The God Sinoia Caves aka Jeremy Schmidt and some dude named Magneticring (pop pop!) who seems to be a synth supermaster too going mega hard in le art gallery. I’d buy this on triple vinyl. Sinoia should be scoring all damn movies in the world.


Magneticring. Howl.

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Magneticring - Live Session (March 2010)

This is my solo work.

Recorded on Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada


Magneticring - “Burning Plastic” (MS-20 mini / Fairlight CVI) 

Magneticring - Live Thursday Sept 15th

@ Solder and Sons - 9pm - 247 Main St. @ Cordova, Vancouver 

Cassette release show for Magneticring’s recent release “City” on GIFT TAPES (Seattle, WA)

“Raw synth formations and motorik beats; driving journey through fields of electromagnetism” Music by Joshua Stevenson  

Followed by musical playlist by Joshua Stevenson

Seating limited for performance, set starts at 9.30. Cold beer and classic cocktails on hand.