12 volumes in metal case with glass front, resembling miniature bookcase; miniature magnifying glass in slot at foot.

Midget Library, Glasgow : David Bryce & Sons, [between 1880 and 1900]


Houghton Library, Harvard University

Contents: 1. New Testament 2. Burns poems 3. Old English, Scotch and Irish poems 4. The Koran 5. Golden thoughts from great authors 6. Witty, humorous and merry thoughts 7. The smallest English dictionary in the world 8. The smallest French & English dictionary in the world 9. A new pocket dictionary of the English and German languages 10. The tourists’ conversational guide in English, French, German, Italian 11. Tiny alphabet of birds 12. Tiny alphabet of animals.


Easter Egg Hunt 2015, Part 2
(Parts 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6)

Were you wondering how I get around with my pretty Easter basket? I have two options:

  1. Put my new magnifying glass in my basket and carry my basket around on top of my shell, or
  2. Sit in my basket with my new magnifying glass and get Mommy to carry me around.

We’ve already established I’m not very good at giving rides yet. Besides, why do any work when I can get Mommy to do all the work for me? Option 2 it is!