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Magnetic hard drives go atomic
Physicists demonstrate the first single-atom magnetic storage.

Chop a magnet in two, and it becomes two smaller magnets. Slice again to make four. But the smaller magnets get, the more unstable they become; their magnetic fields tend to flip polarity from one moment to the next. Now, however, physicists have managed to create a stable magnet from a single atom.

The team, who published their work in Nature on 8 March1, used their single-atom magnets to make an atomic hard drive. The rewritable device, made from 2 such magnets, is able to store just 2 bits of data, but scaled-up systems could increase hard-drive storage density by 1,000 times, says Fabian Natterer, a physicist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, and author of the paper.

“It’s a landmark achievement,” says Sander Otte, a physicist at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. “Finally, magnetic stability has been demonstrated undeniably in a single atom.”

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Magnets: Prologue

A Prompto Argentum Soulmate AU

AO3Chapter 1
Word Count: 1,192

A/N: Here it is! The beginning of the Prompto soulmate AU miniseries. Thank you to everyone for your patience! This story, aside from the prologue, is 5 parts. It is part of the We Intertwined and Chasing Suns (by @cupnoodle-queen) storyverse. Part one will be up tomorrow. ♡

Ignis was back at Hunter HQ for the first time in a month. It felt almost strange, returning to work with his wife and newborn daughter at home, but he knew that he had no other choice. Bounties brought in gil, and Raine, though tenacious and itching to get back into the fray, knew that she had to stay back in Lestallum with the children where it was safe. Ignis was more than capable of bringing in enough to support the four of them, and she trusted that he would be safe with his friends at his side.

The air outside of Lestallum was different. Crisper, less muddied with the aromas of different perfumes and bodies like in the marketplace by the Leville. The breeze blew through his hair, unobstructed by tall buildings, and it felt somewhat good to feel the grass and dirt underneath his boots.

He wandered about the grounds for a while in search of his brothers in arms. Gladio had just returned as well, a month or so prior to Ignis, having also had to tear himself away from his new family. His wife, Cam, had just given birth to twin girls—Violet and Daisy—and they had become his entire world. It brought a smile to his face, the thought of Gladio, this giant tank of a man with two tiny baby girls cradled in his arms. Ignis always knew he would be a good father, and seeing that aspect of his destiny being fulfilled warmed his heart.

Gladio greeted Ignis with a pat on the shoulder. “Good to have you back, Iggy.”

Ignis gave a small nod. “Glad to be back. Although it was difficult saying goodbye to Raine and the children. Hopefully we’ll be able to return to our families sooner rather than later.”

“Yeah,” Gladio agreed. “I try to video call Cam and the girls as much as I can now that I’m away. It sucks, because I just don’t want to miss any of their firsts, you know? And I won’t lie, I feel kinda bad leaving Cam alone with both of them when they’re only a few months old.”

“Cam is a resourceful woman, I’m sure she will manage,” Ignis responded, his tone honest. He admired Cam’s spirit, how hard she had to fight to rebuild her life from all the destruction. Ignis couldn’t help but notice though that there was someone missing. “Where is Prompto?”

“Oh,” Gladio jerked his thumb to the lookout post, illuminated by a single overhead light. “Sulking by the surveillance point. He won’t talk to me. Maybe you can see what’s eating him.”

Ignis hummed curiously and made his way over. He could navigate Hunter HQ easily, having memorized the layout of the area long ago. He counted off the twenty steps from the ground to the platform, his hand sliding along the railing in case he lost his balance.

He could sense his friend’s presence, and called out his name. “Prompto?”

Prompto turned his head at the sound of Ignis’ voice. “Oh, hey,” he greeted with much less enthusiasm than Ignis was used to hearing. Ignis made his way over, leaning his forearms against the railing, unknowingly copying Prompto’s posture.

“What are you doing up here alone?” Ignis inquired. “It’s not like you to want to isolate yourself from everyone. Especially when there’s about to be a hunt that takes place.”

He could sense Prompto’s hesitation as he shifted uncomfortably, the wooden boards creaking as he adjusted his weight from one foot to another.

“Just thinking.”

Ignis raised an eyebrow over the rim of his tinted shades. “About what?”

Prompto sighed, hanging his head low. “I don’t know. I guess…it’s just hard sometimes, you know? It’s hard to always be here, because I’m not needed anywhere else. Does that make sense?”

Ignis was quiet for a moment. “I’m not sure I follow.”

Another shaky exhale, and the wringing of wrists. “Gladio and Cam finally found each other after all this time and just started a family. You and Raine had Lucas, and now you have Aurora. It’s just…the two of you left to go be dads, and now that you’re here, you both have someone back home waiting for you.” Prompto swallowed, his throat suddenly bone dry. “I don’t have anyone.”


“I don’t even have a soulmate marking, Ignis,” Prompto said, almost helplessly, his emotions starting to bubble to the surface. “I’ve tried connecting with people, and it never works. Every single time, there’s someone else, another person they’re tied to, another reason that I’m meant to be alone. I was born to be an experiment, not someone to be loved.”

“My friend,” Ignis placed a hand on his shoulder. “You know that’s not true.”

“But it is,” Prompto insisted, bitterness lacing his tone, his fingers gripping the edge of the railing so hard that it started to hurt. “I wasn’t deemed worthy enough by the Six, so I’m just going to have to live the rest of my life, watching as your kids grow up, watch Cam and Gladio have another anniversary, just sitting on the sidelines as everyone around me moves on and I’m just stuck in limbo.”

Ignis’ lips pressed together in a thin line as he heard Prompto’s breath hitch. “Prompto,” he said gently, his voice soothing as he helped ease Prompto’s hands off the railing to face him. “Your time will come. No one knows what the future holds. I know that you’re in pain, and I will not tell you to deny it, because denying it would be a disservice to your heart. But know that you are, and have always been, worthy of love. It may take time to find you, but it will find you. And once it does, you will know.”

Prompto hastily wiped his eye. “Yeah. I guess.”

“Come, my friend,” Ignis patted Prompto on the back. “Dave has called us for a meeting, and Gladio’s been wanting to speak with you. Let us join the others.”

He knew that his words may have helped slightly, but there was such a dense weight on Prompto’s shoulders that Ignis wasn’t sure if it would ever be lifted. He’d always battled with the idea that he wasn’t good enough, and seeing his other friends move on and evolve without him was a sort of heartache he didn’t know how to soothe.

“Okay,” Prompto agreed. “I just hope the hunt isn’t going to be for a bunch of Red Giants like last time. I think one of them singed me pretty good, I got this weird burn on my thigh. Looks kind of like a crow’s foot, and I haven’t had a chance to have a medic look at it yet.”

Ignis paused for a moment before giving his head a slight shake. “In any case, the others are waiting for us. Civilization may have crumbled, but we must still mind our manners when it comes to duty and protocol.”

“Yes sir,” Prompto saluted in jest, following his friend down the steps, trying his best to ignore the pain that still weighed heavily on his heart.

What's happening to Nif is interesting.

What’s in question isn’t the age gap- though people think it is.
What’s really in question, are the Soulmate AU “laws”. And let me tell you why.

They can vary from author to author, as we’ve seen. Factors likely to change are:

-Mark shape/placement
- Physical sensation of the mark when the other is near
-Pull of the other persons “aura”
-Ability to sense the other’s presence
-Whether you have one soulmate, or multiple

You’ll want to hear me out on this one, guys.
These are just a few of the variables that can change from AU to AU.
Bear with me-
Have you seen Twilight? Where Jacob imprints on Bella’s child? Here’s what he says:
“It’s not like love at first sight, really. It’s more like…gravity moves. When you see her, suddenly it’s not the earth holding you here anymore. She does. And nothing matters more than her. And you would do anything for her, be anything for her…”


“You become whatever she needs you to be, whether that’s a protector, or a lover, or a friend, or a brother”
- Jacob, New Moon

I explicitly apply this to the case of Prompto and Rory. When Prompto babysits Rory and Lucas, there are no sexual feelings there. That’s not what soulmates are if the time isn’t right. Yes the Six are dumb as fuck, soulmates are full of problems. One can die, the other can go forever without their soulmate. Absolutely. But for Six sake, they didn’t set up soulmates on Eos to perpetuate child molestation. So let’s just nip that in the bud- right. now.

Their time was now. Prom and yes, Rory are consenting adults, and because of it, the “inexplicable pull of soulmates” trope that we’ve all come to know and love (and need to STAND BY even if it’s not our “ideal”) was in FULL effect. It knows. Does this cause problems? ABSOLUTELYYYY.
Again- the Six are dumb AF.

It’s not picture perfect. I think we all recognized a fault in this Prompto, which is FINE. Hell, its GOOD even! This Prompto has been thorough some shit. Think about it. Existing in a world where everyone has a soulmate marking, quite literally, except you- i’d believe this Prompto is even a suicide attempt survivor. I’d believe this Prompto took mixes of ethers and high potion overdoses to numb his pain. I think this Prompto could have been a potion addict at some point, and I think Nif even alluded to this. My god, can you even imagine?? The Astrals had blessed everyone, every human with another human, and you are a walking I S L A N D, damned by the gods. But despite this Prompto still tries. The thought of it gives me chills knowing he had to undergo that mental torture. Having date after date, lover after lover eventually taken away from him by their “real” soulmate. It was only a matter of time. Prompto was a loophole in the Gods plan.

But what did they do????
What did they do.
They blessed him in the middle of his life, with a marking. Unbelievable.
Everyone existing on earth had a marking already, so of COURSE it had to be someone unborn, who could match him. Someone who’s not yet entered the world. Thus creating the age gap.

People have come out to Nif saying they’re either survivors of bad age gap relationships, or that the love of their life is 15-20 years older than them, and they’re happily married. Or that their parents have an age gap. The examples go on and on.

I believe the way Magnets written is gritty, it’s real, it’s riddled with real life problems which is why there’s ample discourse popping up on it in the first place.

We wanted to see a bit more remorse from Prompto, a little more fear, being more weirded out, freaked out, feeling ashamed, disgusted with himself even. I think this part was there, it was.

Prompto could have been so hung up, mortified, depressed about what he’s doing to Raine and his Best friends daughter that he outright killed him self. Again- Gods be damned. They put him through hell and back and now his soulmate is “too young” for him? He could have been done. For the sake of a story, Is this what YOU wanted to see?
Story aside, it would not make sense for the Gods manifestation of love to inflict undue pain. Some pain, sure, less than ideal circumstances? Absolutely. All of which were dealt with and realized IN the story.

But it was exponentially curbed, by the “soulmate AU” laws. It is to bestow love on the humans of Eos. It’s the Gods love for them, manifested, and found with their better half. The end game is undoubtedly romantic love, not to cause tourment, anguish, disgust, peril, or even death. So in my books, Love won, as it might have even been “predestined” to in the beginning, when Prompto was still in the lab. Snack on THEM apples 😏

Tldr; God bless 40 y/o Prompto because man be damned if you’re supposed to resist what the fucking Astrals put down for ya. @nifwrites