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muhteşem yüzyıl kösem + history:

“During an imperial audience to which all leading statesmen were summoned, the sultan, with his grandmother seated at his side behind a curtain, dismissed Sofu Mehmed Pasha and appointed the Agha of the Janissaries, Kara Murad Pasha, to the vacant office. Speaking from behind the curtain, Kösem defended her role and silenced her critics in a speech the vehemence of which surprised all present. She cited the former grand vezir’s shortcomings, including his plans to assassinate her, to which she commented: “Thanks to God, I have lived through four reigns and I have governed myself for a long while. The world will be neither reformed nor destroyed by my death."” – Leslie P. Peirce - The Imperial Harem: Women and Sovereignty in the Ottoman Empire



I’ve always been a little bit iffy on the idea of tampering with the official Pokemon, like creating new evolutions and such. The idea of regional variants however, is a quite cool in that I can adapt them to my region and treat them as almost totally different species. So I’ve decided to add some ‘Cyare Forms’ to the mix.

Introducing the Cyare forms of the Oddish family!

ODDISH - Grass
According to historical records, a group of Oddish made their way to Cyare centuries ago, as stowaways on the canoes of the Islander settlers. They eventually made their way deep into the dense forests that cover the region. Over time, the clean fresh air they breathed in removed all the toxins from their bodies, making them lose the poison type. The forests were so dense and dark, they felt safe and no longer needed to hide underground, or remain nocturnal. Their skin turned a brown colour and hardened into bark, which gave them a boost of defense and attack. Living among several commonplace ferns caused the plant to replace the leaves on their heads. After many years, they slowly emerged from the deep forests and now reside in many green areas across the region.

GLOOM - Grass
Gloom’s bark hardens even more once evolved from Oddish, and has increasingly gained attack and defense. Upon evolution they begin to drool a delicious golden honey-like nectar that is favoured by many and is used in many local delicacies. No longer being a Poison type as well, Gloom has developed a rather fresh and pleasant aroma, and city people in particular, keep Gloom to freshen their homes. Gloom is also no longer floral, as the ferns from Oddish remain, it has failed to develop any kind of flower. Still evolves from Oddish at Level 21.

Vileplume has grown into a tree, with a magnificent arrangement of ferns on its head. Most Vileplume prefer to live in forests, and are masters of disguising themselves as actual trees. Where there is no forest, groups of Vileplume may gather creating a forest themselves and is a spectacle to witness. Another form of Cyarean Vileplume has also emerged over time, this one being a lot taller than usual. This is caused by Vileplume that live in well lit forests, with the extra sunlight causing them to grow taller. A Leaf Stone still remains the method of evolving from Gloom. Attack and defense have taken over as Vileplume’s favoured stats, and uses moves such as Power Whip and Wood Hammer.

BELLOSSOM - Grass/Fairy
Bellossom also live deep in forests and are like whimsical wood sprites that shuffle about the forest floor. They wear a dress of dead fern leaves, a headdress of young ferns, and have soft dark green moss covering their skin. While Vileplume are slow moving and carefree, Bellossom are quick and alert, and are also known to emit a soft glow. For many years people have thought that the changes Gloom underwent made it lose the ability to evolve into Bellossom, as Sun stones no longer worked. It is now known that the ability to evolve was only suppressed until the right conditions were met, and a shiny stone is now required. Also opposite to Vileplume, Bellossom is strong in its special stats. It uses moves such as Moonblast, Energy Ball and Leaf Storm.

Cyare Form alterations designed by myself with the use of base designs © The Pokemon Company

The second one!
Kostroma (rus. Кострома) — is an East-Slavic deity, a personification of sping and fertility, who was traditionally portrayed as a beautiful young woman in white clothes with an oaken branch in her hands. She was always followed by a women’s khorovod (rus. хоровод — a slavic folk dance, during which dancers form a big circle). In Kostroma’s presence everything in the nature was given a new life: herbs begun to bloom, birds flew back to their nests.  With the beginning of a summer season, however, people arranged a magnificent ritual funeral, during which they burned/drowned/buried Kostroma, depicted by a giant straw doll, as it was giving a fertility and wealth to the earth. Anyways, slavs deeply believed that Kostroma shall resurrect by the next spring.

P.S. God damn, the word “ khorovod” looks monstrous when written in English)
WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 6 Full Translation.


Part 1

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6th sector -  Ryotei* “The safflower”.

(*A fancy traditional Japanese restaurant)

In Eastern end of the 6th sector, there is a block of noble residences standing in a row.

The head of the Kuchiki clan - one of the four noble families - have for generations, shouldered the responsibility of squad 6 captain, the squad building for that division exists in the 6th sector, and the Kuchiki clan are purveyors of various long standing shops that are lined up side by side there too. For that reason, nobles wishing for fine quality goods all set up residence here, the common soldiers have dubbed this wealthy sector “Kizokugai (Noble city)”.

“Hey Yamada… Is this really the right place!?”

The 4th division’s vice captain Kiyone Kotetsu asked Yamada Hanataro, the third seat of the same squad, who  was concealed behind her as they walked.

“It’s a prime location, it should be right….but….”

Hanataro timidly followed Kiyone whilst checking the electronic correspondence that he received from Kuchiki Rukia, many times over.

As they passed through bamboo thickets and advanced on a straight  gravel covered road, the Sukiyamon* (*Sukiya architecture style gate) came into view. Before the lattice door there was beautifully brushed lettering that said “The safflower” and paper covered lamps cast a soft light on its surroundings.

“Th… This is the place…. isn’t it… ”

“We’re already late for the get together, there’s nothing we can do but go in.”

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“i think i will let you” (part 2 of when i told you i loved you)

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Word Count: 2382

Warnings: lots of swearing, 

part 1


“I don’t know about this Cal.”

“Come on. It’s just one night.”

He was tugging gently on her arm. It was the eve of her 18th birthday and Calum showed up in her backyard, tossing rocks to her window at 10:00 pm, trying to convince her to sneak out with him for a surprise. Now she was standing just inside her backdoor and facing his pout.

“What if we get caught? I’m not about to get in trouble with my family the day that I become a legal adult.”

He rolled his eyes at her. “We won’t get caught. That was one time for Christ’s sakes. I won’t let it happen again.”

She sighed and bit her lip. Calum’s eyes flickered to her lips for a moment. He felt a strong compulsion to embrace her in a kiss.


He shook himself out of the daze. “Yeah?”

“I’ll go. Let me just go get changed.” She jutted her thumb behind her back.

“What’s wrong with what you’re wearing right now?” He smirked, staring at her exposed legs in the little PJ shorts she was sporting.

She rolled her eyes, not noticing his gaze. “It’s freezing outside, Cal. I’m gonna go throw on some sweat.” She whispered and rushed upstairs.

When she came back down, she was wearing a pair of sweat pants and his soccer sweatshirt. He felt a warm swell surge through him. He watched her walk out and turn around to close the door quietly. When he saw his last name printed across her back he whimpered in want. He couldn’t control himself anymore.

He was moving to hold her when she turned back around. “So what was this surprise you were telling me about?” A smile graced her lips.

He smiled at her and stuck his elbow out for her to take. “Shall we?”

She giggled and grabbed his arm, letting him lead her into the night.

“Calum!” Luke shouted. Calum jumped.

“What!?” He snapped.
“You have to get out of bed. It’s been three days.” His friend pulled back the covers.

“Luke, get the fuck out.” Calum grumbled from the bed.

“No, this is ridiculous. I know you guys had a falling out but—“

“It was worth than a falling out Luke.” Calum shouted. “You just don’t understand.”

“What happened? What was so bad that you can’t go on living?” Luke sighed and sat down next to Calum.

He was silent for several moments. Luke was going to speak up again when Calum sat up.

“She hates me.” He whispered.


“I made a mistake. I made a lot of mistakes and now—now she won’t speak to me.”

“Why don’t you just talk to her?”

“I can’t!”

“Why not—“ Luke was cut off again.

“I told her I loved her.”

The room was silent. Calum put his head in his hands and sighed. He wanted to cry but he just didn’t have the energy anymore.

“That’s shitty man.”

Calum collapsed back on the bed. “I know, fuck! What was I thinking?”

“Did you mean it?”

Calum whipped around to look at him. “What? Of course I meant it! You know how I’ve felt. It’s been 13 years! I don’t know what to do now. I totally messed up.” He sighed.

Luke left after that. Not seeing how he could help, he left Calum to his own thoughts.

Calum thought about his dream. He remembered the night.

“Where are you taking me?” She giggled. She’d been asking him since they got into the car.

“I am not telling you!” He laughed at her enthusiasm.

“But why not? I’m your best friend. I thought you loved me.” She pouted at him.

He laughed. “I do! But this is a surprise and traditionally, you don’t actually tell surprises.”

She pouted but didn’t pester him anymore. The clock on the dashboard read 10:43pm. The car pulled off the main road and onto a dirt path. The headlights shone brightly down the unlit path. They drove for another few minutes before she turned to him again.

“Are you planning to murder me? You’ll never get away with it you know.”

He laughed at her and turned down another road. “No, I’m not going to murder you.”

Calum pulled off the road. He got out of the car and met her at the trunk, pulling out a massive bag full of stuff.

“Calum what is this?” She asked.

“You and your questions.” He sighed and grabbed her hand, tugging her along.

He led her to a clearing in the middle of some trees. He set up a little picnic blanket with pillows and a couple other blankets over it.

“Settle in.” He directed her, holding up one part of the blanket and crawling in beside her.

Once they were all settled he laid back and turned out the lantern. She looked up at the sky and gasped when she saw the most magnificent arrangement of stars she’d ever witnessed. Thousands of gleaming dots were packed tightly into the small open area of sky. Stars were brighter and beautiful and she was so happy she could burst.

“Calum it’s beautiful.” She cried. Her grin was firmly planted on her face.

He smiled at her in the dark. He couldn’t help but think how much less lovely the night sky became since she was here. He was so captivated by her beauty and grace that he couldn’t even focus on the sky. He didn’t care about the stars or the moon or the trees. He cared about her. He loved her.

A beeping interrupted the silence and Calum checked his phone.

“11:11, Darling. Make a wish.” He whispered to her.

She turned to look at him. Here eyes met his in the pale moonlight. She held his gaze until she whispered to him, “I hope to God that I will never have to let you go.”

Calum woke up again when there was another knock at his door.

“Calum, honey? I’m coming in.” Joy spoke softly through the wood.

Calum rolled over, his back to the door.

She padded softly through the room and sat on the end of his bed.

“Hon, what are you doing in here?” She asked.

Calum groaned quietly. “You know why.”

Joy sighed. “Calum Thomas Hood. Are you honestly telling me that you’re in here because you told a girl you loved her?”

He turned to look at her. “It wasn’t just that. It was a total, complete, undeniable mistake I made that cost me an amazing future with the girl I’ve been in love with since I was seven. She told me she was in love with me months ago and I not only turned her down but also basically said she wasn’t good enough? I have no idea what possessed me to tell her those things because in no way are they true. I pushed her away and made her hate me.” By now he was sobbing.

“Calum, you two have been inseparable for years. If this is the thing that makes you give up on over a decade of friendship then I just don’t know if you’re really doing all you can to get her back.”

Angry and strenuous cries fell from his lips. His mom pulled him into a hug, trying to soothe his aching heart but she knew his pain wouldn’t be eased by her alone. After the longer part of an hour, Calum finally fell asleep from exhaustion.

“Thank you, Cal. This is amazing.” Her head was resting on his chest and his arm was wrapped around her.

He kissed the top of her head, “I’ll do anything for you. You know that.” He squeezed her a little closer. “You’re my number one girl.”

She smiled and closed her eyes. Listening to the sound of his heart and embracing the warmth of his arms, she fell asleep peacefully.

He noticed her breathing becoming slower and looked down at her snoozing state. He chuckled.

“If only you knew just how much I love you.” He let out a big sigh. “If only you understood what you mean to me.”

Calum woke up around 2 in the afternoon the next day. It was raining outside. He dragged himself out of bed and walked into the bathroom. A note was taped to his mirror stating that his mother and sister went out for a day in the city and if he needed anything he just needed to call.

He sighed loudly and observed himself in the mirror. “Jesus Christ, I look like hell.”

He walked back out of his room and looked at all the pictures he had of the two of them. Pictures from adventures and beach trips and shopping nightmares and birthdays. Pictures of the two of them smiling or sleeping or laughing. He thought about what his mother said. He knew she was right about it. Something within him screamed loud and clear. He had to get her back in his life. He at least had to try.

So, for the first time in days, Calum raced down the stairs clad in a sweatshirt and sweatpants. He fumbled around for his shoes, trying to find something so he didn’t get too drenched in the rain outside. He shoved his feet into his converse.

Just as he was about to open the door there was a knock. He sprinted towards the door and threw it open.

Barging into his house, she was soaked head to toe in water.

“I am pissed at you.” She snapped at him. She quickly advanced towards him and jabbed his chest with her pointer finger. “I can’t fucking believe you. I can’t believe myself. Honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing here.” She was pacing in front of him.

As she ranted aimlessly, he observed her. She was wearing some old blue jeans that she always swore she would throw away but never did. On top she was wearing a dripping wet sweatshirt that he had given to her a year ago. She wore her beat up vans and her hair clung to her chin and neck. Her cheeks and nose were flushed pink and water was dribbling from the tip of her nose. She sniffed every couple sentences and she couldn’t tell if it was because of the cold or because she’d been crying. Based on the redness of her eyes, he guessed the latter.

“I don’t know what enticed me to come here and yell at you but its making me feel a hell of a lot better so I’m going to keep going. Did you know that I haven’t left my room in four days? Because of you and your fucking face and your fucking smile and your stupid fucking eye crinkles. I couldn’t stop thinking about your hugs or how good your hands feel with mine or how much I just want to kiss you. And I haven’t stop thinking about it, ever! Not even after you broke my heart.”

Fresh tears started to fall on her already wet cheeks and it hurt Calum so much but he couldn’t move.

“You fucked up 14 years of friendship, you know? Why should I forgive you for that?

“You know I believe in second chances. I gave you one too. After that night I gave you another chance to be in my life. And then you fucked up again. Normally this is where I would walk away. I would usually just say ‘you blew it’ but I can’t do that with you. You know why? Because I am so totally in love with you Calum and I wish I wasn’t so I could move on with my life but can’t because you are and have been my life for so long.”

She stood still and stared at him, panting.

“Fuck, I love you so much.” Was all he could think of. “I-I love you so much. Every part of you is connected to me. You are the reason I followed my dream of becoming a musician. You always believed in me. You always encouraged me. I wish I treated you more like the love of my life because that’s what you are. I wish I could have been brave enough to tell you I love you first. I wish I were brave enough to tell you I love you that night. That’s my biggest regret. I have a thousand moments to regret in our time together and all of them include my feelings for you.”

She was about to speak but he kept going.

“Every single moment of the day you are wonderful. I’ve never found any one who is more sensational or stunning than you are. You’re presence infatuates me and I can’t stand not being around you. I wish I’d said all theses things before but I’m saying them now. I, Calum Thomas Hood, am in love with you. And I hope that I can prove that to you every single day if you would let me.”

She stood there, starring at him in the eyes. The air was so thick with hope that she could choke on it.

“Yeah,” She nodded her head. “I think I will let you.”

Calum let out an enormous sigh and opened his arms. A smile so wide his eyes crinkled covered his face as he watched her leap towards him.

Her head tucked itself into his neck and her tears went from frustrated to happy. She pulled away and let him kiss her lips gently. An amazing sensation of affection enveloped the pair.

She pulled away and rested her forehead against his. “I love you and all, but I’m absolutely freezing.” She giggled.

He chuckled and nodded, taking her hand and started to lead her upstairs. When they got to his room, he started rummaging through his drawers for something dry and warm for her to wear.

“Actually.” She started, catching Calum’s attention.

“Yeah?” He looked at her confused.

She opened the door to the bathroom. “I was thinking of something more along the lines of a shower.” She smiled.

He grinned and quickly made his way towards her, stumbling into the bathroom and capturing her lips into a kiss while closing the door behind him.

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Into the Woods soundtrack review

Finally, here it is, I’ve finished the Into the Woods soundtrack review! This was written as I was listening to it, so there’ll be a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes, redundancies, contradictory statements, things that just make no sense, and opinions that may change over time. Still, if you’d like to give it a read, just click under the “Read More” - warning, it’s really long, nearly 4,000 words. Also, spoilers, obviously.

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