magnetic tattoo

[Image Description: A row of physical pamphlets on LGBTQ+ identity, the first six produced for Queer Condensed. They sit on a table with a trans flag as a tablecloth. Temporary tattoos and magnets can be seen behind them.]

Welcome Message v2.0 + Opportunities to Help!

Hey there! I’m Lorant (they/them/theirs), the author / designer / everything else currently behind Queer Condensed. I wanted to write this post to explain the project a bit better - where it’s been, what’s going on, and what it’s doing.

There is a small Q&A you can get to by clicking on this text, but I figured that a project summary would do well, and also I want to participate in Making Queer History’s Queerworks Fridays.

Anyways, Queer Condensed is a project aimed at making clean, accessible, short resources on queer topics since a lot of times, things that can be easily printed out are behind paywalls or outdated (or both) and the better resources are often articles that take a while to read and can’t be easily printed out and shown to people. It started as a class project in fall of 2016 thanks to the help of my two classmates, and I decided to keep working away at it.

Updates are pretty slow, but they’re happening! Since the initial six-pamphlet run of the project, I’ve added two new pamphlets, updated three of the originals, and created one-page guides for chest binding and packing. Currently I’m working on minor updates like adding image descriptions to my posts, creating a template that pamphlets can be based on and updated to, and making the Tumblr easier to navigate for people not used to the site. I also have several pamphlets / guides planned, including making more specified Asexual and Transgender pamphlets, writing one-page guides to dysphoria-relieving items for transfeminine people, and possibly making introductions to historical people and events.

This is kind of a lot for one person and here’s where I get to the second purpose of this post - I need some help!

There’s a lot of small ways readers can help the project:

  • Look over pamphlets and send Queer Condensed an ask if there needs to be updates or fixes
  • Suggest resources for existing topics or blogs that are relevant to this project
  • Suggest new topics
  • Ask for the template and make your own pamphlet, which I can help you with and host on here or link to wherever you put it up
  • Reblog the posts or link to them from other social media
  • Critique my image descriptions - I’m very new to adding them and don’t really know if I’m doing a good job
  • Tell me how to make the blog or materials more accessible

This is very much a long shot, but I’d also really like to find a new project partner to work with. I’ve updated the Q&A (linked above) to reflect what I’m looking for to not make this long post any longer, but basically I’d love another writer or at least a moderator that has identities that differ from mine in some way. If you’re interested at all please check that out!

Anyway, thanks for reading this, it means a lot to me. I hope this was a good introduction or refresher to the project. Feel free to check out the resources or send the blog an ask. There’s also if you’d rather send an email.

A quick reminder: you’re fantastic.

STLV Convention Swag For Sale

Two 8x10 photos of Odo, autographed by René Auberjonois (one in black, one in silver):  $30 each.

Chief O’Brien action figure:  $5

Set of five small DS9 figures (Sisko, O’Brien, Odo, Quark, and Kira): $10 for the set

Spock Documentary T-Shirt (men’s small, never worn):  $15

Spock Documentary Swag (bracelet, magnet, ‘tattoo’):  $5 for everything

Obsidian Order throw pillows (I have two, still sealed in original packaging): $25 each

all wash out
Let it all wash out in the rain
Because in the future, if I’m struggling, or going through a tough time, hating myself, or simply feeling bad–I can just remember that I have strength branded on my back, and I’ll remember to let it ALL, everything and anyone, will all wash out in the rain. And because I love Edward Sharpe, and they make you feel so damn good inside.

Random Headcanons

While I work on some fics and requests here are some of my personal headcanons to get you through

  • Storm is really good at video games
  • Kurt has his moments of weakness and when he masturbates he accidentally BAMFs to the roof or somewhere else on the grounds as he orgasms, it’s why he doesn’t do it like at all anymore
  • Peter has caught Jean and Scott making out with each other in the Danger Room
  • Peter and Charles have caught Hank and Raven banging in his lab
  • Kurt loves Disney movies
  • Warren has more than once gotten stuck in a doorway with his metal wings
  • Jubilee loves anime and manga, she gets Kurt into it too
  • Scott wears his glasses in the shower
  • Scott has tan lines on his face thanks to his glasses
  • Charles has a magnet tattoo on his thigh
  • Peter loves to play footsie with unsuspecting people
  • Charles keeps wondering why all his things get moved until he realizes it’s Peter’s fault
  • Hank can’t figure out who keep taking his correction pen (It’s Jean)
  • Warren plays loud music and he and Scott get into arguments when he plays it too loud
  • Erik visits Charles for booty calls; the kids all know but don’t think about it
  • Storm loves going to the movies
  • Storm changes the weather so she never has to take PE
  • Kurt let’s Scott win at video games
  • Peter buys the kids alcohol
  • Raven has told Hank Kurt is her son but hasn’t actually told Kurt
  • Kurt is really good at Poker
  • Storm can’t do make up
  • Jubilee does Storm and Jean’s make up
  • Peter secretly likes listening to pop music when he is totally alone
  • Warren can’t swim
  • Kurt can’t swim
  • Erik keeps an eye on Peter’s progress
  • Raven keeps an eye on Kurt’s grades and makes sure she talks to him about it
  • Warren speaks perfect German to Kurt and everyone thinks he’s talking shit when really he saying things like “Jean’s hair looks nice today” “Peter needs to change this song.” “Jubilee’s outfit looks nice today” 
  • When Erik comes over for visits he speaks German to Warren and Kurt and tells them stuff about Charles; they are both scarred for life
Disguise- No paring

 This is a friendship one but theres a little bit of dean x reader in there

Summery: Reader and the three boys have a case that’s in need of a disguise. (I own none of the punk edits used, I found them on google) 

“Guys we’ve got a case.” You call causing the three men to walk in and look over at you. “Tell us more?” Dean said sitting opposite you on the table. “It’s in Tuscon, the university. Strange disappearances and people saying that there have been a few attacks. A week ago a girl was found basically mutilated…” you explain.

“Aren’t you guys banned from Tucson?” Castiel says looking at back at them with slight confusion. “Shit we are.” Sam sighed.

“I don’t want to let go of this case…It sounds interesting” you say scratching the back of your neck with a sigh. “Maybe we can disguise ourselves” you suggest with a smile.

“And what were you thinking? Maybe we throw on some wigs and lipstick, dress in drag and do the hula?” Dean grumbled standing and running his fingers through his hair. “No sassy pants maybe get some fake tattoos and stuff you know?”

“Go punk?” Sam chuckles which made Cas look even more confused. “I…don’t understand”

While Sam explains what punk was you surf the net to try and find some things for your disguise.


The next day everything you ordered came and you smiled. “Right, boys I’ll get you ready first and then one of you can do me…” “I’d do you” Dean smirked. “Shut up. Cas come here.” You pat the seat in front of you.

You looked in the large bag of stuff you had and started putting fake piercings on him, on his eyebrow and lip. You put some fake tattoos on his neck and arms, but not to many you needed to save some for Dean you were going to go all out for him. You got some spray hair dye and lightly made parts of his hair bright blue.

You sit back proud of your work, next was Sam. “I don’t want any of that stuff in my hair.” He complains, “Alright Tinkerbelle, put this on” you passed him one of your beanie’s and he put it on and pulled it down to his forehead. “No way.” You chuckled and make him put it on properly. You put some fake stretchers in his ears that where magnets and then some tattoo sleeves, an eyebrow piercing.

“Deannn!” you call and he walks over with a bottle of beer in his hand. “I think this is stupid.” He grumbled and you shake your head and put fake tattoos up his neck, some tattoo sleeves on both arms and snake bites on his lips. “Wow” you smile and he looked in his reflection “Alright I look kinda hot…”

You all get into the impala and drive to Tucson. Dean put a cassette tape into the tape deck and started to blast Motörhead out. You started to sing quietly and soon everyone was joining in and singing loudly.