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Happily (n)ever after?

Request: Can i request OUAT fic in which reader is henry twin but she didn’t get adopted by regina? When emma and henry reunited, they decided they want to know u. But reader didn’t exactly get her best chance in life. She is not welcoming either. They took her to storybrooke. Regina n the charming tries to get to know her too.

You looked around, checking to see if anyone was watching.
“You alright, miss?” A security guard asked you, looking at you suspiciously.
“I’m waiting for my friend, she said she’d be here at half past.” You said, trying to look worried.
The guard checked his watch. “It’s only twenty past two.”
“Half past one.” You said, going onto your toes and looking around. “Maybe I’m in the wrong shop. Is there another one of these nearby? I’m not from around here.”
The guard shook his head. “No there’s not, sorry, but you can’t be waiting in here, I’m afraid. It looks like you’re trying to steal something. There’s a bench outside where you can wait.”
You nodded, thanking him, then left the shop, walking quickly. Once out of sight of the store, you started running. After a minute or two, you ducked into a quiet area and emptied out your pockets. You’d managed to grab an apple, and a few candy bars. You quickly ate them, knowing your foster brother would most likely eat most of your dinner once you got home.
A shadow fell over you, and you saw the face of your twin brother, Henry. He’d contacted you by email a while ago, telling you how you were related, and about your mother and saying that they wanted to get to know you, even including some pictures. You hadn’t responded.
“What are you doing here?” You demanded, quickly stuffing your candy back in your pocket.
“I wanted to show you this.” He said, handing you a few papers.
You suspiciously looked through them, a frown appearing and growing on your face as you realised what they were.
“Mum’s adopting you.” Henry smiled at you.
You huffed. “I have a family, I live with them.”
“They said it was okay. They signed it. Come on.” He held out his hand, which you didn’t take, walking stiffly beside him back to a yellow car with a blonde woman leaning against it. “Hey Y/N, I’m Emma.”
You folded your arms, trying your best to make it clear to her that you were angry. She opened the car door, and Henry smiled at you again. You decided that you hated him, and his smiling.
“Wanna sit in the front?” He offered.
You didn’t respond, climbing into the back of the car and folding your arms again. On the seat beside you was a suitcase, which you recognised as yours, full of your things, that you’d never unpacked.

A few hours later, Emma parked the car on the street, and the three of you got out, Emma carrying your bag for you. You went up some steps and into an apartment. “I’m renting this place for a while.” She explained. “Henry lives with Regina, who adopted him.”
“And ten years later, you decided to adopt me.” You muttered, looking around. “What changed your mind?”
“Hey, she gave you up to give you your best chance!” Henry argued.
You spun to face him. “Did she tell you that crap? Or was it your loving mom, Regina?”
He glared at you. “Neither of them did! I know because it was the same reason Emma was abandoned. You should just be glad!”
“Henry, enough!” Emma snapped. “Why don’t you go order us some food in Granny’s? And you can find the others, I’m sure they want to meet Y/N.” She softened slightly.
Henry nodded, taking the money Emma offered, then left the apartment.
“Maybe Y/N doesn’t want to meet the others.” You muttered, folding your arms.
Emma sighed and sat down, gesturing for you to sit too. “How bad was it?” She asked softly.
You frowned, still standing. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“I have a superpower kiddo, I can tell when people are lying.” She gave you a gentle smile, but you turned away.
“Listen, Y/N, I heard about some of the other places you stayed. I’m a bail bonds person, I know what I’m doing. I can promise you that here is not going to be like any of those places, but if you don’t believe me, that’s okay. Just give me some time. The adoption papers kind of mean you’re stuck with me.” She stood up and walked past you, opening the door and smiling at you. “Let’s go meet the others, okay?”
You nodded reluctantly, following her out of the apartment and into a diner. She gave you a gentle push towards a booth where Henry was sitting with some food. “Go eat, I’m sure you’re hungry.”
You nodded and sat opposite Henry while Emma went to talk to some more people.
“This is for you.” Henry said, pushing a mug of hot cocoa to you, along with a slice of apple pie. “So is this. You seemed to really enjoy the apple you had earlier, so I thought you might like some more.”
“Thanks.” You mumbled, sipping the cocoa, then frowning as you tried to place the mystery ingredient that made it really yummy.
“Cinnamon.” Henry smiled. “It makes it much nicer, doesn’t it?”
You nodded. “Yeah, I never thought of doing that.”
“Well I’m sure you had other things to think about.” A woman with dark hair said, sitting beside Henry. “I’m Regina, Henry’s mom.” She smiled at you.
You nodded. “Hi. i’m Henry’s twin. I don’t have a mom.” You sipped your cocoa, and then started eating your slice of pie, making sure to eat it slowly so that you didn’t have to talk.

A few days passed, and you warmed up to Henry, a bit, but you still weren’t friendly. You were on your way home from school when Mary Margaret caught up to you.
“Y/N, Emma just called me. We’re all going to be spending the night at Regina’s.” She smiled.
“Why?” You demanded.
“The Wicked Witch is threatening our family. Regina has a protection spell around her home. Come on, let’s go.” She gestured to you to follow her.
“Do I have time to get my stuff?” You sighed, having decided to feign disinterest in all the magic stuff, even though you loved it.
“No, come on, it’ll be fun, I promise.” She started walking towards Regina’s house, which was really more of a manor to you.

A few hours later, and you were sitting on a couch in Regina’s living room, your hood over your head, pretending to be asleep.
You felt the couch move as someone sat next to you, and you put a little more effort into pretending to be asleep.
“You know,” Regina began, “Henry thought I was the Evil Queen. At least your adopted mother is the Saviour.”
“I’ve been in enough foster homes to know that after a while, the nice stops.” You muttered.
Regina rested her arm around you. “Y/N, I know this is difficult for you, and you’re scared in case you get hurt again, but is there anything we can do to show you that we’re different?”
You shook your head stubbornly, which made Regina sigh, and then she smiled. “Do you like reading?”
You nodded slightly, and moments later, you were sitting in the middle of a magnificent library. Regina gestured around. “You can read whatever you want, but if you’re using the ladder, please be careful. That door leads to the hallway.” She patted you on the back, and then left through the door she’d pointed out.
Much as you wanted to, you were determined not to give in and read the books, so you sat there, arms folded stubbornly, for hours, until the door opened and Prince Charming came in.
“Go away.” You ordered, and heard him sigh.
“Nope. Come on.”
When you didn’t move, he simply picked you up and carried you out of the library, into the back garden. It looked to be around eight or nine in the evening. He put you down and then stood opposite you.
“Unfortunately, this town seems to be a target for attacks, so if you’re gonna stay here, I’d prefer if you knew how to look after yourself.” He picked up two sticks, tossing one to you. “Ever been in a sword fight?”
You grinned, despite yourself. “Not exactly, but I have been in ordinary fights. And sticks help.” With that, you jumped forward, hitting him in the stomach with your stick. As he let out a groan, a genuine smile rose to your lips, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad here after all, because if they were teaching you to look after yourself, it meant that they couldn’t do anything to you, so maybe they really were the good guys, your ‘happy ending’, if you were to put it into Henry’s words.


From the Library of Congress, The Card Catalog takes readers on a treasure hunt through the history of our most beloved books. Teeming with over 200 images of original catalog cards, first edition book covers, and photos from magnificent archives of the Library of Congress, this collection is a visual celebration of one of the world’s most famous libraries and the brilliant catalog system that has kept it organized for hundreds of years.

Here is the introduction of the book written by Peter Devereaux, Writer-Editor at The Library of Congress.

Wandering the stacks at the Library of Congress can be as overwhelming as it is inspiring. Drifting through the maze of bookshelves evokes images of Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges’s fictional Library of Babel—a seemingly infinite labyrinth of books.

Being surrounded by the collected memory of the human race is a reminder of the intrinsic desire for both knowledge and organization. Ever since the emergence of the written word, humans have scribbled down myths, stories, histories, and natural observations and worked tirelessly to gather and protect these fragments of a shared past.

Evolving alongside, in the shadows of the written word, was one of the most versatile and durable technologies in history: the library catalog—a road map for navigating this wilderness of books. The humble yet powerful card catalog progressed slowly and, like countless other important inventions, owes its existence to a number of brilliant thinkers, as well as to the twists and turns of history.

From the peculiar and idiosyncratic methods of ancient libraries to far more intricate, comprehensive modern attempts, library catalogs are a tangible example of humanity’s effort to establish and preserve the possibility of order.

Assembled in handsome oak cabinets, the card catalog once framed the palatial Main Reading Room at the Library of Congress. It has now fallen to the exigencies of modern life, replaced by the flickering screens of the online computer catalog. One would need to venture farther into the stacks to find the Main Card Catalog.

Opening a drawer and flipping through the well-worn cards, many handwritten and filled with marginalia containing valuable information not to be found in an Internet search, leaves one with a sense of awe at how catalogers distilled so much information onto simple 3-by-5-inch index cards—cards that still sit neatly filed, waiting to reveal the treasures hidden in the hundreds of miles of Library stacks on Capitol Hill.”

—Peter Devereaux
Writer-Editor at The Library of Congress

See inside the book over on our blog.

A non-extensive list of reasons why Marvin is Very Fucking Extra*

*mainly on clothing bc that’s what I’ve been thinking about a lot

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Something Borrowed | HANSOL

Genre: library/college!au | i’ll drown you in fluff

Member: Hansol / Reader

Word Count: 2,600+

Warnings: mild language

Note: this is the product of me procrastinating my study and spending too much time in libraries. it’s short and sub-par, but i thought i’d post it to break the dry spell. i also have run out of hansol gifs he needs to comeback so there are more

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SHIP #46

I ship you with Khal Drogo

• you’re like the most stranger thing of esos, with your blue eyes and red hair. Nobody looks like you and most of people seems or really impressed or afraid. They might think you’re some kind of witch. You don’t really know how your family end up on the continent but you’re here pretty much at home now.
You obviously know Khal Drogo (who doesn’t ?) but you hate the fact that he shows a haughty face all the time. This guy doesn’t impress you that’s why you are his official writter.
• He doesn’t talk too much when you are together. Everything is in the look and the touch. He looks at you writing or reading most of the time and calls you only when he needs you. But you stupidly feel a sexual tension all the time and try to sustain it. Maybe it’s just your imagination.
• once you get tired of his indistinct groanings "Seven gods! I have learned your langage do the same!“ You didn’t left him the choice and started learning him a bit everyday until he began to be fluent.
• once you cleaned up his face after a fight. He just opened the belly of a man without as much as batting an eyelid. Some said he is the best fighter who ever lived. You just have to look at his beard to know it. "For me scared were you?”
“Were you scared for me ?” you corrected him" well no not that much" you laughed wiping the blood on his  chin. He stoped your hands next to his lips and kissed you instead. It was like so powerfull.
• it’s totally forbiden but he knows your secret passion for art. There is a sacred cave next to the village only allowed to Khals. It’s full of old paint every enthusiast of the arts and culture would kill both father and mother to see.
“Close your eyes" He guided you in the dark during long minutes before whispering to your ear it was okay. What you’ve seen was so beautiful that you almost cried. You couldn’t resist to skim the unique treasures with your fingers.
"Magical, absolute…”
• He finishes allllll your sentences it’s crazy. "Stop this!“

I ship you with Thomas Shelby

• Your aunt Mary work at Thomas Shelby house. Her health was worrying, Thomas didn’t want her near to Charlie so she ask you to replace her for a while. You knock nervously at the door, she opened and THE Thomas was standing here, a hand in his pocket. « Welcome » 
• Charlie was asleep, the house clean so you lost yourself into the many rooms of this house. A magnificent library attract you. You pick a book and start reading the first page. 
« Do you found something interesting ? » Thomas was leaning against the door « I’m sorry, I didn’t want to.. »
«  Keep it, take everything you want actually, Grace was the one reading the most » he turn and leave in a broken voice.
• Asleep, you wake up to the sound of multiple glasses breaking. You put a dressing gown covering your body and run to the sound. « Mr Shelby? » you knock at the door « I’m okay » he screamed, waking up Charlie, you glance a worried look and run to Charlie instead. 
Finally calm you join Thomas in his office, he was just smocking at the window, you clean his mess in a silence. « What are you doing tomorrow night? »
« Nothing sir »  « I would enjoy your company at the opening of the institute » 
« Everything you want » you said confused.
You found a red dress on your bed the next day, Thomas was waiting down the stairs. He give you his arm « I guessed your size » that simple sentence from him make you blush « red suit you better »
• you paint a couple of things for him, the house is full of it. 
• You know Grace was Thomas love of his life, you know he’ll never love a woman like her ever, but when he asked you to spend nights with him, you sometimes believes you can help him escape reality. He always twist a strand of your ginger hair before leaving the house. 

I ship you with Ubbe

« Is this good for you Ubbe? » you clean the fur a last time, and took the heavy coat from the chair and put it on his shoulder, he was absolutely magnificent with it. He turn on himself. “I’m feeling like a king”, this is amazing work like always » you cross your hands, nearly dancing on your feet. 
« Thank you » you bow a little bit in front of him.
«  How many times do I have to tell you, no need to do this for me »
« I’m still at your services Ubbe » 
He gives you a long look, watching all your body, and resting on your amazing face. « You’re going to be late! » you said to him
“ I would rather stay with you”
« What for ? » you frowned. He laughed a little, amazed by how you still not understand he is into you. « Have a good evening Y/N »
Your guilty pleasure is riding and Ubbe knows it, the simple pleasure to see your ginger hair in the wind warm his heart.
You were cleaning his shoes, Ubbe taking a bath in the separate room. 
« I’m nearly done » you scream « Coming » 
You saw him walk in the room, a little sheet around his hips, hiding what was need to hide. but couldn’t leave many things for the imagination. You blushed instantly. « Oh, I’m, I, I leave you get ready » 
« Don’t » he grab your arm making you face him.
« Would you want to stay with me, like for a long period of time? »
« What do you mean Ubbe? I have over person to dress..? »
He rolled his eyes and kissed you his wet body against yours.

Written words and sounds

Never had any euphonious voice,

Wasn’t versed with words either,

Speaking them yes,

Writing them however,

Was a totally different matter.

Would take you to the beach,

To listen to the sound of waves,

Crashing on to the rocks,

A melody in itself.

Would wake you up as the sun rises,

To the sounds of birds chirping,

Singing praises, songs,

In their own beautiful voices.

Would make you dance in the rain,

And listen to the sound of raindrops,

On the window pane,

Getting wet, letting go of all the pain.

Would guide you through museums,

Galleries of amazing art,

To help you comprehend the voices,

That were being spoken by the paintings.

Would tour you around the magnificent libraries,

Books, paperbacks and hardcovers,

Smell of the written words,

Rustling of the pages.

He could never sing a song,

For he never had any euphonious voice,

Wasn’t versed with words either,

Speaking them, yes,

Writing them, however,

Was a totally different matter.

- DG

The Library of Trinity College Dublin

Welcome to the Old Library and the Book of  Kells  - a “must see” on the itinerary of all visitors to Dublin. Located  in the heart of Dublin City, a walk through the cobbled stones of Trinity  College Dublin will bring visitors back to the 18th century, when the magnificent Old Library  building was constructed. Inside is housed the Book of Kells -  a 9th-century gospel manuscript famous throughout the world. Visitors are welcomed by our friendly staff seven days a week.

Visitors enter through the Library Shop and  proceed to the Book of Kells “Turning Darkness into Light” exhibition;  then to the Treasury where the Book of Kells and other related manuscripts are  on view; then proceed upstairs to the magnificent Long Room which houses  200,000 of the Library’s oldest books in its oak bookcases.

Daily inspiration. Discover more photos at

The Library of Trinity College Dublin

Welcome to the Old Library and the Book of  Kells  - a “must see” on the itinerary of all visitors to Dublin. Located  in the heart of Dublin City, a walk through the cobbled stones of Trinity  College Dublin will bring visitors back to the 18th century, when the magnificent Old Library  building was constructed. Inside is housed the Book of Kells -  a 9th-century gospel manuscript famous throughout the world. Visitors are welcomed by our friendly staff seven days a week.

Visitors enter through the Library Shop and  proceed to the Book of Kells “Turning Darkness into Light” exhibition;  then to the Treasury where the Book of Kells and other related manuscripts are  on view; then proceed upstairs to the magnificent Long Room which houses  200,000 of the Library’s oldest books in its oak bookcases.

Daily inspiration. Discover more photos at
satellites, chapter 13 (naboo!au) | Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

this chapter:

-anakin attempts a birds & bees talk
-kyp durron is the leader of the jedi order (force save us)
-ben shows rey his Magnificent Library
-rey is called a moon jockey
-cause baby you’re a firework plays in the distance

Derek is canonically a jock, right? Right.

But stick with me here. 

Say Derek’s a jock because he’s good at basketball and sports and fell in with the popular crowd. I mean, hell yeah, Derek is cocky as fuck and he likes being popular, he fits in, and he can captain that ship all the way home, but what if he is actually a giant, shy nerd too? 

What if Derek, who is usually so smooth and acts confident gets all flushed and flustered when Stiles comes on to him, or fuck, even just talks to him? Derek is an asshole, it’s part of his nature, and he can be charming and smooth but what if this is all a bit of an act too? Derek likes showing off and he really is your stereotypical jock a lot of the time, but. But. 

But, what if he had been friends with Erica in high school? What if he had fallen in with a different crowd, or a less popular crowd? What if he had never been given the confidence boost being a jock gave him? And yeah, at home and with his friends he’s still cocky, still sassy, and plays sports like the werewolf boss he is, but what if he isn’t smooth at all? What then? These are things I want to know. Is Derek actually very shy in this version of high school? Does he volunteer at the library? Does he blush furiously when Stiles Stilinski asks him if there are any books on the male circumcision because Google just isn’t cutting it? 

Or, imagine canon Derek in all his jockish, high school glory, flirting with his basketball and giving everyone that killer Hale smile because he knows he’s pretty awesome, but when Stiles comes along he gets super shy and blushes like a damn idiot every single time Stiles winks at him? If he asked Stiles out, would he say yes? Would Derek actually be good enough for Stiles? Give me jock Derek riddled with self doubts. Give me jock Derek who kind of curls up in a ball on Laura’s lap. eating ice cream and watching Firefly, because Stiles is in love with Lydia damn Martin and life isn’t fair. 

And, you know, Derek is always at sporting events- he’s very passionate about his team- but he hates parties because he’s not actually that good with people. He’s good at flirting, when he’s being Mr Popular, but when it comes to not being that guy, the one who everyone loves, when he wants to be that other side of himself, the one who loves Lord of the Rings and freaks out over learning this cool ancient language that was spoken by an old, local werewolf tribe in South America, who gets star struck in the presence of a truly magnificent library? That’s when he doesn’t exactly know how to fit in or feel 100% comfortable.  

Just, give me jock Derek who has super nerdy tendencies. Who, at school, likes being Mr Popular, but at home is every bit as nerdy as Stiles is. Give me Derek who is amazing at basketball but trips over himself when he tries to dance. Derek who is invited to all the parties but would rather spend the evening with his Dad talking about his family’s heritage and supernatural lore. Derek, who rebels a hell of a lot, sneaking out at night, earning him this super cool “badass” reputation, when in actual fact he is actually sneaking out to take walks in his favourite park after it closes because he likes how it looks in the moonlight. 

Derek who flirts with Stiles and snarks at him and judges him with his eyebrows and grins like a- sexy- predator but gets totally flustered about what clothes to wear for their first date and if he should buy Stiles flowers or a comic because Stiles loves Batman but flowers are really nice too. Derek, who then maybe panics about what flowers to get Stiles because flowers have different meanings! The red tulips are beautiful but Derek may as well confess his undying love right then and there if Stiles is as much of a flower nerd as him. There are also some lovely yellow roses his dad grows in the garden but he doesn’t want Stiles to get the wrong idea and think he just wants to be friends.  

And don’t even get me started on the first kiss. Derek has kissed a few people and he likes to think he’s good at it, but suddenly Stiles is standing there, his face inches from Derek’s and it’s Stiles who has to take the lead despite the fact Derek knows Stiles has never kissed anyone before, can smell how nervous he is- like Derek doesn’t want him or something equally ridiculous- and Derek melts like fucking butter as he feels Stiles’ heart beat press against his chest, his lips soft and warm and nothing like Derek imagined. 

Just, I have a great need for shy, nerd!Derek, but I also love and accept Derek is one hell of a jock. So give me both. Give me all the fics and all the headcanons. Let me die happy in the knowledge that Derek’s canonically a closest nerd who loves baking and actually really likes those cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies because he loves making fun of them but also likes to imagine being in one because he’s a hardcore romantic like his Dad who dreams of true love and happily ever after?    

The Library of Trinity College Dublin

Welcome to the Old Library and the Book of  Kells  - a “must see” on the itinerary of all visitors to Dublin. Located  in the heart of Dublin City, a walk through the cobbled stones of Trinity  College Dublin will bring visitors back to the 18th century, when the magnificent Old Library  building was constructed. Inside is housed the Book of Kells -  a 9th-century gospel manuscript famous throughout the world. Visitors are welcomed by our friendly staff seven days a week.

Visitors enter through the Library Shop and  proceed to the Book of Kells “Turning Darkness into Light” exhibition;  then to the Treasury where the Book of Kells and other related manuscripts are  on view; then proceed upstairs to the magnificent Long Room which houses  200,000 of the Library’s oldest books in its oak bookcases.

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legit do not understand how people buy so many new books.

I’m a huge bookworm, don’t get me wrong. I read a LOT. but I get them at conferences or borrow them from friends or the library or put them on my Christmas/birthday wishlists - I almost never buy new books (unless it’s, like, a series new release that I’ve been DYING for and it’s a carefully planned splurge). If I do treat myself to a book buying binge, I go to a used bookstore where I can get them for $3-4 per book instead of list price.

for those of you who are making enough money to regularly buy new books and keep yourselves fed and housed and clothed and all of that: you lucky duck! I envy you and I’m pleased that you are so well cared for! keep on supporting the industry :)

but for those of you on booklr who aren’t yet out in the world of financially supporting yourself and see so many posts glorifying buying new books when you can’t really afford it, please know that it’s okay to not buy books all the time. It’s okay to use your library and your friends and used bookstores and whatever other resources you need. It’s important to take care of yourself and be financially responsible, and if financial responsibility for you means not buying that book you really really want but waiting to get it from the library instead, that does not make you any less of a reader.

never feel ashamed or lesser because you can’t buy new books or have magnificent home libraries. you’re still a bookworm. promise.