shards would make their location clear, they ventured into the trackless plains north of the Mushfens.

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Asmodia and Company:

Asmodia, the shy, do-good-er, cleric-in-training. Always being dragged along by her cousin on ill-advised adventures through the streets of Magnimar.

Aspexia, the outgoing, fearless, magi wannabe. Bored of waiting for her official training to start, she invents “training” of her own by pulling her hardworking cousin out of her own studies and onto the streets. 

Astansia, the person of mysterious and indistinct… everything. The silent type. Smiles a lot… Probably a wizard. Almost definitely a girl. Miiiiight be a dragon. Probably not though. Always shows up in time for an adventure!

Adventures mainly take place in the local taverns where the long suffering bartender has given up trying to chase them out and resigned himself to serving them exotic drinks like: Dwarven Water (just water), Virgin Martinis (not very good and also just water with olive brine), and milk (Astansia is bad at ordering drinks).

Once a month, the girls sneak out to the caravans that gather outside the city gates for sweets and to catch the eye of a couple older gentlemen… Which is technically true… Asmodia can’t help but moon over that charming caravan leader while Aspexia catches up with a dear friend of her mother. Astansia, like always, seems to just be along for the ride.

Character Background: Alech Goldbreaker

Game System: Pathfinder
Male Dwarven (Elemental) Bloodrager

 The sun was just setting as the young Vudrani wiped his forehead as he dismounted from his horse. He hated cities – even ones as small as Sandpoint – but his orders were clear. The boss said the dwarf had cheated him, and the boss wanted an example made. 

His nerves started to get to him a little. After all, this dwarf was supposed to be decent in a fight, until he remembered what that caravan guard had told him just outside of Magnimar.

“Aye, I saw him in Sandpoint a week or three ago. Looked like he was still pretty deep in his cups. He’ll need that gift you’ve got for him, I’d wager.”

The man snorted. “Gift”, indeed. The only “Gift” he had was a lead-filled sap. He’d beat the hells out of him and leave him with the note he was given. But first, he had to find his quarry. Looking around, he saw a sign proclaiming the attached building “The Rusty Dragon Tavern”. Well, what better place to find a drunk?

It was a place to start, anyway.

As he entered the tavern, he took a moment to let his eyes adjust to the light. The few patrons looked up to examine the stranger for a moment, then went back to whatever they were doing in the first place. He felt a bit of anger surge in him – they had just dismissed him like he was nothing! After a moment, he thought he had found his quarry – a blonde dwarf, sitting alone in the corner with a large mug in front of him. But this couldn’t be the right one – he was clear eyed, well groomed, beard neatly braided. Everything he had been told about this Goldbreaker guy indicated the opposite. That he was…well, a sloppy, messy, unkempt drunk. But maybe he could get some information out of him, anyway.

He went to the bar and got a mug of ale from some Tian woman, then wandered over to the dwarf. “Mind if I sit down?”

“Suit yerself, lad! What kun I do fer ya?”

The young tough sat down. “I’m lookin for…well, another dwarf. I have a gift from an old friend of his that I’ve been asked to deliver. Been lookin’ for a few weeks now, and was directed to Sandpoint.” He had told the lie so many times now, that it felt natural to him.

The dwarf laughed. “Well, there be only a few dwarves in Sandpoint, an’ I know ‘em all! Who’re ya lookin’ for, anyway?”

The visitor sat for a moment, considering. There was no way this was the dwarf he was looking for. He was too clear, his eyes too bright – in fact, almost the complete opposite of what he was told to expect. In fact, in his experience, once a person got *that* far into a bottle, he pretty much stayed there.

“Lookin’ for a dwarf by the name of Alech Goldbreaker. Light hair, might be a little down on his luck. Know him?”

The dwarf stared into his cup for a moment, then brightened. “Sure I know ‘im! As I said, there be only a few dwarves in Sandpoint, and I know ‘em all! In fact, there’s only one other blonde one! Hey, did you know he’s an exile from ‘is clan?”

“Really?” The Vudrani didn’t care a lick about this. He just wanted to find his target and get the hell out of Sandpoint.

“Well, ‘ees in self-exile. Seems ‘is family was known for their battle prowess, and even ‘ad a few ‘oo were touched by the elements. Fire and earth – they was respectable. Good dwarven elements. But ‘ee was touched by water. ‘Ee felt ‘ee brought a stigma to ‘is clan. So ‘ee left some time ago. Left ‘is parents and two younger brothers an’ signed on as a caravan guard, ‘ee did. “

“Really?” It was all the young man could do to keep the boredom out of his voice. “So you know where I can find him?”

“Ah, of course I do. There’s only a few dwarves in Sandpoint, and I know all of ‘em! But Alech, now ‘ee ‘ad a run of bad luck, ‘ee did. Seems that caravan was set upon by a buncha maraudin’ ogres. Only reason ‘ee was still alive was that one o’the wagons fell on ‘im, and the damn ogres couldn’t see ‘im. ‘Ee was found by the next caravan that came by and brought here. “

“Interesting.” He stifled a yawn. “So, can you tell me where I might find him?” He fished out a gold coin, banking on the natural greed of dwarves. “I’d be happy to pay for the directions”

The dwarf brightened a bit more. “For that, son, I’ll take ye there meself! Jus’ lemme finish my drink!” With that, he drained his cup in one long pull, wiped his mouth on his sleeve and belched loudly. “After all, there’s only a few dwarves in Sandpoint, and I…”

“Yes, yes, I know, you know all of them” the Vudrani cut him off.

“Wal, I do. “ He started for the door. “In fact, I can tell ye that once Alech recovered, he came right to this very bar and started drinkin’. Felt that he should have been able to take out them ogres all by ‘imself. Wouldn’t hear differently from no one…”

As they stepped out the door of the Rusty Dragon into the cooling air of the early evening, the visitor started to ask “So, how far do we have to go to find this Goldbreaker?”

He never got past the word “go”

In what seemed like a clearly practiced maneuver, the dwarf pivoted and sucker punched the man right in the gut, knocking the wind out of him and dropping him to his knees. Moments later, he found himself face down in the dirt with a dwarf on his back and a dagger at his throat.

“Not far at all, boyo.” The once cheerful voice now held a steely edge. “ See, I do, in fact, know all the dwarves in Sandpoint, and there’s only one blonde one. Me. Alech Goldbreaker”

The young man swallowed hard. Dammit, how could he have been so stupid? Had that guard lied to him?

“The only reason I’m not wearin’ your guts for garters right now is that the lady who owns this place? She pulled me out o’ the bottle an’ set me back on my feet. I owe her a lot, and I’ll not dirty ‘er doorstep with the likes of yer blood.

“Now, you tell that boss o’ yers that I said to go back to lickin’ Rovagug’s bumhole and leave me be. I won fair ‘an square, and if ‘ee don’ like it, too bad on ‘im.

“Were I you though, I’d be wonderin’ why he sent you on such a fool’s errand….”

A watch patrol wandered up at that moment. “Got a problem with a drunk, Alech?”

Alech levered himself off the would-be assailant. “Nah, jus’ a misunderstandin’ is all. This one, ‘ees set to leave town tonight. Right?”

The young man scrambled to his feet and ran for his horse. As he did so, the guardsman looked on in amusement. “You sure you want him to roam free? He might come back to knife you in the dark.”

The dwarf chuckled. “Nah, ‘ees just young and stupid. We all were once. Sometimes, a good kick in the shorts is all ye need to knock the stupid outta ya.”

He looked at the door to the tavern meaningfully. “That’s what it took for me.”

Shattered Star Bonus Chapters (Spoilers)

One of the nice things with running Pathfinder’s Adventure Paths is that there’s always a lot of support material. Most of the time that support comes in the form of pawn sets or really insightful forum posts.

But Shattered Star also has a couple modules that can be integrated with it fairly easily. And, since they’re optional, you can leave hooks and if people don’t follow up on them… no worries!

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