Glorious Sons : “look at my skill” series, extract 01 / 2003-2010 - 3’50”


Backstage Shooting “Summer” avec Ewa Cieszkowska

Super shooting, des thèmes très différents, du rétro, du pin-up, et de la mode pure. Du thé, un bon gâteau de notre amie Kasia, une équipe de meufs super cool, tous les éléments réunis pour passer un shooting de fou! Du rire à haute dose, du professionnalisme en prime, une vraie journée de travail comme on en rêve toutes!!!

Sunday in the Mix #8 - Magnier - Slo Mo Radio Mix

I’ve heard some really great mixes last week (will post them on coming Sundays). But this is from an artist I’ve not listened to, so it is especially interesting. The mix starts out with a relaxing-by-the-pool feeling and moves into some housey. I think there is a Pogo track in there (dude that takes clips from movies and stitches it all together - very interesting), as well as a Mtume - Juicy remix. So give it a listen for a laid-back Sunday afternoon.

Sets que recomendo!

Escolhemos dois sets que nos gostamos bastante. O primeiro é o do DJ Faca, também conhecido como Athos Jorge, que mistura Nu-Disco e House. Coisa fina! O segundo é um set gravado para o selo House of Disco, por Magnier. São coisas mais Deep, bonitas de se ouvir e dançar. Espero que vocês gostem!

DJ Faca - Got somebody?

Magnier - Slo-mo Radio Mix 


Todays guestmix comes from House of Disco’s founder ‘Magnier’. It’s been a while since his last mix for us and with the summer being in full swing it seemed like the right time to get another out there and keep the mix series moving. This mix is full of classic laid-back summer tracks, some guilty pleasures and a few cheeky edits. Mostly these tracks are the ones that have been following him around and resurfacing time and time again. Step outside, open a beer and enjoy it while it lasts folks.


Espaces Réciproques, extraits 01, 02 et 05 / 2011 - 4’47”, 5’11” et 3’37”


   L’été arrive, avec lui son petit lot d’envies estivales. Les petites robes, les lunettes de soleil, les jolies sandales, les vernis à ongles acidulés, et les gloss rosés.

Nouveau blog, nouveaux shootings, toute ma mode, mes inspirations beauté, et mes rêves vintages…