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Imagine Erik Finding Out That You, His Young Daughter, Have Inherited His Powers

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“Slow down, Erik, what are you on about?” Charles frowned through the phone.

“Y/N has- she’s- she’s like me, Charles!” Erik sputtered. He had you in one arm, and you were squirming in an attempt to ‘do the magic’ again. You had always been very enchanted by your father when he did little magic tricks with his metallokinesis to entertain you, and you were only concerned with your joy of possessing ‘the magic’ as well.

“NO, Y/N, no, no no, we do not do that with those!” Erik said quickly, moving the silverware you had begun to float out of your sight. He pulled the phone back over to his ear to hear what Charles had to say about it. It didn’t quite matter if he had moved the dangerous utensils; you had found something else to play with.

“Just bring her to the mansion, I’ll run a few simple tests I do with the students, she’ll be fine, Erik.”

“Alright, alright, I’ll bring her up in the morning,” Erik sighed. He hung up the phone with a breath of relief, only to look down at you.

“Papa, look!” you giggled; his old, worn Magneto helmet rested loosely over your head. Memories around that helmet flooded his mind, both good and bad. He had tried to hurt in that headpiece. He had tried to kill, and he had wanted to keep that part of his past far away from you.

However, looking down at the innocence in your eyes, he felt a spark of hope. Maybe, where he had become a symbol of hate, you could be one of hope.

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Imagine Erik Finding Out You’re His Daughter Right When You’re About To Ask Hank Out

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(Sequel to this imagine!)

“Really? You’re free right now?” you asked, just making sure that you weren’t just hearing things.

“Y-yeah, I guess I am. Wow. That’s weird. I don’t really have free time. That’s weird, too, mostly because I don’t have much of a life,” Hank laughed awkwardly. You were smiling so wide your cheeks hurt.

“Awesome,” you shyly pushed your hair off your face, gathering up your courage. “I was thinking, would you want to-”

“Erik,” Hank breathed, looking behind you. Sure enough, when you turned around, Erik was standing in the doorway with eyes locked on you. He didn’t speak for a while, and Hank was starting to get concerned.

“Were you ever going to tell me?” Erik asked. “Either of you?”

“Peter and I agreed to wait,” you said, voice frighteningly even.

“Why wait?”

“Y/N?” Hank asked.

“Y/N is my daughter,” Erik said mater-of-factly, but he didn’t look at Hank. “She wasn’t honest with me when I asked about her family. You told me your father was dead. Do you not care if I get to be in your life?”

“I don’t want to talk about this right now,” you grumbled. You had been far more unaccepting of Peter that your father ‘simply had to go’, and it was no secret to anyone. You harbored a lot more internalized anger at Erik than Peter did.

“Y/N,” Erik said as you started to walk away, but you flicked your wrist and caught his arm with a vine, holding him in place.

“I’m going for a walk,” you declared, not sure how you would deal with either of the new men in your life.

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Erik asked Charles to go turkey shopping for the Thanksgiving dinner but it seemed that Charles and the baby had a different plan for their Thanksgiving ♡