magnificent libraries

angelofdirewolves  asked:

For the three sentence things, could you do Pidge and Coran, dictionary? I have a feeling that there has to be a dictionary for either Galran or Altean somewhere on the castleship that isn't the death teaching machine that we saw.

Once she gets past basic vocabulary and into full sentence structure, Pidge decides maybe it’s time to ask Coran if he could turn the safety feature back on.

“Certainly,” Coran says, blinking, “but why not just use the library?”

“There’s a library?!” Pidge shrieks.

(Send me a prompt and I’ll write a three-sentence ficlet!)

The stacks at the magnificent Mercantile Library in Cincinnati, where I did an event last night. Seriously, if you live within driving distance of Cincinnati, can spare $55 per year, and like books, you should be a member.

Two excellent details:
1) The library has a 10,000 year lease on the space
2) That lease is renewable.