Happy Lapidot Week 2k17~!!!
Day 1: Water and Magnetism

This sketch was a mess. I initially had alot of ideas for this and got rid of them as I continued. Look at these gays go! 
A Note: The episode The New Crystal Gems gave the perfect example of their beautiful harmony. That episode was a dream come true~!
Magnetic hard drives go atomic
Physicists demonstrate the first single-atom magnetic storage.

Chop a magnet in two, and it becomes two smaller magnets. Slice again to make four. But the smaller magnets get, the more unstable they become; their magnetic fields tend to flip polarity from one moment to the next. Now, however, physicists have managed to create a stable magnet from a single atom.

The team, who published their work in Nature on 8 March1, used their single-atom magnets to make an atomic hard drive. The rewritable device, made from 2 such magnets, is able to store just 2 bits of data, but scaled-up systems could increase hard-drive storage density by 1,000 times, says Fabian Natterer, a physicist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, and author of the paper.

“It’s a landmark achievement,” says Sander Otte, a physicist at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. “Finally, magnetic stability has been demonstrated undeniably in a single atom.”

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Lapidot week #3 2017 - Day 1 (February 12th) - Water/Magnetism

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When I thought water and magnetism, all I could think about was the Latest Episode. 

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“Dipole Magnet and Iron Filings: visualizing the invisible- the magnetic field lines around a dipole magnet. In the presence of a magnetic field, ferromagnetic materials (such as iron) temporarily become magnets. Here the iron filings become dipole magnets and link end to end to follow and reveal the magnetic field lines associated with the permanent magnet within the hollow tube.”


Edward Cullen imagine requested by aniqua! “Hello, I have begun reading your writing and I am very impressed. I would like to let you know that you are an amazing writer and you bring the characters off the page really well, in a way that is difficult to do. May you do an Edward imagine? One where he is trying to distance himself from the reader in hopes of protecting her, but he ends up unable to stay away.” Hope you like it!

Your vision had been obstructed by his face, his skin as flawless as you had imagined, now mere centimeters from your eyes. His gaze was trained on your face, your shock reflecting vividly in his ocher irises, your lips parted in awe. He had never been this close to you; in fact, he seemed to go out of his way to distance himself from you. He parked on the opposite end of the lot, his silver Volvo gleaming like the day it was constructed beneath a plentiful coating of sterling raindrops. You rarely crossed paths in the hallways, and if you did, his Hulk of a brother stood between him and the rest of the student body, caging him in against the wall of lockers. But now… he was close enough touch with an ill-timed fluttering of your eyelashes, his lips pursed in a thin, stern line, his pupils unmoving on yours. You hardly noticed the chill of his hand against your back, though it seemed to be the only point of contact outside of the intrusive attention he supplied with his eyes. The temperature was easily disregarded, but the feel of his palm spread against your spine, his fingers clutching to the folds of your rain-slick jacket… you could never have let that slip under the radar. He exhaled, surprising you with the intensity of his breath, both in force as well as in scent; he seemed pained somehow, though he gave no sign of discomfort, even in your so precarious position. The perfume of his breath was intoxicating, inexplicable. His forehead dipped to touch yours, though only for a fraction of a second. His brow furrowed over closing eyes, his forehead wrinkling with strain, his lips downturned at the corners as he lifted himself from above you, tilting your body with his until you were both standing straight as boards, and his body as rigid. He ground his teeth, his eyes flashing open, the intensity of his gaze returning. His lips parted, allowing speech, but not much else.

“I…” he began, his voice silken, even at his most vulnerable, his most uncomfortable. Only his face betrayed the extent of his unease. When he spoke, his voice had tarnished some, but remained as shining and beautiful as ever. The only difference was the gravel in his tone: whatever troubled him was clearly taking its toll. “You need to stay away from me.”

You’d hadn’t seen much of him since that day. In fact, you hadn’t seen much of him before that day, either; his so livid objection to your company seemed to have evolved within the course of one class period. You couldn’t recall an offense you could have laid against him that would cause so potent a reaction; Hell, you didn’t even have a class with him. You’d gone to English, as usual, you’d joined your class in the routine stabbing of your fingertips in Biology, though you weren’t exactly keen on bleeding), you’d had lunch, all was normal. When the Cullens entered the cafeteria, you noticed a distinct shift. The beautiful boy was burning holes in the side of your head from his secluded table, surrounded by his silent, unmoving family members. There was no mistaking the subject of his gaze; his eyes never once left your face. Though you observed him mostly from your peripheral, you’d managed to catch his eye once, and what you saw in him was frightening. He hadn’t adverted his gaze, hadn’t falsified indifference; his eyes, dark then beneath the fluorescents, refused to shift a fragment of an inch from your face. When the bell rang, he was by your side at the exit, flanked by his older brothers (both had followed mere steps behind his rapid pursuit, their eyes glued to the back of his tousled hair, fighting to meet his eye), and Edward had reached for your arm, his fingertips brushing against your flesh in an almost… affectionate manner, though his eyes hungered for something dangerous, something alluring. You couldn’t help but project your fear upon your face; he was terrifying. Your interaction was short-lived. His brothers managed to edge him away from you, their hands inconspicuously gripping tight to his wrist and elbow. If you hadn’t known better, you’d think they were dragging him away.

His touch lingered like venom throughout the rest of the day, but it was his eyes that scorched the blank expanse of your eyelids, scarring their image into your mind. You were distracted in your studies, your mind replaying the so curious event that had lead to his departure. He did not return to the school.

The next week, Emmett (you’d done some digging, he was the walking P90X commercial) was guarding his brother in the hallways… or acting as a buffer. Edward was mostly hidden from your view, but when he did catch your eye, you noticed something strange in his appearance. His dangerous, frightening eyes had changed colour. Your mind had regurgitated the image so often… had your memories somehow warped them? You would have sufficient time to drill yourself for answers in the coming days, but you were never presented with an opportunity to scrutinize Edward again. He didn’t return to school. His siblings were all present; the smaller one and the brother whose hold had seemed almost painful against his brother’s elbow, Emmett and his beautiful girlfriend, but Edward was gone. Maybe his actions had been a result of an illness. Victims find themselves incredibly hostile and obscenely charming. You couldn’t think of any viruses that would cause a host to reach out and trail their fingertips against someone’s skin in such an intimate way. It was the evening of his third day of absence when next you saw him, sheathed in the milky light of the moon, his skin was cast in a ghastly hue, your stomach twisting with anxious excitement; with the clouds passing shadow over his features, you couldn’t help but wonder if you ought to be afraid of this boy. He was, after all, lingering outside of your house. There was no other plausible explanation for how he had reached you so quickly. It shouldn’t have been so extraordinary; you’d simply tripped on your way to your front door, but instead of making contact with the edge of your aging and unfinished concrete driveway, you’d found yourself hanging in the elusive arms of Edward Cullen, his hand spreading along your spine as he balanced your staggering step, pulling you fluidly from the light shining from your porch. He’d saved you from what could have been a messy injury, but his presence, while appreciated, was a curiosity. He was wordless, searching for secrets within your eyes with an intensity that silenced your curiosity, your initial fear. Every emotion outside of awe fled from your body; here before you, he was devastatingly beautiful. His skin seemed to glow from within, or perhaps reflect the light of the moon, gleaming like the smooth curve of a pearl. He scent radiated from his chest in world-turning waves, enveloping you within his embrace, sealing you into his arms without struggle. There was no reason to struggle, at least none that you could fathom in that moment.

When he moved to stand and whispered his warning, you were entirely under his spell. When he spoke of a separation, your heart cracked within your chest. Hazy with the scent of him, you protested to his parting, your fingers clinging to the opened folds of his coat, watching his eyes target your movement, his forehead smoothing out as he concentrated on your hands. He had halted mid-step, his foot dropping to the ground, deserting his plan to step away.

“You shouldn’t do that,” he warned, speaking through his teeth, his voice a feather against your cheek, calm contrasting his physical restraint. His unoccupied palm covered your own, his velvet skin removing your hand from his chest until you were grasping nothing of substance. As much as you wished to revel in the foreign texture of his hand, Edward retracted his palm as quickly as he had raised it. Once more, his fingers left a mark on your skin, unseen but prominent, like a ghost of his contact. Your hands dropped, fluttering to your sides like wounded birds, your pulse racing in your ears. The questions you’d been steaming in your mind these past few days could not bubble to the surface, their urgency discarded. There were other inquiries occupying their vacancies, questions you hoped he could supply an answer to. Edward’s hand moved from your back, lingering on your hip when your voice interrupted his departure.

“Why should I stay away from you?” Your voice was surprisingly, thankfully, audible. You had worried, in the seconds before you decided to speak, that your voice would tremble in such close proximity to the mysterious boy. At your words, Edward’s hand, paused on your hip, relocated at the small of your back, securing you to his chest as he moved his body as close to yours as was possible, his eyes intensifying once more on yours. The hand that had held yours lifted now to graze against your cheek, his touch as soft and as gentle as a breeze. He smiled crookedly, faintly, his eyes softening above yours.

“Because I don’t have the strength to do it myself.” Before you could be distracted by the lingering kiss of his fingertips trailing along your cheekbone, you countered.

“I don’t understand,” you began, watching his brow furrow as he prepared for your statement, your eyes flickering from his wrist, so close to your cheek, to his lips, so much closer to yours. “How can you possibly find difficulty in avoiding someone you hardly know? Don’t know at all, actually. What makes this different from last week, or the week before? This is the most we’ve talked, Edward.” He ducked his head, his smile growing as he hid his face from view. as quiet as the night was, you could hear the catch in his breath when you whispered his name. When he raised his eyes, they were burning internally with an intangible fire, his features aglow with an emotion you couldn’t place, an expression you had never witnessed before. He licked his lips, his brow furrowing now in concentration, his eyes never leaving your face. His hand on your back tightened, though his embrace remained gentle.

“I may not know a great many things about you, your favourite colour, your favourite book, whether or not you enjoy the rain, your favourite albums and places you miss, I know enough to make it difficult to stay away. You… interest me. Everything about you calls for my attention.” He paused here, the corners of his mouth lifting as he thought back on your few interactions, content with his memories. ‘It’s in the way you walk, the warmth of your skin. It’s in the way you smell.” Your head bobbed backwards at the mention of such an observation, your eyebrows knitting together with the strength of your confusion.

“I don’t-” you started, your voice unsure. He shook his head, chuckling to himself.

“I don’t expect you to understand, not now, but trust me: it’s a compliment. I’ve… contemplated whether or not I would visit you these past few days, weighing my options, weighing the danger of a meeting, and though I could convince myself to stay distant, I found my mind wandering back to your face. Every corridor I encounter winds back to your door. I’ve been told my decision isn’t wise,” he sighed, his eyes rolling at the thought of those who would have had him keep his distance. “because of how I acted earlier last week. I could very easily lose control with you… you drive me mad, at times. I shouldn’t be alone with you, but I can’t stay away. You’re like a magnet, too strong to resist, too powerful to fight against.” His thumb brushed along your cheek, his skin frigid to the touch, and smooth as polished glass. You were struggling to keep up with his confession, but the talk of danger and magnetism, of maddening and being advised against… well, whatever it was you were experiencing now, was too intricate to decipher. There were far too many holes in his explanation to allow for complete understanding. “I decided tonight that I’m finished fighting my desire to be near you. You draw me in, and I can’t resist your pull any longer. I don’t want to. I’d very much like to know you better.” Your cheeks flushed crimson, and you hoped blindly that the moon was bright enough to wash the colour from your inflamed face. You watched in silent admiration as his angel’s face twisted with subdued humour. “But you should still keep your distance. I’m not a viable option for you, Y/n. I’m only weak, is all.” The way he said your name… there was a reverence in his tone that mirrored that of a priest’s, an affection you couldn’t match to so new an interaction. Though there were many traits in him that startled you, there was an overwhelming amount of traits that charmed, and try as you might you could not shake the thrill of his skin on yours. He was well-spoken and polite, gentle and cautious… and yet he was warning you against a relationship (in any sense of the word, but the placement of his hand lead you to lean towards a romantic investment) due to his belief that he could very well be a daner. It didn’t add up.

“How can you tell me all of this, do all of this, and still… tell me that it isn’t a good idea to be with you? You haven’t really presented as a threat. I mean, other than showing up by my house and catching me before I could fall. And the glaring. The glaring was…” You trailed off, his eyes on your face. You were certain now that they had been black before, but had since lightened to a honey-hued gold. “But, other than that, you’ve been pretty chivalrous. I’m not seeing the bad idea behind this.“ His smile returned, his lips tight.

“It is not without great difficulty that I can stand by you tonight. Your proximity, your warmth… you overwhelm me, Y/n, but I am wholly content to suffer in silence if you chose to trust me. Not that you should.” He offered a strained smile, his hands falling to either side of your waist. You trailed your fingers back to his jacket, tentatively folding your arms through his and clasping your hands around his back. The embrace was odd, for so new a relationship, but you couldn’t deny how right it felt to be holding him, to be held by him. You were at peace, even if he was not. His chin was angled away from you just sightly, his chest unmoving with his shallow breathing. His lips were once again a thin, rigid line. You hoped whatever difficulty he faced would soon dissipate; there was so much more to Edward that you cared to know, and quite honestly, it seems like you were causing him some sort of pain.

“We should probably start with dinner then,” you noted, smiling at his comically twisted expression. He chuckled, running his hands along your waist before detaching himself, his fingers running over your own before he allowed your hands to drop.

“That may not be the best idea.” He grinned at you, his cheeks glowing beneath the moon as he backed away from your side, walking himself towards the road. “We’ll figure something out.”

These are my condensed physics notes. They’re a little messy though. I have my mock exams in less than a week and I’m super stressed out but I’m also excited for the new year! I hope you all have a wonderful time in these last few days of this year 💗

Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines and the Planetary Grid.

If Vibration is the behaviour of Energy, and the Universe is Energetic in Nature, then shouldn’t we see Geometry (the signature of Vibration) in the Energy of the Earth? Anthropologists may have found that the Planetary Grid of Earth is an Icosahedron by mapping high Magnetic field locations in anomaly zones. 

Among these grids is the the Becker-Hagens Planetary Grid. The 12 points of this Grid were plotted originally by Ivan Sanderson who identified areas on Earth where anomalous activity frequently occurred, such as weird geomagnetic activity and marine and aircraft disappearances. After discovering that there were 12 main areas that all of these activities seemed to be occurring (such as the Bermuda Triangle and Dragon’s Triangle in Japan), he then noticed that they were also equidistant from one another. When you connect all of these points together with lines (called Ley Lines), you have a perfect Icosahedron.

Russian scientists Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov found that if you take this Icosahedron and flip it inside out into the Dodecahedron and then plot these new points on the Planetary Grid with the original 12 points of the original Icosahedron, you now have a worldwide grid plotting every single major Monolithic structure in the History of the World: The Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, the Stone Heads at Easter Island, the Sun and Moon Pyramids in Mexico. Ancient Mystical sites, churches, temples and burial sites were all build on these Ley Lines. In fact, over 4000 sites of Historical and Spiritual significance were found on this grid. The Irish called these “Fairy Paths”. Germans called them “Holy Lines”. Greeks called them “the Sacred Roads of Hermes”, and the Chinese called them “Dragon Currents”. Many other cultures also claimed they could even see these lines and build roads and buildings on them accordingly. Even Plato spoke about this in his work Timaeus and explains the grid as the Synthesis of the Platonic Solids that constitute “the Ideal Body of Cosmos”.

Geometry is the basic behaviour of Vibration. Vibration is the Nature of the Universe. This is another evidence that Sacred Geometry governs the structure and layout of the Natural Physical Universe. 

432hz vibrates on the principals of the golden mean PHI and unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code, our higher Consciousness. 432hz Natural Tuning has profound effects on our consciousness and also on the cellular level of our bodies. By retuning musical instruments and using concert pitch at 432 hertz instead of 440 hertz, your atoms and DNA starts to resonate in harmony with the PHI spiral of nature ~ Brian.T.Collins

Nothing in this show is Random

“Lava is what comes out of volcanoes. That’s superheated peridotite.”


“Yeah…it’s made of the same stuff as Peridots.”

This exchange came back to me at random weeks and weeks after it happened. I just wrote it off as an interesting geology lesson and a good opportunity for Peridot to talk about herself, and how she’d changed so far with Steven and the gems. 

But then something nagged at me. Because if I remember one big thing about geology, is that core of the earth is molten iron-nickel, and that it’s why the earth has a magnetic field. 



Peridots are literally magnetic.