magnifying glass mirror

signs as inanimate objects

Aries - Headphones
Taurus - Chandelier
Gemini - Dictionary
Cancer - Telescope
Leo - Mirror
Virgo - Magnifying glass
Libra - Microphone
Scorpio - Bed
Sagittarius - Airplane
Capricorn - Black keys of a piano
Aquarius - masquerade mask
Pisces - kaleidoscope

She scoured the horizon for the sun:
her heart. All trees have hearts.
Her heart became a magnifying glass,
the burning mirror dilated—
the sun burned all the bindings
off, setting free her wandering selves.
Resin and smoke rose to the stars.
And sometimes after work or at home she senses
clusters of new blossoms on her boughs.

Catherine Bowman, from “The Frida Kahlo Tree: A Fable,” Can I Finish Please? (Four Way Books, 2016)