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deal | pt 1 (m)

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summary: the years spent working hard had really paid off and was it so wrong to want to rub that in a few faces? The cliché mean girls that often teased you for not doing anything with your hair or clothing, wouldn’t it be great to show off someone like Jungkook? High school reunion au + ceo!jeon

word count: 6,366 

part two | part three 

Eyes like ice, cold and calculating narrow over the rim of a wine glass. Soft lips press to the polished glass, the crimson complimenting tan skin. If it weren’t for the soft dent between his brows you would have assumed he had not heard you. He takes his time allowing the wine to caress his palate, eyes closed as he savors the taste.  As always, he makes you wait until the wine glass is drained of it’s dark contents. You ponder on the taste, if it is bitter upon his tongue much like his words.

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OTP Prompts


  • A is at an art museum, douchily explaining the ‘hidden meaning’ of a painting to an increasingly growing crowd. B clears their throat after a particularly personal insight into the artist’s life and says, “sorry, but not really?? At all??” (Bonus points if A is drunk and has no idea what they’re doing)
  • A owns a flower shop and one day B just kinda stumbles in, looking for the coffee shop that used to be there like three years ago. B buys a flower anyway, and comes back the next day and the next. A learns that B is a rather reclusive writer in between visits, and that he’s been stuck in a particularly nasty slump of writer’s block. Two weeks later, B bursts into the shop with the sudden realization that A is the one who’s been getting rid of his writer’s block, not the flowers.
  • A is a California kid looking to run away to NYC, B is a NYC kid looking to run away to California. They meet in a crappy diner somewhere in the middle, and they find home from there.

Lil snippets of dialogue to help you get started!!!

  • “Oh, so now it’s my fault?” “It was always your fault!!”
  • “I wanna be one of those old couples on the train that make other people want to be one of those old couples on the train!” “I’m more of a subway kind of guy, if I’m gonna be honest.”
  • “So what, you’re just going to stay here and sit on your ass?” “Is there any other way to sit?”


  • A is going through the grass looking for ladybugs with a lil magnifying glass and bug habitat and everything, and B accidentally tramples one and A just looks so heartbroken that B stays and helps him find roly polys for the rest of the day and listens to A rattle off bug facts.
  • “I thought my 64 pack of crayons was going to win over the whole class but you have a 96 pack and are we going to have to fight?? Oh my god no you’re crying I’m so sorry I moved for the third time and I just wanted to fit in”
  • A gets in trouble because they were supposed to make valentines for the whole class and they only made one for B “because it was more special that way”

music has the right to children - i am a happy child in a sunny 60′s idealistic north america suburb

geogaddi - ive been tied to a chair by a happy child from a sunny 60s idealistic north america suburb and im about to be burnt alive with the help of a magnifying glass like a bug

When I was a kid i used to have so so many bug themed clothes… i’ve always loved bugs, my dad is an entomologist and my mom loves all creatures and they let me wear boys clothes so I had so many cool BUGS!! I remember a tarantula shirt that glowed in the dark, and a pair of vans with bugs on them that i wore holes in and kept digging out of the trash, and an overall dress my mom made me with bugs and magnifying glasses and i just found a scrap of that fabric the other day. it’s too small to make clothes with tho… gotta think of something. 

I also used to, instead of a doll to carry around, a 3 foot long rubber centipede…

Post Paleolithic Japanese Figurine

3,300 - 2,800 B.C.

The style is very elaborated, it is difficult to understand if the body has decorations, or is dressed.

The head, can be considered an artistic hybrid man-animal, and in this case the animal part seems to us the magnified eyes of a bug. 

In more recent periods this dress could have been a theatre custom

This figurine was unearthed on Ebisuda Miyagi, Japan

Artistic-religious thieullenian mixed to post-paleolithic matthesian Civilization, with association of other divinities

Generically Jomon

Nouveau seahorse vase.  Carved porcelain, Stephanie Young 2014

When I was little I wanted to be a scientist.  Desperately.  Discover the world.  I would carry small science things in my pockets - magnifiers, bugs in plastic cases, a tiny dried seahorse.  To make conversation with the other kids.

It went over poorly.  But now I can nerd out as an artist and sit at my own lunch table.

for yara. happy birthday!!

inspired by a convo i had with liv about how kate is basically clint’s babysitter. and then i had the image of clint as a small child watching brave with his favorite babysitter, whose name was kate. and then i wrote this. 

“Hi, Katie!”

The bandage is on his nose today, not his cheek like it was yesterday. Sometimes Kate thinks he puts the band-aids on himself. No one can possibly get injured that often.

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