First Show Recap 4/8/13

Thank You Apeiria Photography for some great shots from the night which you all can check out by clicking on the photo below where it appears almost as though we are making magnificent bird signs ha!

Saturday March 30th was our first show as M.B.O.P. at Connie’s Ric Rac. Each of us was absolutely thrilled to be taking the stage again. We thank everyone who came out in support of this great night of music and The Lost Will Follow, The Wayside Shakeup, Sonic Cult, and Silver Skies for a great night of awesome tunes. I have no doubt in my mind that this show will never be forgotten by us for it’s huge support from both family and friends. You made us feel so humbled by seeing so many familiar faces and for getting us off to such an amazing supportive start, we’re super grateful. We also want to send out a huge thanks to GasHouse Radio for keeping people informed day in and day out with their support!

This is only the beginning of a fun filled summer of shows in support of our first e.p. which…YOU NOW CAN GET ON ITUNES! Just click the cover art below. Or… If you’re into streaming you can also look us up of Spotify and as well. 

Thank you from all of us for an incredible month.

P.S. We’ll see you in Philadelphia at Finnigan’s Wake for our second show with good friends Autolyze, The Lost Will Follow, and Sweet Eureka on Saturday April 20th! RSVP the event below as a reminder!



We would like to start out this update, by tipping our feathers to everyone who came out to our last PA show of 2013 at John and Peter’s in New Hope. Thanks again to Bhauraw for having us out. Despite being sad Ballroom Spies couldn’t make it, we were impressed by the riff-rock stylings of Wonder & Fury, and hope to hear more from them in the future. Hopefully all members of the Kelch/Rieders family and friend contingency received their “Lyle MBOP face pin”, and as always, you can receive a free MBOP pin at every show you attend. A final big thanks to John and Peter’s for letting us grace their stage. It was a very quaint little place, overflowing with character, and we were made to feel right at home from the moment we walked through the door. We hope to play there again in 2014.

Speaking of 2014–this year is quickly waning, as we scramble to wring just a little more living out of 2013. It has been a truly fantastic year for MBOP thanks to all of you. It is still hard to believe we played our first show just this past March, after about nine months of writing, recording, and pre-production for our self-titled, debut EP. We pre-sold the album digitally, thanks to many of you, and it enabled us to press our first limited edition run of physical CDs. We sold through those quickly enough that we are now on our second limited run of physical CDs and we were able to make DVDs/T-shirts/Stickers and Pins. We were lucky enough to be blessed with a ton of great press and reviews as well. CLICK HERE FOR 11 REASONS you should own our debut.

2013 started with Magnificent Birds of Prey getting involved in Gashouse Radio’s band vs. band competition, gearing up for release, and running up 15 straight wins to receive a ‘retired champion status’–the first feather in our cap, prior to playing a single live show. More importantly, we’ve made many friends this year, as a result of listening to Gashouse–through the chat room, the band vs. band competition, in-studio appearances, and the many shows we’ve attended or played with other retired champions and Gashouse-affiliated bands.

Flap your wings, and flash forward to the current date and time, and you’ll find MBOP embroiled in the hot and heavy competition of Gashouse Radio’s 2013 Tournament of Champions, with all eyes on the championship ring(s). One ring to rule them all, my precious. There are only retired champions left–Amber Ladd, The Defused, In the Presence of Wolves, The Lost Will Follow, and “yours truly,” Magnificent Birds of Prey!–each talented act has it’s own legitimate claim to the crown. We are grateful to remain amongst this field of heavyweight competition, but also glad to enjoy the music and friendship of each and every one of these amazing acts.

This Friday, we face off against our good friend, Amber Ladd, whom we wish all the best, as she continues to promote her recently released new album, eleKtro (now available–everywhere). Please tune in on December 20th, to Gashouse Radio ( between 6 PM and 8 PM, to help vote us on to the Championship Round!

Speaking of eleKtro, Lyle and Carl were on-hand for the album release, this snowy Saturday past, where we picked up our lunchboxes (signed CDs, USB drives, t-shirt, etc–the whole shebang) in-person. It was a great line-up at The Legendary Dobbs, and a friendly atmosphere, with a lot of fun giveaways. Our self-professed “roadie”, Craig, managed to swap his Nerdwolf shirt for an In the Presence of Wolves tee showing once again that all wolves can co-exist in brotherly fashion.

On the topic of all things Nerdwolf, we’d like to present the following video morsel, as a gift from MBOP to you. Please view (again and again) the video of our live performance of “Wolves a Comin’” from our 7/5 World Cafe Live DVD (only 18 left, $5 at shows). Please also remember to bring the fangs and vote for us, this Friday (12/20) in Gashouse Radio’s tournament of Champions.

Lastly, please remember to mark your calendars as we will be playing our last show of the year, a Pre-New Year’s Bash at Hot Shots (500 Gateway Blvd. RT 45, Westville, NJ 08093) on Saturday, December 28th. Also playing are The Quixote Project, and The Lost Will Follow. We hope some of you will make your way out to hear us wave our feathers to 2013, and make way for a brand new year of rock. Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night!

xoxo - Four Magnificent Birds in a Pear Tree (Carl, Jeff, Joel, Lyle)

Mid-November Birdseed

Well, we’d like to start out by thanking everyone who came out to Big Shots in Burlington, NJ, as we played our first full-length acoustic set last Saturday (11/16). We had a fantastic time, and felt lucky to play first, so we could kick back and roost while The Defused, The Lost Will Follow, and The Mainestreet Band (brothers) rocked us deep into the (“acousticky”) night. The jams were chiller, the sound less-deafening, but the rock was still present in high spirits. I’ve always believed if you can’t rock it acoustic, in some capacity, the song has flaws from a basic songwriting standpoint. I believe our acoustic set, featuring a percussive array of “what did he just play?”, courtesy of our multi-instrumental rhythm section, really helps to show off the raw spirit, and the true essence of MBOP’s meaning and message. I am proud that our songs seem to flex, and fly, and, well–just breath–separate from the boutique pedal shop we normally tap dance through in our regular, electric set (40+ band pedals and counting LOL).

Tonight we have practice in preparation for Tom and Jerry’s this Friday, 11/22. We are playing with recent, well deserved, WMMR artist of the month, The Good Excuses, and extremely excited to meet and see Mo Lowda and the Humble. It’s going to be a great evening, and we’re hoping to see many of your smiling faces. There will be a new, larger batch of MBOP Face Pins, due to popular demand. We ran out of the previous batch quickly at our last show. These are silly, free promotions. Keep on the lookout, as we’re planning to hold a “create the next MBOP pin” design contest (great for all you designers out there!).

What else has MBOP been up to you, you ask? The answer is: “A LOT!”.

Lyle and Carl (via The Spartan Tone) have been working with the very talented Amber Ladd, to assist with tracking the last of her vocal tracks for the pending new album, eleKtro. Can’t wait to hear the final product, and we think all ya'all should mark your calendars for 12/14 @ Dobbs for the official album release.

Lyle was in attendance at the first Gashouse Radio Open-Jam at Dobbs. It seems to have been a great success (unfortunately, I was not in attendance, keep reading to see why), based on the large number of pictures posted across the interwebs. Looks like it was an absolute blast. Lyle, would you like to interject here: SWELL, mighty SWELL my friends, so glad this was just the beginning!

Carl (that’s me!) and Jeff hit up Fishtown, and Kung Fu Necktie for Turning Violet Violet (possibly their last show, so sad–such a great band–we were lucky to play with them, previously, while in Mini Mammoth), and Elsinore. Elsinore came all the way out here from Champaign, IL on tour to support their new album (out now!), Push/Pull. They are a uniquely poppy blend of rock with many subtle, spacey elements, and vocals that range dynamically from loud to soft, while maintaining a beauty that feels pushed to just before the edge of shattering. Simply awesome stuff. They say they will be back here soon, hopefully this coming Spring 2014. Be sure to check them out, as they are NOT to be missed.

In case we don’t get to see you before the New Year, we would like to wish you all a Happy Holidays, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy and SAFE New Year, as we look forward to trimming our Thanksgiving turkeys (our less “manificent” breathren), and knocking back some beers at the pending Gashouse Christmas party. It’s ugly sweater weather time, people. Make with your favorite ugly sweater, be grateful for all that you have, and be sure to find something to be hopeful about, as you look towards 2014.

2013 has been very good to Magnificent Birds of Prey, but this is just the beginning. We have things in the works for new merch, new songs, new recordings, and more shows. Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on the skies, because THESE birds do NOT fly south for the Winter.


MBOP ~ Carl J. Kunz Jr.

Narcissus: I am so hot
Echo: so hot
Narcissus: ikr, just look at me, I’m magnificent.
Echo: magnificent
Narcissus: I’m like some majestic bird of prey or a beautifully lethal tiger, or a lethally beautiful lion. (Contented sigh) Don’t you just love me?
Echo: (sadly) love me