Here are my mini succulent magnets! 🌿🌺🌵 I had so much fun making these, each one is hand drawn so I hope people like them 😊 Which ones are your favourites? 🌱💕

It’s easy to look back to the past, and laugh at those morons who used to think that the sun revolved around the Earth. One of the first things you learn in school is that planets revolve around the sun - not the other way around - because the sun is the real star of our solar system, in every sense of the word. And yet that’s not entirely accurate: Remember those solar system models, with the sun stuck on an immobile pillar, while all the other planets spin around it on wires? You know, every model of the solar system you’ve ever seen?

It’s wrong, and so is that diorama your stupid kid made that won second place at the science fair, losing out to a baking soda volcano. In reality, the sun is just another orbiting object, which also rotates around the true center of the solar system, the barycenter. What’s there? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

5 BS Science Myths Your Entire View Of The World Rests On


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5. What in the actual fuck are you doing?

This was a wondrous opportunity. Never in your life had you thought that you would catch him while he was asleep. He was normally always so aware and serious. To find him passed out on the couch was a surprise. The mission must have been a tough one if he had passed out on the couch in the living room. Usually, when he came back from missions, he would go straight to his room and you’d hardly see him again for the rest of the day.  

Now you weren’t an idiot. You had lightly poked him and called his name softly just to make sure he was actually asleep and not just sitting there with his eyes closed. Steve had made the mistake of thinking he was asleep before and paid the consequence. Bucky apologized profusely afterwards, even though Steve was fine. He never tried to startle Bucky again after that day however.

At this moment, you were about to attempt the unthinkable. The bag of magnets felt heavy in your hands as you crept over to him. You were a pro at being stealthy, but now you felt a bit out of your element. This was the ultimate stealth master that you were sneaking up on. He was prone to do anything. You felt like a complete amature around him. Sometimes you could sneak up on him, but other times he’d catch you just as you were about to ‘surprise’ him. Hopefully this was the time that you actually succeeded.  

Once you were right in front of him, you paused and triple checked to see if he was still sleeping. His breathing was even, there was no movement behind his eyes, and his heart was at a steady beat. From what you could tell, he was as asleep as he could get, granted you’d never been around him while he was sleeping. You’d studied the sleeping patterns of all the others except him…that sounded a bit weird, but it was just a precaution. They probably wouldn’t think like you if they ever found out. It was best if you just kept that little tidbit of information to yourself.

You crouched down so that you were level with his metal arm; all the while staring at his face so to make sure he didn’t wake up. You didn’t know what you’d say to him if he woke up at this moment, but it’d be an interesting to see what you could come up with. You weren’t all that good with coming up with things on the spot.  

Since you were completely sure he was asleep, you opened the bag slowly as to not make too much noise. As soon as you had it open, you took out a brightly colored flower magnet and slowly moved it closer to his metal arm. You didn’t even know if it would stick, but you knew it should. As you thought, the magnet stuck to his arm perfectly. A smile came to your face as you grabbed the next magnet.  

After another couple of minutes, you’d nearly covered his whole arm in the magnets that you had bought specifically for this purpose. There was a magnet for nearly anything you could think of, including ones of the other Avengers. As you put a Captain America shield right in the center of the star on his arm, you couldn’t help but let out a small giggle. It was low and you doubt he’d heard it.

You thought wrong. “What in the actual fuck are you doing?” You squeaked loudly and jumped away from him. Your heart was beating loudly in your ears as you looked at him with wide eyes. He’d woken up and was staring directly at you. Thankfully, he hadn’t noticed the magnets yet.  

“Uh…um…well…ya see…bye!” You got up and sped out of the room without looking back at him. Hopefully he wouldn’t be too mad at you when he figured it-

“(f/n)!! What the fuck did you do to my arm?!” Oh shit. That sounded a lot like one angry assassin. You weren’t going to stick around to see what he’d do.  

Little did you know, Bucky was more amused than angry. He was surprised that you had gotten that many without him noticing. At least one person other than Steve wasn’t afraid to get to close to him. He was especially proud of himself that he hadn’t attacked when he woke up and saw that you were there. He chuckled while looking at his arm. He’d have to keep a close watch on you from now on. You were a sneaky one.