magnificent ukulele

anonymous asked:

What kind of music do you like? Would it be too much to ask for you make a "top 10 fav songs" list?

Oh yea, sure !
As it’s completely impossible to choose just 10 “all-time” fav songs, I’ll just pick up 10 awesome songs from my current playlist, how’s that ?

1 - Animal Collective - Golden Gal (<3)

2 - Elliott Smith - Angeles

3 - Life without buildings - The Leanover

4 - Tom Rosenthal - Don’t you know how busy and important I am

5 - Kanye West - All of the lights (surprised much ? seriously watch the whole video, it’s really nuts)

6 - The Raincoats - Lola (apparently it’s a cover of the Kinks ! I just found out, niceee)

7 - Clothilde - Fallait pas écraser la queue du chat

8 - Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele - Meet me in the Garden

9 - Sufjan Stevens - All Of Me Wants All Of You

10 - Allen Toussaint - Southern Nights

AAAAAND… BONUS : Yamasuki - Yama Yama (YES, it’s actually french people pretending to sing in japanese… it’s the best thing EVER)

feel free to send me music as well, i’m always up to discover new shit